#HAWMC Day 2 – Blogging Process

Today is day 2 in the #HAWMC.  (Health Activist Writers Month Challenge)  If you’d like to read more blog posts about this please check out WEGO’s Facebook Page.  And don’t forget to Like my Facebook Page – Picnic With Ants.


My blogging process is a bit different as I change it up a bit.  For some posts I just shoot from the hip; I write what comes to mind and hit Publish before I change my mind.  🙂  Other posts I do a lot of research so it takes time to develop those post, they can take days to write.  Still others I write in advance.  I know I am going to post them so I get them ready ahead of time and schedule them to come out.

I do try to edit my posts, unless I do a stream of conscious post, even though it may not seem like it sometimes.  Isn’t it funny how you can read the same thing over and over and it looks just right until after you hit Publish then you notice it has a lot of errors?  Really, I did read it over for errors, really I did!

Trying to decide what to blog about is the hardest thing for me.  I will sometimes come up with some great ideas and I get very excited to write.  Other times I’m stuck.  I have no idea what to write about.  I don’t want to always write about me and the newest things that may be going on with me and my illnesses, especially if nothing has changed in a while.  Having a chronic illness can mean that things just stay, well, chronic.  They may not progress at all.  Things are just the same.  It can be a challenge to come up with new topics to write about when you feel things are just the same.

I read a lot of blogs and I feel a lot are either all down in the dumps, or they are all sunshine and rainbows.  I want my blog to be somewhere in the middle.  I want people to come here and know that having an illness doesn’t mean you have to be sad about it all the time, but you also don’t have to be positive all the time.  Here is someplace in the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, here you will find the down and dirtiness of being ill, and you will also find good days and thoughts that may help you along the way.

Oh, I’m moving away from my process.  Well sometimes my process is to just sit back and talk to my readers, like I am right now.  You are, after all, who I write this blog for.  Well you and me.  🙂

It seems my blogging process is rather eclectic.


6 thoughts on “#HAWMC Day 2 – Blogging Process

  1. My blog is like writing to a pen pal or a friend so it is just about daily life–what I’m doing and thinking, you know? I am usually in a good mood so my posts are pretty positive but that is because that is who I am. I am more likely to be blah than in a bad mood–but if I am in a bad mood or upset about something you will hear about it–LOL!

    I probably annoy a lot of people with chronic issues because I am one of the hearts and flowers people. But I was like this as a teenager in the 60s–a flower child at heart. And I went through the majority of the denial, grief, anger, frustration, sorrow, and the rest a good decade ago–adjusting to the complete 180-shift in my life. The way I survive well is to be positive, I guess. I had a minor relapse of frustration and sorrow when I became a grandmother and can’t do everything I would have loved to do with him. But I am the best gramma I can be. When I say–Life is good–I really mean it. 🙂 🙂


    1. Aww Rita, I don’t think your blog farts rainbows. I think you are pretty honest about feelings when they arrive. It’s when a blog is all lopsided that bothers me. No one is always happy, and I hope no one is always sad. I know they can be, but there needs to be balance. Very little whining allowed…..ha. we all need to whine some times.

      I love the way you write. Very honest. You just are.


  2. I agree with you, Wendy, that I appreciate a blog that lets us in on the dark side sometimes.

    We all need positive energy – and those posts are inspiring (and more fun to read, usually). However, when people are struggling, its not particularly helpful to be made to feel that everybody else is coping while they are wallowing.

    We ALL need to read about real human beings with real human feelings and reactions – both light and dark – to feel like we have found a tribe where we can be understood.

    You do SUCH a good job with that! Thank you always.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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