A day of trials


caring hands

Yesterday was filled with the trials associated with migraines and slow vertigo.

I barely got out of my chair today, and that’s okay.  I spent the day focusing on self care, taking it slow, and not beating myself up because I couldn’t go to PT, or do any of my exercises.  Luckily, hubby worked from home today, so he was here to help me any time I needed to navigate the world around me, like…umm….going to the bathroom.  My walker is great, but it doesn’t make me feel as safe as he does.  (if I really start to fall, the walker just comes with me, hubby holds on tight….I wish everyone had someone like my Stuart in their lives)
How do you handle a day of trials?


*image by W. Holcombe, please do not use without permission.


16 thoughts on “A day of trials

  1. Lisa

    I am sorry you had a rough day and so glad you had your sweetheart there to help. I am fortunate in that way, as well. I have a hard time getting in and out of the shower and I always have a helping hand to help. I get grab bars installed tomorrow and cannot wait! But, I still like my dearie’s strong hand and will likely keep relying on him for that support. And I am sure your dearie relies on you too. It’s a unified effort to keep us all strong.

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  2. I’m glad Stuart was at hope to provide a bit of security and physically to help too. I’m just so sorry you’ve had such tough times… They say these things are set to try us, and make us stronger as a result (got to find some kind of silver lining..!) It’s easier said than done not to beat yourself up, but taking things slow and steady, not overdoing it, and looking after yourself however possible (more rest, fluids, less stress, decent food, etc) really is the best way. I tend to keep trying to push myself, then snap and end up feeling even worse and unable to do anything afterwards. When things get really tough, I try to find something to distract myself, whether it’s a book or a film, and get as comfy as possible; I’ll go online and reach out to others, such as through my blog, so I don’t feel as alone and to let others know they’re not alone either. Sending a hug your way and hoping it’s a bit of a brighter day tomorrow  ♥

    Caz x

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  3. Self care is a wonderful way to handle the rougher days. Depending on how bad it is, I either want to be distracted by voices from tv, podcasts or audio books or I want silence depending on how shaky my world is at the moment.

    And my heating pad is always within reach to help ease a bit of the tension and muscle aches.

    Gentle huts to you.Hope the weather is better. We’ve got a heat wave coming and rain for a couple of days before it goes back to being cold and snowy again. Just have to roll with things beyond our control.

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    1. Oh yes!! It’s warm here right now, next week it will be cold again. Not as cold as where you are, but darn right nipply (meaning it makes for nippy nipples)
      Distraction is a good thing when you can’t focus. Wish I could hear better so I could listen to books or something when all I can see is the world spinning.
      Love and light to you my friend.

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        1. Roscoe moved to Pawley’s Island, SC. I had to rehome him 😦 He is a good boy and very lucky. He had separation anxiety disorder and hated my car. We spent a year together. He went everywhere me. He needed a house and yard and dogs and strong parents. I didn’t have anyone to help me because he would get aggressive whenever I tried to walk out the door. Oh it broke my heart. I get pics that warm my heart. He has been nicknamed Trouble. Lol. I know he must be feeling good to get that name. He gets to go to a dog resort for play. I’m looking at photos of dogs. I hope to have one soon. I am not quit myself without one.

          Thanks for your visit over at my blog. And yes. Laurie was the blogger at Hibernation Now. I miss her.

          Michelle (dogkisses).


    1. I use my mala bead bracelet to count breaths and meditate. I drink a lot of water. I stare at the captions on the TV because that’s all I can focus on. I too practice gratitude.
      gentle hugs to you too

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  4. On bad days I usually stare at Home and Family tv movies that always end happily, feel sorry for myself and feel as if this day will never end.
    You, my friend, have a much better attitude than I do in the face of much more difficult trials than I face.
    sending love,

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    1. Oh Judy,
      I don’t think my trials are more than yours. You go through a heck of a lot. I’m not as bad as I was just 1 years ago. The vertigo is so much better, and I can handle the rest.
      Happy ending movies sounds like a good idea. I usually watch either cooking shows or British murder mysteries. The cakes can be happy…they make me smile anyway. And jealous I can’t do it….or eat it. Hahaha

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  5. I don’t handle bad days well. I’m in a lot of pain. I can’t do much at all lately. My mood is way low. I don’t have any help. Ever. I can only hope things get better very soon.

    I like your blog! I’m glad Stuart is there for you. Many blessings to you guys!

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  6. On my worst days, when I feel I just can’t handle any more, I remind myself that everything changes….including these bad times. It can get better.
    We aren’t alone on this.
    Hugs **


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