Better day, kinda.

I had a better mental day today, physical kicked my but!

No flash backs, and was able to really sit down and talk with Stuart.

My allergies are out of control! It appears I’m now allergic to my cat. It’s so hard. I’m determined not to re-home him, but I have to find an antihistamine that works! The pharmacist told me about a prescription one, I’m going to ask my doctor.

If this doesn’t work I’ll see if I can find someone to bathe him, or shave him. Anything!!

Right now I’m spending most of my time in the casita (my studio I rarely use, but that’s a different story). I’m lucky I have somewhere to go, I have a much higher understanding and empathy for those I know with a cat allergy.

It’s late again, and I’m awake.

I’m scared.

Not the same reason, thankfully.

I’ve been having vertigo on and off all night. Waking up in the middle of the night with vertigo really sucks!

So I’m scared.

I got the latest COVID booster and my first shingles shot (I didn’t know it was a two shot vaccine… Ugh). My shingles shot side is already so sore I can barely use my arm. The other side isn’t bad at all, I feel it, but it’s minor.

Oh I did a little bit of art today, that was nice. Not finished, and I’m just covering some boxes with a mixture of torn newspaper background, with paint added in a decorative fashion. Some intuitive art.

I also sent a special complaint about the security guard. I strongly incouraged them to give their security personnel better training on how to deal with patients, especially disabled patients, with an emphasis on dealing with invisible disabilities.

I didn’t say it, but the way I worded it let them know I’m an advocate for myself and I’m not afraid to have his they deal with the ADA investigated.

I may be afraid, but I’m still strong, and brave.. even if I don’t always feel it.


5 thoughts on “Better day, kinda.

  1. Rita McGregor

    I have had horrible reactions to the Covid shots and when I got the shingles shot. I’m glad I have gotten them but I am due for both again and it is just creepy when you already feel like absolute crap to voluntarily feel so much worse. There’s no way I would get them both at the same time. I slept for two days with a high fever and chills and aching all over after the last Covid booster. I am afraid, too–for other reasons.

    Yes, you need to be an advocate for yourself–for sure! Proud of you! πŸ™‚

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    1. So far just sore arms, the shingles side is worse.
      So happy I don’t feel like crap like after the first COVID vaccine, all the rest have been pretty easy.

      Like you, I’m confused as to why they want to keep you on Keydruda. Since you are having so many side effects, that’d sure make me hesitant.

      Thank you for thinking (caring) about me.


  2. Congratulations on a good day and getting to work on some art! WOOHOO!! Boo on the guard and others of his kind. I hope your saying something makes change happen. I have also been doing some art and it feels so good. I was so busy with writing and then I had to create an art piece so that made me stop and just do it! Inktober is kinda calling me but the prompts are really tough this year. Huge hugs to you xoxoxo
    P.S. Hans is allergiv to all furbies…achoo… Hope you find the right cure for that.


  3. Hooray for the better day, being able to do some art and for being strong and brave. Also, allergies suck! Hope the new prescription is an option that works for you.

    I’ve been okay with the shots, mostly achy in the arm. The city is in a 7th or 8th wave of covid. Not sure anymore, I’ve lost count.



  4. So good to read you can have a day without flashbacks and impossible pain.
    Art therapy is good; sounds like an interesting project.
    Can’t honestly say what I’ve been doing that had me miss 3 posts!
    Allegies to pets is huge! I hope you can find an antihistamine that works. Luckily, when we dog and cat sit, the dog doesn’t shed (this breed doesn’t) and the cat is short haired and not a shedder. I can be in the house for a while; Doug has to be more careful. He gets wheezy and cat scratch fever.
    Having someone else wash the cat, getting a personal sized hepa filter (if you don’t already have one) as well as room-sized one. Keeping the cat in specific areas. We know the drill. It was rough when we would visit my parents/mother — Tekva made Doug wheeze like asthma.
    Allgeries can arise, and can go. So, you’re allergy to the cat might be temporary. I spent several weeks with a friend in 2019 who has an indoor cat. I was able to tolerate Cali with just OTC antihisitimines. I would change my clothes, maybe have a shower (at least wash my hands, face and arms after I had spent close time with her. Washed my clothes often.
    Good luck with that.
    I’m glad you suggested disability training to the security company. That guard should have a black mark against his employee record!
    I should go check the towels in the dryer. And, I have the next post to comment on.
    Don’t know how I missed 3 posts — I have been off in another world I guess.


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