A little update

I must apologize for being away so long  I feel like I’ve just been saying the same thing for so long.  I don’t feel good….blah, blah, blah.

Remember in my last post I mentioned having a sore throat?  Well I got Thrush, a yeast infection in your mouth and throat.  Thrush is often caused by a lowered immune system, and one often gets it when you have been on antibiotics and/or steroids a lot.  You may also remember that I mentioned…at least I believe I said it on here, that I wasn’t happy by how often I had been on both antibiotics and steroids since I’ve been in Tucson.  So…Thrush.  Not fun.  First it hurt a lot, was very raw and even looked like it was bleeding, then it turned white.  I had white spots all over my mouth, tongue and the back of my throat.  I decided to treat it more naturally instead of more medication.  I’m taking acidophiles, eating yogurt, and gargling with diluted hydrogen peroxide.  (this was the recommendation on the Mayo Clinic site).  It gets much better then it seems to get a bit worse again (however, it is much, much better than it was in the beginning), I finally put the connection between how my thrush behaved and how much I had to use my nebulizer….duh, it is a steroid too.  So now when I need to use the nebulizer I rinse my mouth well afterward, and gargle with the dilution of water and hydrogen peroxide.  I think this is going to work!!

My migraines have been much more present.  I’m also having much more vertigo.  I think most of it is Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV).  When one has vertigo with Meniere’s it is rotational.  Lately I’ve been having vertigo that goes in all kind of directions.  Yesterday it was going down….well it’s hard to explain…the room kept sliding down and then it was if it went behind me and would come back around and slide down again.  Oh I was so sick…but I didn’t throw up…yay.  I did have a lot of acid reflux and burping…and running to the bathroom, which is very hard when you can’t walk alone, and my walker doesn’t fit through the bathroom door.  (thank you Stuart, you are the best).  With everything that has been happening, all I want to do is sleep.  One day I slept 18 hours…it may have been more I’m not sure, I’d wake up when I had to go to the bathroom, and when I was hungry…and that was all.  Many days I’m sleeping at least 15 hours.  I sleep about 12 hours a night (but I do wake up a lot), and take at least 2 naps.  It’s crazy!  I’m just falling asleep all the time.

I got a call from the doctor with lab results from my urine….they sent it off to a more advanced lab to see about an infection.  It said I didn’t have an infection.  So why did it hurt so very bad?  And yesterday it started hurting, just a little, again.  The doctor suggested I go to a urologist if the pain continues or comes back….I really don’t want to do that in Tucson.  We’ll be leaving in less than 3 weeks.  I think it will wait until we get home.  I’m still passing urine just fine and they found nothing abnormal in it…it’s just painful.  Yep, it will wait until I can see my doctors.

I was able to go to my niece’s birthday party on Saturday.  I was so excited.  But it was soooo hard.  It was in a very noisy place, so I started having a sound headache almost immediately.  I couldn’t understand what was being said.  I don’t think my niece has ever  been told about my hearing loss, but when I told her I couldn’t hear well in there she would motion for me to do things she wanted.  For example, she wanted me to play one of the games, she gave me a token and pointed to where it went in, then pointed to the button I was to push for the game.  It made my heart swell that she was so understanding of my needs.  It also breaks my heart when I have to say goodbye to her, every time she will start to cry…but I told her that we were not leaving for long, I’d see her again soon.  I hope I can.  Her parents aren’t very accommodating.

Let me rewind a little bit…the day before the party Stuart and I went to the mall to get our niece a gift from the Disney Store (she loves the princesses).  We didn’t walk around much, but my hips and lower back were in so much pain before we left, it was horrible.  It’s really hard to walk much when you have bad hips…and I haven’t seen my massage therapist in a long time.  So it was hard for me to stand much at the party.  I was happy I was able to go and do a little with our niece, but sad because I couldn’t do as much as I would have liked.

Each night before i go to sleep I think of a post I want to write, then the next day I often just can’t.  My migraines are so severe lately that I can’t stand to get on the computer…I can’t stand any light.  And of course when I have vertigo, there is no looking at the words on a computer screen…or anywhere else for that matter.  I hope to get many of those posts written soon…..here’s a preview….

