Round and Round I go…where or when I’ll stop nobody knows…

I feel like I haven’t been here in ages, and I probably haven’t.

I have to make this short, but wanted to give a little explanation as to why I’ve disappeared…when I have so much to say!  And give a tiny update.

On a Carousel at the NC State Fair
On a Carousel at the NC State Fair – I’m on the left, Jenn in on the right, and Stuart is in the mirror.  As you can tell, this photo was taken before I started having Meniere’s symptoms so often.  Taken Fall of 2005….I think.

I’m having a LOT of VERTIGO!  Luckily it’s not the severe- losing control of all bodily functions for hours -kind of vertigo.  It is much slower, and less horrific.  But it’s happening almost every day, often more than once a day.  I’m getting to the point where I’m terrified my worst fear may be realized… some point it won’t stop.

I am so happy I am handling it so much better than I used to.  I used to freak out even if it was a mini attack.  These attacks are more than a mini (one that happens for just a few minutes), but not a full blown severe attack.  Hard to explain, but I have a routine now that really helps.  When it starts, I take my meds, I get ice and put it on my chest or wrap it around so it hits my back and chest (I always get very hot and if I can cool down fast it helps).  {I keep these things close when I’m alone, when Stuart is home he helps, but I am always prepared.}Then I put something close I can focus on, usually a cup.  I hold it with my hand…and close one eye, that seems to help a lot….I tell myself….actually I think it is important to say this out loud if you can.., “This is not real, you know your hand is not really moving, so nothing is moving, This is not real…this is not real….”  I also try to control my breathing.  Normally, I start breathing short and fast, now I try to take deeper breaths and tell myself to calm…remember, it’s not real!  At times I chant, Stuart will chant with me…it’s very soothing, even when my body is telling me that nothing is as it should be.  I’m also very lucky that I now have Phenergan shots at home.  My otologist (for those who may not know, an ENT is an otolaryngologist – study of Ears, Nose, and Throat….my doctor just specializes in Ears…the oto- part.) couldn’t give me a prescription for injections, but my Migraine doctor can because she is a pain specialist.  The Phenergan shots help stop the vomiting, and that’s more than all right with me!!!  (I do need them when I have migraines too)  I do still get nauseous but I’m pretty sure that’s mostly because the acid in my tummy gets all churned up due to the stress.

OK…so that’s why I haven’t been around.

Now….why I might not be around…but I might….

My Cochlear Implant surgery for the right ear is next Wednesday, the 25th!  I’m not sure how recovery will go, we know that I can have the same surgery many times and each recovery is different.  I’m really hoping that this one is easy because I’ve developed an intolerance to narcotics.  So, no pain pills for me to come home with.  My husband has a call in to my migraine doc to see if there is any options.  I do have some meds from her for migraines but I don’t want to use those without her telling me exactly what to use and how often.

Depending on my recovery, I may be on here a lot, or I might not be able to be on here much at all.  Hopefully, I can post again before then.

My senior quote in high school: “By the time you figure out what makes the world go around, you’re too dizzy to care”   hmmmmm, prophetic?


6 thoughts on “Round and Round I go…where or when I’ll stop nobody knows…

  1. Hope all goes well, and the recovery period isn’t too hellish — maybe the migraine dr. can suggest something for the pain.
    The way you’ve dealing with your vertigo (mini)attacks sounds like you have a good plan; and one that works, even if Stuart isn’t home. I can’t imagine just how strange and scary the attacks must be.
    Breathing is very important. When I’m freaking out, I try and breathe in for 10, hold for 10 and breath out for 10. Supposed to put hand on diaphragm, but I just close my eyes and do the breathing sitting up or laying down. It’s remembering to do when I’m in a real state, and to do it at points during the day to help keep my panic better controlled.
    But hey this post is about you not me!
    Wishing you all the best on the 25th! That’s the day I go back to the neurologist’s office — saw him on Tuesday for the first time — to do a series of cognitive tests, and how the blood flows in neck and who knows what else. So, if you don’t feel my good thoughts at some point on the 25th, it’s because I’m being cognitively
    I’m having an head mri on Monday — mostly, I think, to see if there still really is a brain in there.


      1. Hope your strange side effects will right themselves.
        I’ll post on my neuro experience soon. It actually was fun with lovely coincidences that makes me feel like I cheated on the cognitive memory and brain function.
        So far, MRI is same as last year, Doppler and ultra sound — and I do mean sound showed no problems with blood flow or forecasting the weather. Have to hear back about the grade b movie brain wires; and the cognitive test that I know I passed because it was like my mother did orally so more questions for her. The keyboard made it easier to remember (more on that that the same test. Getting tired and still have a few emails and comments are due.
        Hope things get better soon — wishing you well and sending good thoughts.


  2. deb

    Hang in there Buddy!
    I’m quite impressed that you have mastered the “not freaking out thing”. I’m still not there. I am sad to say that most times I still hit the panic button even though I totally know it doesn’t help, just makes it worse!
    Sending hope and prayer your way!


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