Our Family Grows

On Sunday, September 7th we walked into Pet Supermarket to get Max some cat food and met this little girl:

10635901_10203173624444748_2641088124266372651_nShe was very scared and shy.  She wanted me to pet her, but wasn’t sure.  Then she looked at me and I think she suddenly she realized, I was a good one.  I bent down to her and she came up to my face and gave me the tiniest lick on my nose.  Tears welled in my eyes.  I knew this dog needed me.

Her name is Kiki.  She is about 2 1/2 years old.  She is a Terrier mix.  Looks like she is probably a Rat Terrier, with maybe some Chihuahua in there?  She is a little thing, she weighs about 13 lbs.  One of the first things you will notice about her is that she has a crooked front left leg.  This is part of her sad history.

Kiki has had a rough life so far.  We know she was in an abusive situation, that is where the broken leg came from.  It healed without being tended to.  I can’t imagine the pain she had to have been in.  She then ended up in a shelter where she was adopted by a lady who had 11 dogs.  She was a hoarder.  The dogs were not house trained.  They were not socialized or exercised.  Her neighbor had adopted a cat from the agency that ended up with Kiki, the Tasha, the founder of the agency, tried to talk the lady into letting her find homes for some of the animals but she wouldn’t let her.  The lady was subsequently evicted and that is when the Tasha got Kiki.  She had her for a month trying to get her socialized, at least partially house trained, and just calm before trying to find her a forever home.  Kiki has been with her for about 3 months and has really shown what a wonderful dog she is.

When we first met Kiki she would growl at Stuart sometimes.  Actually, she growled here and there at anyone.  Stuart said she growled at me a couple of times, but I never heard it. (the wonders of being deaf, huh?)  We talked to her Tasha and asked about fostering her for a little while before deciding about adoption, explaining that we weren’t sure if our big old cat would accept a dog in the family.  We did foster a dog for a little while once before and Max did not accept him at all.  However, he was a big dog, and a puppy.  We were hopeful that this situation would be different.  Kiki is smaller than Max, and she has lived with cats before so she is used to them.  Tasha understood and said she was willing to let us foster her for a few weeks before we adopted her.  We took an application with us to talk it over and get things started.

On Thursday of that week, right after I got my hip injection, Kiki arrived at our home.

Kiki’s arrives.

She was not too sure she really wanted to be here at first.   I felt so bad.  She was very attached to Tasha.  Kiki cried and cried when she left her with us.


After a few hours she got a bit more settled.  She did play some with me that night, and slept curled up beside me.  It became apparent she was going to bond with me, but it was going to be a little bit harder with Stuart.   So I had him give her treats, and spend more time with her and suddenly I came out to find….

Stuart getting kisses from Kiki!
Stuart getting kisses from Kiki!

They are best buddies now!  She is still wary of him when he has on his work clothes, but she warms up fast as soon as he puts on his every day clothes.  I guess she just doesn’t like a man dressed up!  She used to get very upset when she got crowed.  We live in a small place now, if two people pass in the hall, it is crowded.  Kiki would often growl and cower if we were suddenly over her, she has gotten used to it now.  She is adapting so fast, I’m so very proud of her.

IMG_20140914_185351IMG_20140914_185320In these two pictures you can see how her leg healed when it was broken.  We still have to take her to see a vet to see if she is in pain, or if this will affect her in her later in life, or if there is anything we should do about it?  We know we can’t afford to pay for her to have major reconstructive surgery at this time, but if she needs to have surgery, we can start to save for it now.  She does not act as if it hurts.  She runs and jumps without favoring it.  In the photo it looks as if she is favoring it, but when she walks she puts her weight on it.  It breaks my heart to know someone hurt her like that.  I can only promise her that I will try my best to make sure no one ever hurts her again.

