#HAWMC Day13 – Best Thing This Week

Today is Day 13 of #HAWMC (WEGO’s Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge).  The prompt today is:

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?
Maybe you got great news or maybe ice cream was on sale-
write about it and relive it!

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This week has been a challenge physically, and mentally.  It hasn’t been horrible, I just haven’t felt good.  I’ve been a bit wonky.  Feeling off  balance and having a hard time keeping myself upright.  The election has made me anxious and panicky.  As the week went on I started to feel a bit better.  Good thing too because I got good news this week that I would be going out of town on Sunday.  So today (Sunday) I’ll be visiting with friends.

It was so much fun planning the trip.  Finding out that both friends would be home and would have time for me.  I’ll see the first one in the early afternoon when I first get into town and the second will be cooking dinner for me.  This is the most exciting part of my week!  I get to see my good friend, her husband and son.  We’ll have lunch together and visit.  It’ll be grand.  Then off to have a friend cook for me and my husband, and I’m finally meeting her beau.  They’ve been dating for months now and I’m finally meeting him.  I’m so excited!

I will admit there is a little apprehension when I’m going to see other people.  What if I can’t hear them?  What if I get confused?  What if my head hurts too bad?  What if I have vertigo?

Today I will not allow the “What if’s” to sabotage me.  If something happens I’ll deal with it.  The friends I’m seeing are the most understanding people I know, so there is no pressure there.

The excitement of knowing the trip is coming has been with me all week.  As I’m writing this (yes, I’m writing this post a day early so I can go on my trip and not worry about writing it) I’m excited about seeing my friends and all the experiences I’ll have when I’m with them.  I’m so grateful for this time.

What has brought you happiness this week?  What are you grateful for?

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2 thoughts on “#HAWMC Day13 – Best Thing This Week

    1. I had a good time. I was a bit wonky, but these are very understanding friends, so it was all good. I rested between visits. Home now, curled up with doggy, about to go to bed. Hope you had a goid weekend. xo


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