Photo Op! Cochlear Implant

Getting Prepped for Surgery. (photo by Stuart Holcombe)
My Surgeon’s Signature. Marking which ear they will be operating on. (photo by Stuart Holcombe)
I’m a FALL RISK! When you have Meniere’s as a diagnosis, you are pretty much so labeled a FALL RISK. Funny, I don’t really see where they do anything different. I did get an escort to the bathroom, but if I had fallen, she wouldn’t have been able to hold me up! I think I’ll keep the bracelet and just keep putting it on when I go to Duke, no sense in wasting them. : ) (photo by Stuart Holcombe)
At home, tucked in my bed with Monkey after surgery. Sorry photo is a bit dark, but I didn’t have time to adjust it.
photo by, Stuart Holcombe
Taken 7/23/2012 – The oily part and yellow part is the stuff they put on the protect the wound until it has healed enough….I get to wash my hair on Thursday. I do not have any stitches to take out, all will dissolve. (photo by Stuart Holcombe)
Another view of incision. It was hard to get my hair in this position to show how much was shaved. It is very easily covered up.
photo by Stuart Holcombe

9 thoughts on “Photo Op! Cochlear Implant

  1. Fascinating! Someday they will figure out to put a zipper in instead of sewing it up so you can always have the latest invention.
    Besides the bracelet you should keep the orange cap — it is bound to come back in style. You look kinda cute in that jaunty-berret !


    1. Judy, Oh but they change the hat to blue when you go back to surgery. That means everything has been checked and done, you are ready. Then it was gone when I woke up. The computer they put in my head is able to be updated with the latest developments. It’s really quite cool. You just go in, and they put this thing up to your head and voila, you are updated. At some point it probably gets to the point you can’t do that, but they don’t expect it for a very long time.

      and the processors can be updated with the latest and greatest…yes it cost, but if you already have one you get a big discount.

      I am getting excited to show off my new accessories. : )


    2. Phylor, You must have someone else take a photo! I can only imagine all your appendages doing yoga for me!

      Sorry I waited too long and didn’t get the octopus hickies. It was quite funny. I just looked like I had sucker marks all over my upper body.

      Monkey has been around for a few years now. A friend wanted to go to Build a Bear, I built a Monkey….his real name on his “birth certificate” is Monkey, Monkey, Monkey!. He has a hat, but you should wear a hat in bed. He didn’t see any clothes he liked. So he’s my Naked Monkey! I’ll have to tell you more about that some day. *snicker*



  2. Your monkey will keep you safe and sound while you heal. (Not that Stuart doesn’t, lol). I have to admit that I have some animals I sleep with. Right now the companions are a prairie dog and a small “house” hippo (long story on the house hippo part)
    I agree, a zipper would make things much easier!
    Take good care, and thanks for the photo story. It makes it easier for me to visualize the proceedure. Waiting for the 31st with all my appendages crossed (don’t I look funny — I’d take a pix, but my hands are all crossed up.)


    1. Thanks Deb. I admit, in the first photo, I look huge! But mostly it’s the gown! Not that I’m skinny, but I have lost some, I’m not that big, I swear. hahaha Frankly right now, I’m not caring that much.

      It was so hard to brush my hair straight up and fasten it so I could get that photo. Any other way, and you can’t see the shaved area.

      I’m looking forward to Tuesday…woot, one week from today! I’ll take lot’s of photos who you can see all my pretty colors. : ) I know I may not be able to hear in the beginning. I’m prepared for that. I’d like at least a few beeps….but you know I’m hoping that I can make out some words and sounds.! crossing fingers!


  3. You look so happy! Can hardly wait till they turn it on. Looks like it is healing well. You’re lucky you have all that hair to cover it up and not babyfine, see-thru hair like mine–LOL! 😉 Exciting!


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