Wish You Were Here!

The trip to Tucson, AZ was a bit rough, but not bad.  The recovery after we got here was much harder.  We arrived late afternoon on Friday, and today is the first day I feel like I don’t need to sleep every moment.

Today is a beautiful day!  Right now it’s in the 70’sF and the high today should be in the mid 80’sF.  At home, Durham , NC, it is in the 50’s all week.  This is the reason I wanted to come to Tucson….oh the weather!  We had a cold front here for a couple of days right after we got here…..I laughed, Stuart was worried about me and the “cold front”, it was in the upper 60’s during the day.  It did get in the 30’s late at night, but I wasn’t out during those hours.

The second day we were here I walked outside to get some fresh air, I saw the prettiest bird!  It was the reddest red I’ve ever seen!  I looked it up and it’s the Vermillion Flycatcher.

Vermilion Flycatcher – photo from http://www.focusonnature.com

That’s one red bird, isn’t it?  I was lucky to see it, normally it has migrated by now.   Right after seeing this lovely bird I saw a hummingbird, actually, he saw me first and was quite interested.  He buzzed by my head, then came back and hovered about a foot or so from me and just looked at me.  It was a brilliant iridescent green.  What a lucky day!

Today I have been sitting outside enjoying the sun.  I know it won’t be this nice all winter, but there is much less barometric pressure change here than there is at home.

I have much more that I planned to say, but I have had a bit of trouble with my email.  I just found out that one of my email addresses that I have imported to my main email address, so I can read everything from one place, wasn’t being forwarded.  This email address is a pretty important one to me, and it appears it hasn’t  been forwarded for months.  I wondered why I wasn’t hearing from some people.  Now I have about 1500 emails to go through.  I’m sure I’ll get tired and start deleting many without even thinking about it….so if you have written me on my “name” email, please forgive me for not getting back to you, and try again.

One more thing about email…well commenting on posts actually…On our ride out here I read some of your posts and commented on them, I don’t think they posted.  I’m not sure I will be able to go back and comment on everyone’s posts.  I’m sorry.  Please know I was thinking of you on our way across the country.  (FYI…I-40 is a boring route)  I read many posts, and even tried to keep in touch.
Some have asked about how Max did on the trip.  He was very good.  I was afraid he wouldn’t settle down since Sandy wasn’t with us, but he did.  The only time it was evident that Sandy was a real help with him, was when we’d try to leave the motel in the mornings.  Max would hide!  When Sandy was with us, Max didn’t want to be left without his dog, so when Sandy was ready to leave, so was Max.  But for the actual ride in the car, Max was great.  He meowed quite a bit the first day, but he settled in and slept most of the time.  Oh the life of a spoiled cat.  (he got tuna every day to coax him out of the motel, I’m surprised he hasn’t been pestering us for tuna since we arrived!)

So I to all I hope to be posting more and more about our trip and how it is affecting my illnesses.  (I should say that on the drive here we mostly ate out….way too much sodium!  So for the past few days my tinnitus has been louder than ever, and I’ve been very off-balance.  I’ve been drinking lot’s of water and really watching my sodium intake, so today I’m feeling much better, but still not hearing as well as I was.)



2 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here!

  1. Wendy, It’s good to know you have arrived safely. I think sometimes we expect everything will be better because we are on vacation. Don’t be hard on yourself. it takes time to recover from the long travels to your destination. As you settle in and regroup, enjoy the sunshine … and take good care of yourself. Take care and stay safe, Edie


  2. What an incredible bird — hope it’s a good omen of your trips to and from, and your stay in Tuscon.
    Glad to read you made it safe and sound — even if a little salty!


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