We were asked if we would keep her name.  We thought about it….should we change it?  Truthfully, we wouldn’t have named her Kiki, but she likes it.  She listens to it.  We thought about changing it to Mini, it sounds close so I’m sure she would get used to it.  We thought it would be cute because we have a Max.  But she’s Kiki.  Stuart often calls her Kikster!  He has also called her Yoda because of her ears.  She does have Yoda ears.   A friend said she could have multiple names, Kiki Mini Yoda…now we keep playing around and singing her songs every night adding names on to her.  hahaha  However, she is Kiki.

We knew it was a good sign between Kiki and Max when they didn’t chase each other.  They were a little curious, but mainly stayed out of each others way.   Then on day 3 I was lying in bed reading and Kiki fell asleep on one side of me, and Max came up and went to sleep on the other side.  I was in a pet sandwich!  Wow!  I was amazed! Then yesterday I walked in the living room and saw this:

Max and Kiki

They had both taken my seat!  Most importantly though, I think they are pretty comfortable with each other!  Every once in a while they will chase each other.  I’m not sure if they are really chasing each other, or playing.  I think they are playing.   When they catch each other, they just stop.  It’s kind of funny.

We haven’t officially adopted Kiki yet.  However, we do plan to.  We just want to have her checked out by the vet first.  I can’t imagine what they could possibly say that would make us not adopt her.  We just feel it would be irresponsible for us to go into this adoption without knowing everything.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while know how much the loss of my dog Sandy left a huge open hole in my heart.  It has been about 2 1/2 years since she died.  We feel it is a good time for us to add a new member into our pack.  We think Kiki is a good fit.  I also feel Sandy has had a little paw in selecting her.  There have been a few little things that she does that are just so “Sandy”.  Suddenly I can talk about Sandy without crying.  I feel this sadness lifted.  She has not been replaced in any way, I feel she wanted me to help another dog the way I helped her.  I feel like I’m fulfilling a promise, and her memory is living on in this new little furry baby.


This has been a very joyful time and a very hard time for me.  People who are going to adopt a pet have many things to consider.  Chronically ill people have many more things to consider.   This is a huge responsibility.   I have been doing so much better recently I thought I could take care of Kiki mostly on my own.   I was writing stories of the future.  Just as worrying does no good because we can’t do anything about the future, expecting the future to be as the same as it is today is also fruitless.  Everything changes.  We have to remember, we can’t predict the future.  When things hit us from out of the blue, we have to make room for it and adjust.

I’ll explain in my next post.    …..teaser……my hip condition is complicated so, I suddenly have a dog and can’t walk her, at least not right now………


11 thoughts on “Our Family Grows

  1. Last December I adopted an older cat from a shelter, after losing my beloved cat Boots. I didn’t think I could love another cat, but he has wiggled into my heart and is my best buddy now. Be patient with Kiki, it took my new cat months to adjust. I’m so happy for you, I remember when you lost Sandy, I have a feeling Sandy had something to do with finding this little dog!


    1. Mo…so glad to hear you have a best buddy who has wiggled into your heart. Kiki has already wiggled into mine. She is our “little bit”. I have no doubt Sandy had something to do with picking her out. And I think Kiki picked us out. She didn’t take to many people. Very shy, and wouldn’t wag her tail much….but with us…it was different.
      It is only hard on me right now because I am physically unable to care for her the way I want.
      Will talk about it in my next post…I promise I’m starting it today! I take solace knowing, everything changes….oh but that means it could get worse! dang! LOL


  2. Wendy, this is the best news I’ve heard in a couple of months and I’m smiling ear to ear. You all know how I felt when Callie died, I was devastated and yes, I adopted Lexi very quickly (probably too quickly as my husband would say.) I never thought I could love a dog the way I loved Callie, it took a while for me to feel the same things because Lexi is our little devil or was when she was a puppy. But, oh, what a wonderful dog. I have enough room on my heart for many people and many pets. They each bring something to our lives not to replace the other but to give us what we need. I’m with Mo, Sandy definitely had something to do with this just as Mo’s new cat found her and adopted Mo!! More importantly, I love our original family, you have no idea how much. love, Laurie


