Feeling Thankful Week 6 – #TToT

I’m taking part in the Ten Things of Thankful challenge. Simply list 10 things a week that you are thankful for, but no worries if you list less, or a bit more, the point is to get everyone to notice there is something to be thankful for. If you’d like to join in, just pop on over to TToT and add your post to the list, I hope to see you there.

This week I’m very thankful for:

  • Friends I have known, no matter how distantly. This week I found out a blogging friend died. She is and will continue to be missed. I can only hope she knew how many lives she touched, and how much she was cared for. This is the forth blogging friend I’ve lost. I’m so very grateful I was able to know each of these ladies no matter how briefly or how many miles away.
  • Hubby’s low key birthday. I’m thankful my hubby could care less about having a special birthday celebration because I wasn’t able to do much after a long appointment with the audiologist. A simple night in was all we could do. Luckily, a celebration dinner is planned at a later date. Not that he cares. 😉
  • Mexican Food I could eat. Since I wasn’t up for much on his birthday we called around and found a Mexican place that has enchilada sauce without onions! Yay! I’ve missed Mexican food. I haven’t found a restaurant that had onion free enchilada sauce in 5 years, this is awesome! And they delivered!! Score!!
  • Meeting family. On Saturday we went met my father-in-law’s cousin. She lives in Chicago and Stuart hadn’t seen her since he was 10 years old, yet he remembers that trip so fondly. We had brunch with her and a friend, the 2 ladies were delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and hope to see them again in the not too distant future. I think a trip to Chicago may be in order.
  • Ibuprofen. I can’t take it often, and I have to take it on a full stomach, but it sure did help on Saturday. It made the difference of me being able to go to brunch with the family and staying home. My back has been causing a lot of pain lately and a little ibuprofen saved the day. (wish I could take it more often)
  • A silly doggy. I turned over the other morning and was suddenly awakened by a little lick, right on my mouth! Silly dog! Missed my nose entirely! LOL Actually she doesn’t normally wake me up, she waits until I get up, but Stuart had stirred and it got her excited. Such a sweet silly dog, who loves to kiss!
Me and Kiki, the silly doggy

  • Hot baths. I was cold all day, so this evening I decided to just take a bath. A nice long hot bath did the trick, I was finally warm from my nose to my toes which I promptly snuggled in fluffy socks. ummmm, cozy Wendy.
  • Everything Stuart does around the house. Oh my goodness this man! As I mentioned, I’ve been having a lot of back pain lately and haven’t been able to do much at all without making it much worse. Regular chores have taken a back seat these last couple of weeks, only the bare necessities have been done. Today my darling husband did so much I was amazed. He did all the laundry (not unusual really), cleaned the kitchen (okay he normally does the dishes), cleaned out the refrigerator, we went grocery shopping and he put it all away, changed the sheets on the bed….he even made dinner (I helped a little with that one). I’m so very thankful for my husband. He’s a keeper for sure!!
  • No appointments this week. This may change but as of right now I have no appointments this week! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had no appointments during a given week, normally I have at least 2. I am hoping to get a massage this week to see if it will help my back, but that may not happen, and that’s not a doctor’s appointment at least.
  • Sunglasses. I’ve been having a lot of migraines this week, my sunglasses have been my best friend.
Migraine day, sunglasses and hat are a must….now back to the dark.

How about you? What are you thankful for this week?


6 thoughts on “Feeling Thankful Week 6 – #TToT

  1. I can’t take ibuprofen, I miss it. My hubby has been hands down fabulous with housework! Last night he vacuumed, did the dishes, helped me move some furniture… ok, he did it, I directed. I have been missing some friends, too. Trying to remember life’s lessons they taught me. I am thankful for bi-focal sunglasses, I can keep them on and read my phone. Ummm… I love my dogs and I love the pics of you with your dog! You are beautiful, my friend! xo~k.


  2. Your dog is so cute!

    I’m sorry about your blogging friend. I have lost a few blogging friends as well. It’s hard, especially when we never had the chance to get to know them in person.


  3. Hello, Wendy! I have so many things to be Thankful for, too. And it keeps happening week after week.

    Have become quite, quite busy these days, and it also involves a lot of travel. About 1,500 km every month. And, doing that by (Indian) buses, back riding on motor cycles, and Waiting for buses make me very very tired. Had meant to write on Your page maybe 10 days ago. Am doing it in short just now.

    Much Love to You, and God’s Blessings.

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