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Daffodil – Charlotte, NC
Wild Mexican Poppy – Tucson, AZ

I’m Still Here I didn’t mean to scare anyone with my last post, no I’m not closing my blog, I have just been feeling a little low lately and it’s been hard to put words together and write coherently. A little depression has gotten hold of me, but I’m coming out of it. I tried looking at everyone’s blogs today but my reader is not working right. I’ve been terribly homesick, I have a friend back home who has been extremely ill for months now and I can’t be there with her and it’s breaking my heart. I can only hope that my virtual support is helping a little. My sister hurt her knee pretty bad, I’d like to be there for her, but alas I can’t. I’m kinda sure that she wouldn’t allow anyone to take care of her, but I’d sure like to try. She’s taken care of me time and time again, it’s time for me to be the carer. And I really miss Spring in the Carolinas. Spring in the desert is beautiful in it’s own way, but it’s not like it is in the Southeast. There isn’t this sudden explosion of life everywhere! You open your door and flowers have bloomed overnight. Trees are suddenly green. It’s magical. I didn’t think I’d miss it so much, but I do. Stuart says he will miss the fall, so we have decided to go to Charleston, SC for our anniversary this year in September. Hopefully he can see a little bit of Fall weather, and we can see people we love. Looking forward to that makes me a bit less homesick and I think it helps my depression.

The Move and Service Dog About us moving…no we aren’t moving far away, we are still going to be in Tucson. This is just an inconvenience, but how we were told about it really pissed me off. Right now we are renting a house that we didn’t expect to be renting but a few months until we found a house to buy, but it ended up that we needed to wait a few months before we could commit to buying a house. We can start looking again in June…or July, I don’t remember which. Our landlord has been working on the guest house and told us he did not expect to have it completed by the time we would need to move. On Friday I was standing out by the pool talking with him for a long time about us going to meet with a dog breeder about getting a dog to train for my service dog, this has been in the works for a long time and he knew all about it, he has been excited for me. Nothing was mentioned about the possibility of then wanting to sell the house soon, or us having to move. That evening our utility bill was left on our door with a note on the envelope that said our lease ends April 30th and the guest house should be finished by then, so we need to discuss options. My stress meter jumped WAY HIGH! The thought of moving again and then having to move again a few months after that, simply threw me for a loop. I don’t blame them, it is a financial decision, not an emotional one, but it sure leaves us in a lurch. There is a possibility that we won’t have to move. They need to do some work on the house that may go into the summer, and they believe that if they don’t sell during the summer they will miss their window for the best profit because it has a pool. People don’t like to buy houses that have pools in the winter….weird. We will know in about a week, if we do have to move we’ll have at least a month to move. We will then have movers move our stuff to a storage locker and move into furnished corporate housing for a few months, that way it’s really only one move. We’d just just have our clothes and stuff, everything else would be packed and ready to go. After we came to that decision the stress was totally lifted. We decided to wait on getting a puppy right now to train, hopefully we can get one this winter. I’m still looking for just the right dog for me. I will be training my dog through HandiDogs here in Tucson, AZ. They are a hands on training facility helping you to train your own service dog. I will have a hearing and balance dog. I will talk more and more about this experience as it happens.

Migraine Specialist I saw a new neurologist who specializes in headaches. She was wonderful. She had read all of my chart before meeting me, she asked all kinds of questions that I can’t remember being asked before. Like “does sleep make your migraines go away?” I’ve had it suggested to me to try sleeping when I have a migraine, but no one has ever asked me if it worked. It doesn’t. I wonder what that means. She asked if I ever get a migraine when having a bowel movement. Sometimes. So many questions!! At the end of all the questions and realizing that I’ve tried everything out there and still have over 25 migraines a month we decided to try one of the new CGRP blocker migraine preventative medications. I chose Emgality because it has been shown to help cluster headaches too, but it is not approved by the FDA for that use yet. This medication comes in an injection that I give to myself with an autoinjector. I had the first dose on Friday, March 29th. I will write a post soon explaining more about what this medication is and my experiences with it. Please wish me luck with it. My doctor told me that her story is much like mine. I not only have chronic migraines, I have a constant daily headache that I’ve had since I was 11 years old, the day I first started my period I got a headache that never went away. My doctor told me that with this new medication she still gets migraines, she gets much fewer migraines, but she does get some. However, she no longer has her daily headache. At that moment I burst into tears. I was so thrilled for her, and the thought of not having pain every day constantly, I simply cannot fathom that.

