Quick update…much more to come

I’m tired.

I sat down to write this and all I can think is, “I’m tired”.  Hell, I’d say I’m pretty exhausted, and I still have so much to do.  Just praying I can accomplish much more before I completely collapse.

On the 23rd the movers came and packed up our house to move us from North Carolina to Arizona.  We started our trek across the country the next day.  We had planned to take it slow, drive about 4-5 hours a day, as long as we got there sometime this week we thought that would be fine.  After the second day we got word that our stuff would be arriving in Tucson on Tuesday (the 29th), if we drove 8 hours a day for the next couple of days we would be there in time.  It wasn’t a huge deal if we weren’t there when everything arrived, we had people who could take care of it for us, but I could tell that the thought of us not being there when they unloaded was stressing Stuart a little, so we decided to make it happen.  We arrived the afternoon of the 28th, and our stuff arrived at 8:30am the next day.

The trip here was pretty uneventful, just a few little things bare mentioning.  For most of the trip I had a stomach ache.  Gastritis was hitting me hard.  I could only handle bland food.  That’s a little challenging when you are driving across the country with a little dog and have an allergy to wheat.  I ate a lot of oatmeal and baked potatoes.  One night I did venture out and had steamed chicken and broccoli with rice…no sauce, and I did okay with it.  I’m happy to say that my stomach calmed down now after we got here, I even had a piece of pizza.  The pain in my stomach was so bad the first day that I seriously considered going to the ER, but I just had an endoscopy done and it only showed gastritis, so I was pretty sure it was just flaring.  (Gastritis is a general term for a group of conditions with one thing in common: inflammation of the lining of the stomach.)  I have been wondering why my stomach hurt so much on this trip and the only thing that I can think of that was different was that I stopped taking turmeric last week.  (I know you are all thinking, stress, but I have been under a lot of stress the past month and I haven’t had a stomach ache)  I’d been taking tumeric for months (maybe a year) for inflammation, but I wasn’t sure it was doing much.  Now I’m beginning to think it was reducing the inflammation in my stomach.  I started taking it again last weekend, and I haven’t had issues since.

I must admit the pain caused me to be one irritable cranky bi…umm…witch.  Things that normally wouldn’t phase me in the slightest were suddenly getting on my nerves something awful.  Yes, the stress of moving did not help.  I was feeling a bit emotional about leaving the Southeast.  It just seems a bit final.  I simply don’t know if I’ll see some of those people ever again, I’m not dwelling on it, but it makes me sad.  And not knowing what to expect with Stuart’s stepmom was also probably contributing to the stress.  I really hate that word.  I hate that just normal day things that we have to deal with can cause so many physical symptoms. Stress is not always a bad thing, but it can do havoc on your body.  And I hate it when a doctor tells me that “it’s stress”, argh!

So the trip was good except for my tummy ache and being a grump.

On the 29th the movers delivered our stuff and I saw the house for the first time.

When I walked up to the house a hummingbird came right up to me, I took it as a sign that this is a good place. (both my and Stuart’s mom loved hummingbirds, I have a couple of meaningful hummingbird encounters, I may share those on another day)  The house has a good feeling about it.  The house is old and small, but it’s well taken care of, and it has an amazing yard.  Not the kind of yard you have in the Southeast, but a cool Southwest yard.  It also has a pool.  I’m so excited about that!  Oh, I’ll post pictures soon, I’ll show you everything!

After the movers left we went and had lunch with Stuart’s dad and Margaret.  It was the first time I’ve seen her since the accident.  I wasn’t sure what to expect so I prepared myself for the worst.  She is still a dear sweet woman whom I adore; but she had no recollection of meeting me before, or knowing anything about me.  I didn’t expect her to, so I wasn’t disappointed.  I was pleased that she remembered Stuart was here last month, that was nice.  She may not remember that tomorrow, but she remembered it today.  We had a pleasant lunch, then it was time for us to leave and she became agitated.  She is convinced they are trying to poison her.  You see, she doesn’t like to take her medication, so they put it in applesauce to give it to her, but she tasted it.  It was that taste that made her start believing they were trying to poison her.  I’m told she calms down fast and she won’t remember that, but it affected me.  She was very happy for the rest of the visit, she talked and talked. She made the comment that she likes everything.  When I simply smiled when she said, “No really, I just like everything.  Well, I don’t like someone right up in my face waving their hand, but mostly I like everything.”  (this was before the poisoning episode)

She is so in love with John (Dad).  When he walks in she lights up, and runs over to him and hugs him and kisses him.  It’s so wonderful.  They are still so much in love.  He is a very good husband.  Tonight Stuart was telling me that they don’t know if she’ll continue to remember him.  She has lost most of her short term memory and it keeps encroaching on every day.  She will start forgetting those she has not for the least amount of time; Dad and she have only been married for 7 years so she could start forgetting him in the not too distant future.  The longer she has known someone the longer she will remember them, she may not remember their correct age; for example she may think her son is her husband, because if fits with she is in her memory.  It makes me sad.  They are so much in love.  Dad once told Stuart that as much as he loved Stuart’s mom, Margaret was his soulmate; it breaks my heart that they had so little time together.

Margaret does seem to enjoy the time we spend together.  She just talks and talks, about anything and nothing, but some of her stories are quite entertaining.  I enjoy talking with her, my only problem with that is that I can’t hear a lot of what she says; I follow her body language and mimic it, that seems to be enough for her, but I really wish I could hear her better.  I don’t know if I can be with her alone if I can’t hear it well, I may not understand that she needs assistance before she gets agitated.

