Being Honest

From a Meniere’s Warrior….She speaks here things I think….

Meniere's Warrior

The people who love us Meniereans tell us to be ourselves. “You can always be your true self around me.” “You don’t have to hide anything from me”. At first is seems very sweet and endearing and then suddenly it turns in to a load of crap. While our loved ones want us to be honest about how we are feeling – when you have had Meniere’s Disease for eight years – they are sick of hearing you bitch about it. We all may as well be honest. They perceive us as having a perpetual pity party and think, why the hell can’t you just accept it already? Consciously they read this and probably feel appalled or angry by what I am writing. Sure, consciously they want us to be mad when we are mad, be sad when we are sad, be happy when we are happy. The problem is…

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