Surgery went “Perfect”

Sorry I haven’t posted, and unfortunately this post won’t have photos, I promise they will be coming soon.

My surgeon told Stuart that my surgery went “perfect”.  Yay!

Of course, I’m a weird patient….I had a reaction to the antibiotic.  Not a severe reaction, but I looked like a clown.  I had very red cheeks.  Nothing serious, and it faded the next day, I didn’t even have to change my antibiotic, but we had to keep a watch out for a little while.

I also had a reaction to the adhesive they used to attach the heart monitor to me.  I looked like I had huge hickies from an octopus hugging me.  But again, nothing serious.

The pain isn’t bad.  But it is there.  Yesterday was worse, probably because I hate taking pain medication and was tired for feeling drunk.   I am swollen, but I think it’s better than it was yesterday.  I’m very tired, and I’m having some killer migraines.  That’s why I haven’t posted before now.  The migraines made it way too uncomfortable for me to look at the computer.

So….everything is fine!  I’m doing well!

My Cochlear Implant will be activated on the 31st.

I’ll get photos up as soon as I get them off of my phone!  They look much like the photos from the endolymphatic sac surgery…same smiley cup and everything.  Wait until you see how much hair is gone!  (really, not much at all, you can barely tell!)

off to sleep some more.

Thank you all for so many get well wishes.


11 thoughts on “Surgery went “Perfect”

  1. That’s great news! Hope those killer migraines go away soon.
    I react to adhesives too (didn’t use to — new formlation?), including on a pain patch I was trying — I had square rashes, not octapi hickies! Not sure I even remember what a hickie (wonder why it’s called that? Old English?) looks like, lol. Your pix will refresh my memory.


  2. bipolarmuse

    So happy to hear that it went well! And that you are feeling decent. My thoughts are with you often even when I am a bit silent here in blog land.
    Hugs to you!


    1. Edie, Things are going well, was turned on July 31st. I’m trying to get a post together about it, but I’m so overwhelmed with getting used to the CI, it’s hard to keep my train of thought. I promise to get it up soon! But I’m doing very well. Don’t know what I expected when they turned it on…but not this exactly…it’s odd right now. My brain has to retrain itself to understand hearing this way. I am understand words, but if more than one person is talking I’m confused. I’ll get there. one day at a time. more to come! wendy


      1. Wendy, Thanks for responding. I apologize for not keeping up with things lately and certainly you understand. You need to just take care of yourself right now. Your brain has a lot to process. Don’t overwhelm yourself any further. I loved the pictures on your post. Your husband is also a terrific photographer. It may take you some time to get use to a very different way of hearing. Sometimes you don’t know how much you lost, until you get it back! Just want you to know I am thinking of you. Edie


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