Disability Review Stress Relieved ….Really

The title of my last post was “One Huge Stress Relieved”, but I didn’t tell you anywhere in the post why the stress was relieved….oops.

A few days ago I received a 2nd letter saying they were not going to further review my case. It’s all good. At least for now, they could decide to review it again, but for now, everything is as it should be. I just forgot to mention that little bit in the original post. duh.

A friend of mine said she read the post and asked the status, I was confused then realized….dangit, I rewrote that post 5 times, after that many rewrites I left the most important part out! Oh my goodness.

I’ve fixed it there now, but I wanted to tell it here for those who have already read the previous post.

So, now you know, I can get very confused very easily.


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