Ask me about it!

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I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers LinLori.

I know many of you probably have questions for me, about my Cochlear Implant, any of my health issues…..ranging from Bipolar I to Chronic Pelvic Pain….and the newest diagnosis I haven’t even mentioned here yet….Vulvar Vestibulitis.  You may want to ask how I deal with certain things (like grieving for Sandy), or about my relationship with my husband.  You may even want to ask about my food issues.  Or what my favorite things are….whatever….I’m here to answer your questions.  If I possibly can.

Ask anything.

You all know I’m an open book…I don’t mind telling the details…so if you want to know something, now is the time to ask!

Come on ask….you know you want to know.


9 thoughts on “Ask me about it!

  1. Hey there — great image — got to check out your fav blogger for sure. For some reason, I didn’t get notification of your posting. According to your side bar I’m following — oh well.
    My question — how is the learning to use the implant going? I’d actually like to give you a phone call some day to say thanks for everything — promise that’s all since I tend to go on so but I don’t want to sound like Homer Simpson or Elmer Fudd (I’m more like Maggie Simpson in real life, lol)
    Take good care — hope you’re doing okay!


    1. The auditory therapy is going slow! I think it will be a while before I will be able to understand the phone. I can understand a person if we are the only 2 in a quiet room….yeah, perfect conditions! Other than that…it’s driving me crazy! We have a roommate right now, and I haven’t heard more than a handful of words she has said. I can tell things are slowly changing….I’m hoping it will happen faster. would love to chat on the phone. Right now, You’d sound more like Minnie Mouse on speed. It’s pretty freaky.

      oh….and I said One of my Favorite bloggers….not my only favorite. I love too many of you!

      LinLori also has Meniere’s and she’s ex active duty military, her husband is in the military, and she has 2 little ones. And her family is very pretty. If she didn’t have Meniere’s I think I’d be jealous…her yoga moves just kill me! I miss yoga, but my internal gyroscope, simply will not allow me to get in MANY positions. (yeah, it makes the bedroom less active too. Hahaha)

      any thing else??


  2. Fizzy

    Apart from having loads to catch up on your blog, i want to know if it would be possible for us to talk on skype someday 😉 love ya x


    1. catch up!! Write me if you want. Yes it’s possible about Skype, but right now I’m still not hearing well enough. We you might need a white board to talk to me, if I can’t read your lips. : ) I’d have to get together with the hubby to see about getting our Skype account back up. missing you my lady! xoxoxo w


    1. Dearest Judy, I knew you would ask about that. Yes to a lesser degree than before. But I’m working on doing more. I need to once again make it more of a priority….something every day, even if it’s a little part of something bigger, or a tiny sketch. But the past few months have taken so much of my energy to get through so much, and now to re-learn how to hear…with the increasing migraines and migraine associated vertigo, it’s been difficult. However, I do have Photoshop again now….the new version. Yay, thank you hubby for the best birthday present ever! So I’m hoping to do more even when all I feel like doing is lying in the bed.

      Thank you for all the encouragement! w


  3. auryn29a

    What does it sound like? By that I mean, how does it fit in with the menagerie of sounds in your head? Has that menagerie changed?

    Also, when are you accepting company?


    1. Vincent… It sounds strange still, but not everyone sounds the same now. I can tell it’s a different person talking, but not their voice. I’m good talking one on one with some, when they talk slow. Well some people, there are still some frequencies that are hard.

      I’m accepting company, if you can deal with me not hearing much. I get confused a lot. I cannot understand if two people are talking to me. Even one at a time, I have to know there will be a break and the next person will talk. A lot of the time I just smile.

      I was just saying to Stuart how much we miss you…and how much I have to tell you. I have a doctor’s apt soon, so I’ll catch up with you very soon! love you my friend.


  4. visited linlori’s blog — fantastic stuff — just can’t handle all the information to take in right now. Hope that the adjustment period settles down to a manageable, and dealable rhythme!
    Take good care !


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