We are finally getting on the road to Arizona.  We leave for Tucson tomorrow…so no we aren’t gone yet.

and neither is that stupid cold.  I’m sure the virus is gone, but some of the symptoms are still here.  Mostly a cough.  Oh how I hope it’s gone before we get to Tucson, the last time I was there I had a cough from a bad cold, people thought I was dying….or very contagious.  I don’t want hubby’s family to think I have a chronic cough…for years!

So what is Gone?  My hair.  Yes, I had 14 inches cut off yesterday.  You read right, 14 inches!  Stuart took pictures, and I promise I will post them, as soon as I can get them off his phone.  We are just so busy trying to finally get out of this house and on the road, that’s on the back burner right now.  (my hair is now just above my shoulders…or right on them)  I look like a different person!

I know I’ve been missing in action for a bit.  I’m sorry.  When I’m feeling icky, I don’t really like to be on the computer.  I was feeling overwhelmed every time I looked at my email.

Today I just wanted to touch base with my lovely friends….and anyone who happens to drop by for a read.  I’ll give you the update from the doc and audiologist on my Cochlear Implant soon.

This overwhelms me too.  so much I want to share, but what to tell first?  I don’t want you to have this long post to sort through, but do I tell you what has happened most recently, or what happened before that I still haven’t shared.

I guess it will just come as it comes.  If I could just get back on track with posting I wouldn’t have this problem.

sending a wish for a happy day to all


10 thoughts on “Going…Going…Gone!

  1. deb

    Safe travel my friend! Thinking of you and your family. I will pray that you are well and that your time in Arizona is blessed with continued healing!
    Deb 🙂


  2. Have a safe trip and post when you’re settled.

    And that cough does linger and linger… Like you, I got rid of the virus, the chest congestion eased up but it wouldn’t go away. I got tired of taking cough syrup but kept using my puffer and found, at that point, that it helped me more. The cough does go away. Really.

    Happy trails.


  3. They used to send folks to dry climates for chest/respitatory issues, so I hope the drier air helps with your cold.
    Good luck with the move and settling in. I imagine there is a good deal of work to be done on both ends.
    Safe home.


  4. I’m late reading this because I’ve been sick with the cold/cough/sore throat thing for two weeks and am just now starting to see the days get better instead of worse. I feel for you and hope your cough went away. From what everybody has been telling me…that might not be the case for weeks. Awk!! 😦 Have a wonderful time, regardless.


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