Goodbye Sweet Max

My old man, my big boy, my buddy…these are all things I called my beautiful cat Maximum Paws, belovedly known as Max.  (he had more toes than normal, hence the name, Maximum Paws)

Max was 19 years old.  For the past few years he has had a number of old kitty ailments, but they were all being managed well.  This past week, he took a quick turn for the worse.  We tried to save him, we didn’t think this would be the end.  No one did.

I won’t go into details of his death.  He just got sick and we had to say goodbye.  Our hearts are breaking.  We are both devastated.  Our big boy is gone.

He leaves us exactly one week after the 5th anniversary of his sister’s death.  Sandy was a huge part of our lives.  I wrote about her loss here.

I feel like I’ve lost my children.  I know many people will not understand this, but Sandy and Max were a part of our lives for so long.  We started our lives together with them.  They rode across country twice with us.  They were close.  It was a great relationship.  And they brought so much love and happiness into our lives.  I miss them so.

I just can’t stop crying.  My heart is broken.  I see him everywhere, and no where.

my darling Max you will forever be in my heart.


26 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Max

  1. Oh lovely Wendy. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I know your heart must be breaking. There’s nothing I can say to really help… Eventually I hope that you can remember him with a smile and remember all the lovely things about him…and I’m sure there are some funny stories too – cats are always up to their tricks..
    Take care Wendy. Sending you a hug. xx
    Rest in Peace Max, with your many toes xx

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    1. My many toed big boy would be happy with your comment.
      In hindsight I should have spoken of more of his antics, but I’m just not that strong today. This was a very hard post to write.
      I’m not sure when I’ll feel up to posting again.
      Just trying to stay in the moment and know this is how it is.

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  2. Such sad news, I’m so sorry. I cried for such a long time when my dog died years ago, and I’ll cry again when my cat passes, it’s a sign that he was such an important part of your life. I’m sure he had a good life with you and was loved dearly, and that’s what counts. Sending a hug your way xx

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  3. My dear Wen. I cry with you, for you. Losing a pet is feeling your heart literally break.

    There was a small girl who told her father she understood why her dog died when he was only 12. Her father asked her why? She said her dog knew how to love “no matter what”. It takes humans longer to learn how to love “no matter what”. We have to live until we learn this.

    That story helped me cope. I lost my kitty and my dog in a year. One to old age, the other to cancer. My heart still hurts on the anniversary of their deaths but I would not trade one moment I had with them to erase their memory just to ease the pain.

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    1. Thank you Kim. I like that. Max knew how to love, no matter what. And it was easy to love him, no matter what.
      I think it would have killed me to lose both my cat and dog in the same year. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.
      I too would not give up one moment with Max or Sandy to make this easier on me. They gave me so much love. I miss them Max so much, and I still miss Sandy as if it were an open wound that never heals.
      Love to you. ♡

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