Mini Update … I tried

I know you can normally find Mindfulness Monday here each week, I tried, but I haven’t been able to write much and I thought I’d explain why.  (it has taken me many days to write this post, so bare with me…mmmkay?)

You may recall that I had De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in my left wrist/thumb earlier this year (you can read about it here), but you may have missed that I now have it in my right wrist.  The left wrist was treated with a cortisone shot and since then I’ve had no problem.  I’ve had 2 cortisone injections in my right wrist and I’m still in pain.  (you can see pictures from the first injection here)  I had the second shot on my birthday (July 2nd) my wrist felt better the first day after the injection, but by the second day I was back to the original symptoms and by the 3rd day it was actually worse.   When I went in for the second injection he gave me the option of having surgery or trying the injection again, he told me that if it didn’t work to just call and schedule the surgery I didn’t even need to come in again.  So I chose to try the injection again, to say those injections are not pleasant is a huge understatement, but I was really hoping to avoid surgery.  After a week, when it was evident that the shot didn’t work, we called to set up the surgery and were told that it was too soon after the injection, I have to wait 4-6 weeks.  I was not a happy person.  I have a lot of limitations because of this issues; I can’t write or draw, I have extreme difficulty brushing my hair, typing, cooking, picking things up with my right hand, swimming…I’ve wearing a brace that holds my wrist and thumb stable, if I don’t wear the brace, I can’t do much at all…unfortunately the brace has started to cause issues on it’s own, 20180717_113113

so I have to stop wearing it.  The good news is that the surgery is almost always successful, and it’s very minimally invasive, in fact they often do it with local anesthesia.  (I will admit I’m a bit intimidated by that, I don’t want to see them cut on my arm…ewww, but I also hate going under general anesthesia, so we’ll see)   I was having a hard time accepting that fact that they were making me wait for the surgery, honestly I was pretty pissed; then I remembered that the way to happiness is acceptance.  I decided to look at the whole situation differently.  It’s only a few weeks difference, they aren’t saying I have to be stuck like this forever.  I stated taking extra supplements that are supposed to help with joint and inflammation issues, hopefully this will reduce the swelling and some pain.  (if you’re interested I’m taking extra turmeric, collagen, glucosamine..I think that’s all)  Even though I’ll still need surgery, if the swelling is down, it should help with recovery.  Accepting this situation made life a bit happier.

On another note, I’m having increased migraines, often with migraine associated vertigo, and cluster headaches.  When we first got here my head actually felt better, but that didn’t last long.  Bright lights are a big trigger for me and it’s really bright here, more than that, now it’s monsoon season so the barometric pressure has been all over the place with crazy storms almost every day, my head is definitely feeling it. 20180716_172608

I’m also having a lot more cluster headaches and I don’t have anything to help them.  I saw a new headache specialist about 3 weeks ago, I wrote about it here.  I felt optimistic after that visit, but I haven’t received the gammaCore that he prescribed, it was supposed to arrive in about 5 days.  We called to find out the status and no one called back, so we called again, and still no call back.  I know that the office was moving but that doesn’t excuse them from paying attention  to their patients.  **Update**  They called late yesterday and it seems that the doctor didn’t have us fill out a form that he should have, so it delayed everything.  The nurse who called said she’s fill it all out and we could sign it the next time we are there, so the gammaCore is now on it’s way!  I should receive it by the end of the week!  Thank goodness.  (the gammaCore treats both cluster headaches and migraines!  again, Thank Goodness!!

So that’s what’s been keeping me away….along with other stress, but that’s for a different day when I can actually type without being in intense pain.  Hunting and pecking with my left hand is not fun.  🙂

“Accept – then act.

Whatever the present moment contains,

Accept it as if you had chosen it.

Always work with it,

Not against it….

This will miraculously transform your whole life.”

~ Eckhart Tolle



10 thoughts on “Mini Update … I tried

  1. gentle hugs I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain Wen!
    I absolutely get the pain in your wrist and thumb! I started having issues with my right thumb and because of your descriptions I was able to figure what’s going on. Mine hasn’t been nearly as painful as yours but I did have a couple of weeks that using my right thumb for anything really frickin hurt (and I am super right handed and draw/journal every day!!) but it seems to have settled….mostly. I am waaayyy overdue for updates. But I understand your headaches and wrist pain so I’m sending huggles and soft blankets (because they make me feel better so I hope they do for you too!)

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    1. Oh sweet friend. I’m glad your wrist/thumb got better without further intervention, but sorry you had the pain in the first place. I know you more than understand the headaches. Thank you for the huggles and cuddles in softness, I’ll share with you. Big huggles!!

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  2. Rita McGregor

    Always something, right? Paperwork! Good grief! I hope things turn around soon with the headaches and that your surgery will go well. Not being able to use your hands/hand causes many more issues than a person might think at first. Sucks! But–this too shall pass, right? At least you can have surgery–whoohoo! (Thinking positive.) hugs

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    1. Rita, you are so right! Sad thing is that is took them almost a week to call us back about it. I’m used to doctors who get in touch the same day, waiting days on a call worries me a bit…and I was so surprised. to find that major hospital system connected with the University of Arizona does not have a patient portal. Since I can’t talk on the phone, I really like being able to get in touch with my doctors that way, I hope they consider starting that in the near future. We were signing all the paperwork required for selling our house today and it was so painful to do that. The notary asked what I had done, so embarrassing…but you’d never think that you use your wrist that much when you are writing.
      Oh yes, this too shall pass, and it’s nothing earth shattering anyway, just annoying…if I could 110% accept it I wouldn’t be annoyed would I? I need to work on that. Thank you for the positive thoughts send more if you can in a few weeks, I’m not sure when the surgery is….hopefully, soon. xo


  3. ugh sometimes I hate word press, I sent a comment and now it is gone. Anyways my big thing now is my teeth huge issues and I am freaking out. My vanity is at stake. Good luck!!! talk you to soon.

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    1. Oh no Patricia, it hurts me so when anything is wrong with my teeth, so I really feel for you.
      I’ll send you my email on Messenger, please email me anytime, I’m not writing a lot right now, but I promise to listen and at least write a short note back. Hugs and sending good vibes.


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