I can’t believe it’s been so long…..

There is so much to tell, where do I start?

I think I’ll just make a list of things that have been going on, then I’ll expand on them later….with some pictures.

First, the day after I wrote my last post be got a Foster Puppy.  (that’s why I promised the next post would be happier.)  For 2 weeks, we have the love of a 5 month old lab/Shepherd mix…this is a big puppy.  But he was adorable, and we loved spending the time with him, fortunately Max (our cat) did not share our enthusiasm.   I’ll write more about that later.

Then I had a migraine that lasted for 5 days without letting up, my meds would take the edge off a little, but not much.  I spent those 5 days in our bedroom with blankets on the windows, and the doors closed.  Most of the time I also had my hearing devices off.  The light and sound was so unbearable.   I really hate have hormone headaches.  And this month was horrible.  The cramps, the ….well you know what happens during that time of the month, but I will say, this was one of the heaviest periods I’ve ever had.  I’ve heard that some women right before they start menopause they have worse periods.  But I really don’t know about that.  I need to look up much more about menopause.

Hearing with my CI is getting better.  Stuart and I went to a restaurant that I can never hear in, and I heard the waitress, I ordered for myself!  I carried on a conversation!  This are still a bit distorted, but I’m beginning to tell male voices from female.  Some things sound as they should.   More on this later.

Tonight my hubby made homemade chicken soup for me, can you guess why?  That’s right, I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a cold.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve sneezed so much, and where does all this stuff that’s coming out of my nose come from?  Ick!  (btw, that’s not a serious question)

I probably have more to tell, but my head is hurting too much now.  And I should try to get some rest….and some tea…oh yes, some tea will make it better.

The chicken soup was AWESOME!  if you’d like the recipe you can find it here: http://wendycooks.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/the-best-chicken-soup-ive-ever-eaten/
Stuart did change one thing.  We just made a huge pot of Chicken Stock, much richer than the broth the recipe makes, so he used that for the liquid.   Sure is funny how chicken soup can make a cold sufferer feel so much better.




5 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s been so long…..

  1. Lisa

    Chicken soup…mmm…got my chicken defrosting with that same plan in place…thanks Stuart for taking such sweet care of you ❤ I am glad you were able to come through the other end of the awful headache to saw "hello." You inspire me so much.


    1. Thank you my dear Lisa, I’m sorry we couldn’t get together this week. I hope your chicken soup isn’t because anyone is sick. Stuart always takes good care of me. I wish I could give him a pampered day. Or just a day off and where he doesn’t have to do so much. The headache is still hanging on, but I think it’s mostly the cold now. I’m getting by with just Tylenol. So funny, I hardly ever go out of the house, on Saturday I felt pretty good and was going housebound crazy, so Stuart and I went to the mall (that smaller one near us, Northgate). I actually got a few things…part of my anniversary present. But I swear that trip to the mall is where I caught this dang cold. Think I need to start taking Vitamin C again. Hope to see you soon! love and hugs wendy


  2. I’ve got everyone I follow blogs on weekly digest so I don’t get overwhelmed with daily emails. I somehow missed receiving notice of your weekly posting. Sorry!
    The puppy adventure sounds good. Fostering dogs is a great way to have one in your life til you’re ready to perhaps give one a permanent home.
    Great that you had a good experience in the restaurant! Sounds like the implant is making a difference — especially if you needed to take it out when you had a migraine — not good about the migraine, but that it’s improved your hearing to the point that the noise sensitivity from migraines was an issue.
    As for the cold. Yuk! The mall is full of germs, I’m sure. Hubby swears by rose hip tea laced with honey — don’t know with your fructose issue if you can handle honey. Rose hip tea can be hard to find. Often mixed with other things. We used to get one from Germany when we lived in Canada. There are lots of roses on the property — I should try drying some.
    Hope that puppies and soup make you feel better body and soul! Take good care!


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