Me, Me, and More Me

New Haircut Today! New Glasses last week.
You can see the back.
my before glasses and how my hair has been worn on a day to day basis for many years.

Today I got my haircut!

My appointment was a 9am. I normally wake up between 8:30 and 9am, to insure I was awake for my appointment I had to get up when Stuart left for work at 6:30am. He was very kind and went in 30 minutes later than normal so I could sleep in. hahaha 1st accomplishment – I got up early. I got ready, took silly pictures of me and drove to my appointment. 2nd accomplishment – I drove! The appointment took over an hour, during which a migraine started that hit an 8, I thought I was going to throw up and had a hard time staying up right, but I carried on and I’m fairly certain my stylist never knew how badly I was hurting. She did know I had a headache, but she didn’t know I felt like spewing chunks on her station.
3rd accomplishment – I made it through the appointment. When I left I sat in my car with the air on full blast, texted a friend and drank lots of water until I felt it safe to drive the 2 miles home. (It really would have sucked if I would have needed to call Stuart to come get me) 4th accomplishment – I made sure I was safe. I gave myself permission to spend the rest of the day resting and taking care of myself. I will be doing my breathing and strengthening exercises before sleeping tonight. That will be number 5 and closes out my accomplishments for the day.

I feel like I’m having a one sided conversation with you, my friends, I wish I could sit and have a cup of tea with each of you and learn more about you. This may be the last of my daily musings, I’ll be back in a week or two, or when something exciting happens, until then I’ll be around with a little this and a little of that, until then love yourself. xoxo


29 thoughts on “Me, Me, and More Me

  1. You look beautiful! She did a great job with the cut. Is your hair that naturally wavy, did she use a particular product, is layering involved? I must know your secrets. Mine gets something like yours when it air dries but eventually lose the waviness.

    The glasses look great and suit you really well.

    Also, you look beautiful.

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    1. Golly, you make me blush!!!
      Thank you so much.
      It is my waves, but I never knew how to take care of them until this past year when a friend told me about Personally, right now I’m using Deva Curl products, I liked them so-so with my long hair, but think they will work better with my shorter hair. That’s what she used on my hair today, and it feels great. I use Deva Curl Delight One Condtioner and Low Poo Cleaner and Curl Maker Styling Gel
      But you have to know how to do it, it’s not just the products, they vary, it’s how you treat your curls. It’s not hard, not at all, but it’s different.
      Check out the site, and chat me up if you want to talk about it.
      Oh, about the cut, I found a stylist who is trained to do curly girls. I’m pretty lucky she’s here. I just hope she isn’t as expensive every time ๐Ÿ˜ณ
      (The products are expensive, but I use so little they last forever.)

      Thank you about the glasses๐Ÿ™‚, I was told they do not look like me a
      nd they look too normal๐Ÿ˜ฏ I’ve never been called normal in my life!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
      Should I get rid of the glasses, or the observer? ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      Goodnight lovely

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  2. Can I just say I LOVE your dog!!! Wen, I am not kidding, you look 10 years younger with that short hair. The style is AMAZING on you! I absolutely love it! Yay for the accomplishments! It does take an entire day to get through one appointment. Seriously. And you made it! I’m so proud. Wish I were there to give you a big hug!!! xo


    1. Aw, Kim, I’m rather fond of my dog too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wow, 10 years? You are so sweet. Thank you so much. Funny thing, I saw my father-in-law yesterday and he didn’t even notice; now I know where Stuart gets it from. LOL And thank you for the pat on the back, I feel it, and the hug! xoxo

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    1. You guys are making me blush so much, thank you!! These aren’t the best pictures showing my hair before, but to be honest most of the time it was up in a pony tail, so it showed all my gray and yes I’m sure I looked older. I like the idea of looking cheeky! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And thank you for the pat on the back!
      I read your latest post, I’m sorry I haven’t been over to comment yet, I wanted to comment from the computer, it’s hard to do it from my phone.
      Lots of love to you. wendy

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  3. Gaaawwwwgeous!
    Considering how rough you felt with a migraine I think you did well keeping to your appointment.
    The new โ€˜do looks very fresh, funky, perfect for spring/summer lightness. And those are the new glasses? The ones you were unsure of and think others donโ€™t like? I really like them, Wendy! Theyโ€™re like clear plastic all the way around by the look of it, right? Theyโ€™re cool!! And I do think they suit you. You can tell anyone who says otherwise maybe they need to go to the bloody opticians themselves!

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    1. I love you Caz, have I told you that?
      You are a dear! Thank you for the lovely compliment and for making me laugh!
      The glasses are clear and silver, I wanted something that was less bulky looking, “lighter”, these fit that bill!
      I don’t know why it bothered me at all, it’s not like I’d take fashion advice from my sister-in-law. LOL

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  4. Wendy, I remember the original picture you used on your blog, many moons ago – the one with the hair over your face so you couldn’t be seen.
    NOW YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL. May your body and brain catch up with how you look.

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    1. Thank you, I’m happy you think I’m beautiful, it does make me blush to hear these things.

      I know you always hated it, but I still love that picture! it wasn’t the ‘original’ picture of my blog, but I did use it for a while. I used it to show pain, physical and mental. I took it when I had a migraine, I was hiding from the light and withdrawing from the pain, and I still think it represents that pretty well.
      This photo shows how I can clean up! It shows me happy and it shows love, but it hides the pain. I was in a lot of pain when I took this photo, but I chose to hide it, like I do most of the time.
      Should we hide it or show it? That’s often the question isn’t it? (though sometimes we have no choice)

      Thank you for always caring. xo


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