Pet Peeves

What annoys you??
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We all have them…those little things that really annoy us.  I’ve noticed lately that I have more pet peeves than I realized.

I really annoys me when:

  • I write a whole post then I hit “Save” or “Publish” or “Preview”, and suddenly I’m told my login expired and I need to login again….of course, at least half of my post disappeared!  Yes this just happened, and I don’t have the brain power to do it again right now.  Ugh!  I how annoying!
  • I go to a party with many people in attendance, and the only towels in the bathroom are those little finger-tip towels.  Ick!  They are dripping wet within half an hour!  Why do people do that?
  • I go to a party and they have the rooms decorated for the party, but the bathroom is dirty.  again…Ick!  Of course, they also have no towel at all in the bathroom!
  • I email a company and don’t get a reply, or I email a company and explain I’m emailing because I’m hearing impaired and can’t talk on the phone, then they email me back that I need to call.  That’s just rude.
  • Insurance companies give you the run around….for weeks and weeks.
  • I am asked at the doctors before a procedure if there is any way I could be pregnant and I answer “no”, but they make me take a pregnancy test anyway…Why Ask?  Just tell me to pee in a cup!
  • people won’t admit to something they did wrong.  (for example, we had new carpet installed last weekend, in our bedroom there are two gouges in the wall.  It was covered by a paint that does not match our paint, it’s close, but it doesn’t match.  They didn’t even fill in the holes, just painted over them.  Now they say they didn’t do it, they said don’t have paint.  I KNOW it wasn’t there before, it’s right by the door, I see it every time I walk out of the room!)  Why do people not take pride in their work?  Or show respect to other people….and that brings me to another pet peeve….
  • people are rude!  So many people are rude and do not respect others, or their environment.  Think about the car that cuts you off and speeds away, only to get stopped at the same stop light you do.  The person who throws trash out on the road, or in a parking lot.  The person who leaves a grocery cart in a parking place.  People who are rude to those who provide customer service to them….like waitresses, cashiers…ect.   And on that note….
  • people do not get off the phone when they are checking out of a store, or at the bank…ect.  How rude is that?
  • people who talk on the phone, or text when driving.  Texting is simply stupid….what on earth are they thinking?  But…how many times have you been aggravated by how someone is driving, only to look over and see they are on the phone?  It’s illegal in our state, but people do it constantly.  (and I’m not talking about hands free)
  • I have to wait way past my appointment time…anywhere.  Why is my time considered less valuable than the person I’ve come to see?   And I really hate it when they are very late, and don’t apologize, or thank me for waiting…ect.
  • people who are very educated use bad grammar.  There’s a difference between someone who doesn’t know any better, and those who just don’t care.  (there is one person I know who should know better, but she always says “weren’t” when she should say “wasn’t”…it makes my skin crawl.)
  • people who write everywhere as if they were texting!  I have a friend on Facebook who writes her status updates like that…it drives me crazy, and I will admit I often do not understand what she is saying.
  • Things I’m looking forward to are delayed over and over.  (I got a call from my surgeon’s office today telling me we have to reschedule my surgery from July 11th to the 19th or after!  We just set up the surgery yesterday, now another delay.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’m meant to get this cochlear implant.  One delay after another.  This should have happened 3-4 weeks ago.  I’m so depressed about all of this.  It has been a constant stressor for almost 2 months!)  Yes! I am annoyed!  Heck, I’m downright pissed!

See what I mean? I have a much larger list of pet peeves than I ever thought I would.  Things used to not get to me so much.  But please note, I don’t hate the people who do these things, I simply hate some of the things they do.

I must practice showing understanding, and compassion….but I’m sure some of these things will always annoy me.

What is your Pet Peeves?  Are some of yours the same as mine?


11 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. I am so, so sorry to hear about the constant delays in your surgery! That’s got to be endlessly frustrating on top of making you feel depressed!

    The cell phone talking/texting/anything while driving *really* gets me. Where we are here in VA, the roads are *crowded* as all get out. There’s not enough roads for all the cars to begin with, traffic backs up, and then you’re cut off by someone on their cell phone and they almost cause an accident! Ugh, I could go on.

    I hate when people say “I seen this the other day.” NO! You did not “seen” it. You SAW it.

    And I hate when I drive through traffic to get to an appointment, only to find that I’ve mixed up times and was there for no reason whatsoever, because I missed the appointment already.


    1. mo

      I absolutely go crazy when people use bad grammer! I hate when people say “will you borrow me that pencil” it’s “lend me the pencil” knuckehead.

