Renovations are nearly complete, sorry for any inconvenience.

under-renovationAs you can tell if you are reading this from my blog, I have changed my look.

If you dropped by while I was trying out new things, I’m sorry for the confusion.

I will be updating my pages and little things over the next little bit, but I don’t think you will really notice.

If you missed the mess….what do you think about the look?  I’m still tweaking, but for the most part, the appearance is complete.

*BIG SMILE*   I accomplished something!!


6 thoughts on “Renovations are nearly complete, sorry for any inconvenience.

    1. Lisa,
      You are always welcome to come join my picnic!!! Remember to watch out for the ants…you never know when they might bite you in the butt. (perhaps I should invite an ant eater!)


  1. Love the look! Move over so we can all socialize for a picnic and make the most of life regardless of how the journey plays out. Support and education in numbers is the start of healthy living. I’ll be back. Thank you for stopping by to offer Madelyn support at She gives so much of herself and those words are so meaningful to her through these challenging and life altering circumstances. Her safety has been jeopardized and we all wish we could give her hugs and ease her pain but we can help her along this road. Thank you for writing your personal story on “Picnic with Ants” and helping others. Take care and stay safe. Edie


    1. Thank you Edie,
      What happened to Madelyn was horrific. I have come realize we often have a false sense of safety. I hope she can overcome this with as few scars as possible…on the inside more than the outside. Yes, come join my picnic…just watch out for the ants!


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