I started writing this last week, but we had a time getting out internet connected, the cable company isn’t in much of a hurry to send technicians out to a house to get them turned on so I couldn’t finish it.  For some reason, the WordPress app wouldn’t let me do anything on my own blog.  I couldn’t even comment of a post.  And the last reason I haven’t been able to post is that I haven’t been able to type very easily.

getting the steroid injection in my wrist….at least my doctor was super cute.

Right before we left my right wrist started hurting and my thumb was partially numb.  Just exactly like how the De Quervain’s tendinosis in my left wrist.  That is pretty strange; it’s not acutually that strange for people who have had it, but it’s alson normally found in women who have babies.  The act of repeatedly picking up a child can cause it, but me?  Why am I getting this?  I have no idea what I’m doing, I thought I’d figured out what cause it in my left wrist, but now I’m not too sure.  Well, I got a shot in it on Wednesday, crossing fingers it works and I don’t have to have further treatment.  So that’s the reason’s I haven’t been posting about this adventure.  Well those and being incredibly busy.

I’ll write more about where we are living now soon.,,,With more pictures.


12 thoughts on “Quick update…much more to come

    1. Thanks Zia Dot. I forgot to pass it on to John the last time I saw him, but I’ll see him tomorrow and I’ll be sure to give him hugs and kisses from you. We are already planning on coming to your area sometime next year. We have a couple of friends in the Bay area. and we’d love to see them and you! It’s been wayyyy too long. (pf course you are always invited to come see us, any time!) We love and miss you! xoxo

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  1. Lots of adventures! I always loved moving to a new house and starting life in a new town when Paul was active duty, but it is so incredibly stressful and exhausting! (and I’ve had those shots in other joints…..owwwwwchie!!!)
    gentle hugs

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    1. Thank you Xunae! Yes it’s exhausting…and stressful. Today was Stuart’s first day at work, I have to say it was less stressful today. hahaha We were trying to get so much done before he started work, I’m tired. I had a similar shot in my hip, I can’t really say if one was worse than the other, but the hip took longer and the needle was scarier. (the do it under a live x-ray. that’s cool, but kind of scary too) thanks for the hugs, I feel them….I needed it.

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  2. Rita McGregor

    OMGoodness! I am glad you are there and all your stuff is there. Now you can just take some time to settle in. So sad when people lose their memories. Happened to my one grandma but not the other one or the grandfathers. Sad thing is she was the one who lived to be 104–and didn’t remember any of us. Glad they had some wonderful years together, at least. Write when you can. We’ll be waiting for pictures. 🙂

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    1. you know I posted a little today, but it wasn’t about me. A couple of Tucson photos though. I’ll post more as soon as my wrist is better. This shot hasn’t worked so far. I’m sad about it. The shot is cortisone with a numbing medicine, so for the first few days you feel much better, then the numbing meds wear off and it hurts again. The first time I had it done, in the other wrist, when it got worse again, it wasn’t bad, and it kept getting better. This time, it seems to be getting worse. I may have to have another shot soon. :-/ No biggie, it will get better, or it won’t, I’ll deal. 🙂 but yes I’d prefer it if it got better. I’m tired or typing with only my left hand, but I guess if it’s meant to be I’ll learn how to do it.

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  3. I was raised in Phoenix and Tucson was one of my favorite places to visit – has an incredible observatory. AND you have a swimming pool which I’m sure you’ll love. We spent most of the summers submerged in pools – I especially liked swimming at night (except for the bugs that were attracted to the pool lights – so swim in the dark!!)

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    1. Love it!! The pool is cold, can you believe it? It’s over 100 every day and the pool is about 75! We are going to put the solar cover on it for a day soon and let it warm up. Funny thing, in the evening it’s lovely. I just came in from there. I didn’t swim tonight but I walked around in the water on the steps, it’s fun to sit out there with my toes in the water and watch the stars. I do it almost every night. I did go swimming last night, it was invigorating. Then this morning….it was cold again. It does get cooler at night so I guess the water is staying cold because of that, but golly I’d like it if it were warmer water. Bugs? What bugs? Other than moths I haven’t seem many. In NC you couldn’t go outside without being eaten by mosquitoes! Stuart says they come out during monsoon season….I want the rain, but they kind of scare me.
      Come visit any time. you can see your old haunt. xo

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  4. I’m waiting as patiently as I can Wen. Yes, moving is stressful but don’t write it all off to stress, as I know you won’t. I got a bit emotional reading about the memory loss Stuart’s step mom is facing. That breaks my heart as I know it does for all of you who love her. Man, cruel!!! Settle in and keep posting. So far, I believe this will be a great move for you and Stuart. And believe me, your friends will travel… when I moved to Seattle I had friends of friends come for a visit! I did learn to put my foot down after the 3rd month of constant weekend visitors!!! So happy you received a welcome by the hummingbirds! A good sign indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Kim, thank you so much. The move is good I think, just, yes, stressful. I’m doing okay, just scared for Margaret, and a bit overwhelmed. I think I’m handling most of it well though. My phone has pretty much died where photos are concerned, I’m getting a new one, hooefully it will arrive today, then I can take better pictures. I promise I’ll be posting. Got to get Mindfulness Monday done today.
      I hope people visit, many are simply too old to travel, so it may be final. I can’t dwell on it though. Love ya! ~wen

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