      I am so sorry your surgery has been delayed…very discouraging.



  2. Ha ha ! I was only discussing this with husband the last two days 🙂 I LOATHE the bad spelling thing , I honestly don’t understand why you would feel the need to purposely spell something incorrectly ? My worst one, the one that makes me want to be sick whenever I see it is ‘plz’ instead of please lol! J wrote me a text the other day that said ‘Bugga’ instead of ‘ bugger’ so I wrote back and told him to text back when he was over 15 years old :- P.
    I don’t mind if someone is on their phone ( I mostly use my phone now and it types all sorts of crazy words, but to do it deliberately , I don’t get it at all!
    Okay rant over haha!
    P.S. I delete people on Facebook when they write like that ‘ gr8 day with my girlz’ hehe


      1. You know I don’t know what you said! haha I don’t know larf, or lt? See, I’m text illiterate! Yet texting is my major form of communication. haha w


        1. The Quiet Borderline (back in hospital)

          Hehe. AKA, you made me laugh (larf!) laugh out loud (LOL) roll on the floor laughing (ROTFL) xx


  3. (WARNING: what follows is a rant!! A surprise coming from me isn’t it? (lol)
    I dislike it when you’re trying to or have hired someone to do something for you for money, and they act like they are doing you the favo(u)r by even taking your phone call. I had a lot of that trying to get my mother’s house ready for the real estate market, repairs before/during/after the sale. I was stressed anyway, I didn’t need the additional stress of that kind of attitude. And, my mother lived in an area with traditionally high unemployment!
    That, and automated customer service; it would be better if they prompts like, push 1 if you’re angry, push 2 if you’ve very angry, and push 3 if you are f****** angry!
    The runaround around the health insurance and medical profession can give you is atricious (spelling) — with no apologies! It’s like the CEOs who get paid millions of dollars in salary, who, if they screw up royally get an extra large bonus, but if a regular employee makes a mistake a million times less detrimental to the company (and the country’s economy), are fired without ceremony and a huge severage package — just escorted out the door by security!
    Oops — I’m slipping into a rant! So, to stop the slide — hope folks get their acts together, and you can have the implant very soon! Good luck! Fingers and other appendages crossed, that it everything goes smoothly and as you would like it to!
    PS: Since I don’t text (my phone does, but I haven’t figured it out yet), I’m never sure what anyone is saying! Except that lol means laugh(ing) out loud, at least I hope it does — that’s how I use lol — how embrassing if it means something quite different — say leaping off ledges?


  4. I think when big things irritate (like changing the surgery on you) then more of the little things will irritate you because you’re already irritated, you know? They just add to it.

    To be honest, I think I’ve given up my expectations…about customer service, understandable customer service reps, honest politicians, non-corrupt businesses, people being polite in general, etc. It’s more like I look now for the ones who are “different”–polite, old school, kind, thoughtful. And they are still out there. It’s just that they have become the small minority. So sad.


  5. i still get angry every time I see a driver talking on his/her cell phone. IT’s DANGEROUS. also people talking on their cell phones loudly in restaurants or on line. I admit, they are a convenience but I only use my phone to know if my children are safe, if my husband is on the right train, etc. Thought has been replaced by expedience: I still send birthday cards the old fashioned way, but most people just text HB. It’s a shame. Your pet peeves were inspiring!!


  6. The Quiet Borderline (back in hospital)

    Oh, I hear you. Maybe I’ll do a post of my pet peeves!

    Sorry those things annoy you.

    Wishing you well 😉


  7. Well…

    1) I just got off the phone explaining the same thing for the fifth time in four days to the same group of people. One of those people, I talked to three times in three days. Another person made a list Thursday. A list that everyone could refer to and make some decisions. But, no one can be bothered to look at the list. 😛

    2) Someone else just took some measurements in regards to something needed on the aforementioned list. He has the phone number of the guy who will be picking up the materials. He looks at me and says “You call him”. Because, when you have all the information rattling around in your head, it’s just too much effort to pick up the phone yourself, talk to someone for a couple of minutes and make sure all the information is correct the first time. It’s easier to be lazy and pass off the work to someone else.

    (Oh, did I read this post at the wrong time.)

    3) FORGETTING WHAT I WANTED TO SAY!!!!!!! That’s happening more often.

    4) I remembered, WordPress has logged me out in the middle of a post, too. WTH! Logging us out when we are using the site?

    5) People wanting us to be very forgiving when they have brain farts but do not want to return the kindness when we have brain farts. Or any other kind of oopsie we may do.

    OK, I’m going to put some relaxing music on and breathe.


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