12 thoughts on “Grateful for a New Year and so much more….

    1. lisa….you are so silly. those drawings are so silly. they are like drawing on an Etch a Sketch. haha It was crazy trying to draw with one those little nipple things on my ThinkPad laptop. If you’ve never tried it, it is a challenge to say the least. Stuart has to get my drawing pad working again! It’s a challenge to draw on too, but nothing like this! haha.


  1. this whole post is actually from photoshop. I can’t figure out how to make different fonts on WordPress so I just did this in Photoshop. it is very hard to draw using a Thinkpad little nipple thingy though. haha and my car looks pitiful. 🙂 but I’m glad you like it. I plan to do more of this kind of thing in the future….my blog it will be a changing.


    1. Sunshine….well in real life..he really is kinda cute, but his face is not so round. haha
      and I’m very grateful for the technology that has allowed us to be friends! Big SMILE


    1. Judy….now I have that red nose….AHHHHCHOOO!!! But he made me chicken soup! isn’t he the greatest?
      oh my drawing of the car looked pitiful, and the car does look a little pitiful where it was scraped and crushed a little…poor baby.
      luckily it is just cosmetic and it is still drivable. My poor baby has a big boo boo. It deserved a better drawing. hehe


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