I’ve started so many blog posts and I haven’t gotten any posted.


Because something would happen, and the post would be out of date….of course most of you would not know about what happened, but I would have to go back and change everything.

and posts would get longer

and I’d have to catch up

and I’d get further behind

and I’d end up not writing.

SO, You know what?

I’m just going to write right now.  I’m just going to put something out here to get me going!!

and of course…..I’ve been having vertigo today…and here it comes again.

So this post is going to be very short.


I wrote something!!

It’s out here on the blogosphere…..however you may spell that….ha.

This month is Pain Awareness Month.

the 10th is Suicide Prevention Day

Next week is Balance Awareness Week.

Wanted to put a shout out to all of those….just in case I don’t get anything else done.

Hopefully I will!!

I will be writing more.

you may get posts that seem like they are half a post….and maybe they are, but I need to write and get it out, so I’m going to put out what I can write.  I hope you understand it all.

Here’s a little picture of a flower I “painted” on an app called ArtRage on my phone.  I’ve never done anything like this before.

It was fun….and a little hard.

by w. holcombe do not copy without permission
by w. holcombe
Please do not copy without permission

10 thoughts on “JUST WRITE!

  1. Caron Johnson

    Very sensitive painting Wendy, you are a lady of many talents! As for Dr Who, we need to talk! When my Grandson Toby come round next we will write you about Dr Who, he has turned me into an addict!!! I used to hide behind the sofa when I was a kids. Scary stuff. Fact.


  2. This has been my philosophy as of late too. I also have many started but unfinished posts thanks to Meniere’s. I’m finally just getting whatever I can out, and maybe I’ll edit and finish the others some other day. I get it, if it isn’t the vertigo, it’s the fatigue that follows.

    It’s hilarious that balance week is going to be right after my first gentamicin shot, I’ll be plastered to the couch in full blown spins hoping just enough of the evil in my inner ear dies 🙂 My neurotologist is awesome though, and only does the low dose protocol,

    We reach a point where we have to accept and work with what we can actually do.

    My phone is my best friend with vertigo, if I hold it close to my face I can actually do things online for short periods of time. The painting looks great, and I hope the phone continues to be a helpful outlet.

    I hope your stuff works out and they start finding some solutions. We all deserve relief from this.


  3. Syn…I’ve been writing you an email forever.
    You may get installments. 💫

    I hope the gent shots work for you.

    I went bilateral before things went completely crazy for me…or before I had a decent doctor. So no shots tried.

    Hope to get you an email soon…
    💜 w


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