Mindfulness Monday – Storm

Monsoons 2018, by W. Holcombe. all rights reserved


“You can’t calm the storm,

so stop trying.

What you can do is

calm yourself.

The storm will pass.”

~ Timber Hawkeye


“You will not be

the same after the

storms of life;

You will be stronger,

wiser and more alive

than ever before!”

~ Bryant McGill


“The great benefit of

practicing mindfulness…

is the presence of mind

within a storm

 of emotions.”

~ Phillip Moffitt


*photo was taken in Tucson, AZ , off my front porch, during monsoon season 2018.  It’s am amazing time, I wish I could get better pictures for you.  The monsoons are full of beauty and power, but…another of it’s secret powers is to cause super duper migraines.  Ahh.  Please do not use this image without permission.




7 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday – Storm

  1. I LOVE the picture and you have a favorite quote of mine up this week! Calm yourself, the storm will pass. Truer words, love, truer words. 😉
    gentle hugs and lots of positive energy for your surgery!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes lord, just shoot me now.
      I have a headache all the time, but lately they have been worse. shoot. (yes I could say something much more colorful, but this blog could be read by children……LOL)
      I hope your head gets better soon. You have been smacked lately.
      xoxo Wen


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