#HAWMC Day 21- Just Keep Swimming

Today is Day 21 of #HAWMC (WEGO’s Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge).  The prompt today is:

Monday Motivation: What’s your life slogan?
Explain what words or mantra keep you going and why.

I’ve spoken about quotes that help me through, but there is one mantra that I will start to chant when things get particularly tough.

Just keep swimming.

When I saw Finding Nemo and heard Dory say, “Just Keep Swimming”, to get her through all of her challenges, I started saying it to remind me to keep going even through the hard times.   It started out as a joke, but it stuck around because it made me feel better.  If I can “just keep swimming” I’ll be okay.

image source here

I admit when this prompt came up I had no idea what to write about, I’ve already told most of what I live by, my favorite mindfulness quotes that mean so much to me and the chant I use when I have vertigo, but those things just didn’t seem to fit in here.  I turned and asked my hubby what he thought and he immediately said, “Just Keep Swimming”.   I guess it’s a pretty good mantra, and I guess he knows me pretty well.

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6 thoughts on “#HAWMC Day 21- Just Keep Swimming

        1. Yep life happens. Just don’t get so caught up in the shit that you miss the life. There’s a lot of shit to wade through, but there’s a lot of goodness out there, sometimes you have to really hunt for it.
          Much love my friend.


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