On a completely different note, I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday. You may not recognize me. I have long naturally wavy, slightly curly hair, but it’s fine. It used to be thick until I went through menopause, sigh. The length is doing nothing for me. I wear it in a ponytail most of the time. So I’m getting it cut! Not sure exactly how short yet, I’m going to need advice from my stylist, but I think it’s going to be pretty short. I’m getting new glasses soon too, I’m just going to look so different. A new me.

Well, I’m up late because I’m fighting a gastritis attack, again. I finally ate some real food today for the first day in a week, and now I’m so nauseous I can’t sleep. I’m off to take a Phenergan and try to rest.

“Change is the only constant.” ~Heraclitus


17 thoughts on “Mini me update

      1. I’m with you and Stuart. I love spring (minus the pollen and increasing humidity) and fall really is spectacular and is my favourite.

        Your new doctor does sound wonderful. I look forward to reading about the new drug. Hope the gastritis is easing up.

        Sending healing and comforting hugs. ❤

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        1. Thank you sweets. The gastritis seemed to be getting better but I was up all night with extreme nausea. I’ve been on a bland diet for 3 weeks now, guess it’s time to see a GI dr here. Oh joy. 😕
          I did go out to the dispensary today and got a strain that’s supposed to be good for nausea, it has really helped. Thank goodness for this, Phenergan didn’t touch it.

          Hoping to ride out and see wild flowers tomorrow, hoping that helps my desire for spring. 😊

          Hope you are doing well and your spring is beautiful, minus the pollen. Unfortunately we still have something here that is causing my allergies to go crazy!! 🤧
          Oh my I’m complaining a lot. 😯
          Things aren’t THAT bad.

          Love and hugs to you and G.


  1. I’m glad things are hopefully getting a little brighter on the depression side of things. It’s an awful place to be in when you’re down the spiral. And to feel so homesick and also worried about your friend.. she’ll know you’re thinking of her and being there for her online or on the phone will count for a lot, I’m sure she’ll appreciate that more than you realise. Charleston in September for your anniversary definitely sounds like something to look forward to 🙂
    Yikes, the whole moving/renting thing sounds incredibly stress-inducing. By the way, if it were me and I could afford it, I’d want a pool no matter what the season!! Having a few things decided and waiting on getting a puppy to train should ease pressures a little. And finding the right dog for you will also be something else to look forward to.

    So glad the neurologist was nice, that makes such a difference when you see someone pleasant and efficient (rather than rude & stupid!) I also get daily headaches (what I call ‘low level headaches’ as I’ve become so used to them that I only really notice times when I don’t have a headache) along with fairly regular migraines these days. I really, really do hope the Emgality helps. It’s not one I’d heard of but self-injecting sounds promising, rather than having to go elsewhere for it or take it orally (hoping that could improve effectiveness and reduce side-effects).

    Hope the hair cut went well! Can you show us a pic of your new ‘do? I’m sure it’s gorgeous and sometimes a little change like with a haircut can give us a little boost, a little refresh when we need it.

    Sending lots of hugs your way, Wendy. Thanks for letting us know how you’ve been getting on, I do worry about you  ♥

    Caz xx


  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh Wendy. What a time you are having! So many different things to deal with. Sounds wonderful about the Service Dog though. We thought about something like that for me, but not sure how to go about it. We are in England. We have a dog already though – a beautiful rough collie dog called Hope. We gave her that name because of my cancer. She was to give hope to me again. She is beautiful and so intelligent that when we got her I felt she could be trained as a Service Dog. But we didn’t know how to do it.

    I have hair that is longer than I have ever had it before and it tickles my face so much that I wear it in a kind of pony tail, for ease and comfort. Mi can’t bear going to the hajrdressers so it will stay that way. It was a kind of sikvery colour before my chemo but it grew back black! Go figure!

    Wendy, I am so sorry about yoyr depression. It is horrible. I too have been feeling very low and depressed lately. I think that long term illness that you know cannot change realky wears you down. Along with physical pain and dealing with it every day.

    I hope that you feel a bit better soon Wendy. Lots of love to you, and gentle hugs ❤️❤️❤️

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