    1. Laurie, I’m so glad it made you smile….and you already knew a little about it, I know you saw it on Facebook! lol. I do know how devastated you were when Callie died, I’m glad you and Lexi have been able to bond in such a special way!
      Kiki is a very special dog, and as I said to Mo, I have no doubt that Sandy had a hand in leading us to Kiki. And Kiki picked us out too. Tasha told us that Kiki never acted like that around someone so quickly. She was wagging her tail and just happy to be with us. I noticed she did not act that way around the other people who stopped to see her. It was love at first nose touch. *smile*
      She busted into my heart that very moment, and keeps getting in there deeper every day.
      No she will never take Sandy’s place, Sandy will always be most precious, but she can sit beside her, and start a new place in my heart.
      Also as I said to Mo, the only hard part is, I have a new dog and I can’t physically take care of her. Stuart is having to do so much again. I’m actually feeling good. I’m just in a huge amount of pain! I’m writing about it now….will probably not be able to finish until this weekend.
      I love our group too.
      BTW…if you need to talk about the migraines….I’m here. love xoxo wendy


  3. How absolutely wonderful for you, Stuart, Max and Kiki! Pet sandwiches are the best, aren’t they? Though. it looks like Max and Kiki have done some bonding of their own judging by the fact that they took your place on the couch.

    They have already started tag teaming against you. lol. You’re screwed, but in the best way.

    I know Kiki has found a loving home and family.

    Huts to everyone!


      1. ahhh, a hut on the beach. I’d be down with that too! I wonder if Kiki would like the beach. She’s not afraid of thunder…thank goodness…so maybe she wouldn’t be afraid of crashing waves! She is so energetic, in burst, and just bounces all over. literally…BOING! a little kangaroo. a black and white Roo. she has claimed the home as her own. Sometimes she doesn’t understand that Max doesn’t want to play. But sometimes Max does….he just gets annoyed fast. 🙂 then they get all snippy and go to each others respective corners and pout. “ok children behave” then they really pout. They are learning that when I say NO, they leave each other alone. but mostly, they are fine with each other. No biggie.
        I simply can’t believe she’s only been here a week and 3 days. It feels like she’s been ours for much longer. she is already a part of this family.
        We go to the vet on Tuesday. We’ll see what they say about that leg. I worry it will cause her trouble later in life. But right now, it doesn’t seem to bother her at all!
        pet sandwiches are the best!!


  4. Dear Kiki, Canine Dog,
    Your new humans are very lucky that you have adopted them. Be patient as humans are very stubborn and it takes awhile to train them. Start with training them to give you treats. It gives them a job and they need to feel needed. If you have any trouble with them let me know.

    Freddie Parker Westerfield

    P.S. I would like a cat for a pet too.


    1. Freddie Parker Westerfield

      Wow, this is the first time I have had a message written just to me…I’m so excited. I have only known these humans for a short while but they are so much fun! They have such good energy, the house is full of great smells, and the cat is funny. Oh and the treats, I didn’t even have to train them, they give them for so many things, especially every time I go outside to potty….are they amazing or what? So I take the man for walks…he needs to feel needed, as you say, and he gives me treats. I bring the lady toys and she plays with me…oh boy can she play! She likes to play sit, and stay too, she likes to feel needed…and the treats just flow.

      I don’t think you have to worry about any trouble coming my way as long as I have these humans looking over me. They have promised that part of my life is over. And I believe them. They are good, I can smell it. Good energy!!

      One more thing….I don’t think that big cat is my pet, but I hope he will be my friend. He is bigger than me! Usually he just ignores me, sometimes he gets grumpy when I want to play, but sometimes he tells me I remind him of an old friend he had, and that makes him happy. He is an old man, I’m glad I can make him happy.

      Thank you for writing to me!

      Kiki….otherwise known around here as…The Kikster!! my human man thinks that is so funny! I must let him have his amusement!


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