  • Photos I haven’t been able to post.
  • Chronic Illness and Personal Hygiene
  • More about my other chronic illnesses…..

see you soon!


8 thoughts on “A little update

  1. Wendy,
    It’s hard dealing with chronic illness, and it doesn’t make it any easier while visiting. Is Stuart able to enjoy his family? Just want you to know I am thinking of you and your family. I do understand your vertigo, even though I don’t have the same hearing loss.

    Begin making a list of all the appointments you need to take care of immediately upon your return home so you can get your life back on track. I’m sure you are looking forward to that moment! I’m happy you enjoyed a short time with your niece at her party. Children are resilient and accept you for who you are! Good for her! I’m sure you will miss her.

    Take care and stay safe,


    1. Edith, I already have appointments set up for my docs when I get home! The first one is on April 1st! There are a lot of things I do like about being here. Stuart is happy with his friends. He’s having some come over tonight for games. I’m not participating, I had vertigo again today….but I don’t like the games they play anyway. : )

      Stuart has visited some with his family, but I think seeing his friends has been more important, he talks with his father often.

      I really want to see some people, but the way I’ve been, it’s hard. And I seem to make some people uncomfortable, especially because I can’t drive, or talk on the phone. Oh well.

      If my doctors were here, and all our things…well my bed really…and my kitchen stuff, I’d be happy. I really dread the trip home.

      thank you always for the advice. I must say, my hubby takes care of me so well, he’s the one who makes appointments since I don’t talk on the phone. He amazes me. Just today I walked in the bathroom and there were new batteries for my hearing aid, and new mouth wash….I hadn’t even told him I was low on these things. What a guy!

      thanks again. wendy


  2. Wendy, I do believe there’s an over the counter medicine that you can buy at a big drugstore to take that relieves the symptoms for your uti, if that’s what it is. It will just make you feel better on your trip home and you can try it first while u are still there. I hope you feel better once you are home, I know when I don’t feel well, I just want to be in my own bed. Best of luck, Laurie


    1. Laurie, I do have some of the little pills that make your pee orange or red…I can’t remember what they are called, but they help some with the pain. And I have a prescription from my GYN for over active bladder…it helps, but I’m thinking this has gotten worse and I need a better medication for it. And I know I have a kidney stone on the right side…the painful side…I keep wondering if it has anything to do with this….but you know how it is…I have this thing wrong with me, I wonder why? and come up with a dozen things. And it ends up being none of them. : )

      Thank you for checking on me. I’m trying to read posts, but mainly do it from my email, when I can….I’m trying to keep up with everyone, even if they don’t know it. w


  3. Wendy,
    NO apology ever necessary. You can only do what you can do. I don’t think I would be able to begin to do what your manage to accomplish if I had all the health issues you have.
    It’s a blessing you are able to sleep.
    with love,


    1. Judy/Judith, Thank you. I am trying to keep up with others blogs even if I just can’t post. If I take the time to post that lessens how many people I can find out about. I’m sure that made sense to you.

      I see you’ve been busy. A little poodle…how sweet. BTW, they often do very well with a harness, and they are easier to control that way. We had poodles in our family when I was growing up. Poodles, Chihuahuas, and Mutts….I’m sure you can figure out which type were mine. : )

      i was doing pretty well at doing more, but there is some allergen kicking in again (and I’m on 2 antihistamines and Flonase!) These allergies are kicking my butt! I do plan to see an allergist when I get home.

      hugs wendy


  4. Sorry to hear that you’re having more rather than less issues. And, I admire your strength through all of this. Despite all your health issues, you still got a gift and went to your niece’s B’day party. You made it special for her, and I hope you can take away some good memories to hold on to, and to comfort you should times that are tough get tougher.
    Take good care of yourself, and of course, thinking of you and sending good and healing thoughts your way.


    1. thank you Phylor, the birthday party was a gift…even if it was torture since it was at one of those game pizza places. I just knew I’d get sick just breathing the air with all that wheat, and the noise…OMG! But Rachel was delightful, and to see Stuart play with her was so special. (he says he’s not good with children…yeah right. thanks again. I’ve had a rough week this week. I think something here is coming alive and I’m allergic to it. Migraines and spinning…ugh! hope things are good with you! w


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