Wonky, Sloshy Head

Image from deviantArt. “loose” by pehdtsckjmba

If you have Meniere’s, I know you know what this title means.  For the past few days, (actually I think it’s only been two, but it feels like a week!), I’ve had the wonky, slosh head feeling.  I dare not move my head too fast or I’ll fall down, really, I did this yesterday!  I haven’t felt like this in a few months, I wonder what has started it now?

Could it be….

  1. Hormonal Changes?  It’s that week, but it hasn’t started yet.
  2. Missing one of my meds for a day and a half?  (that’s 3 doses)  This is what Stuart thinks it is, but I’m wondering if part of that isn’t just him feeling guilty because he forgot to go and pick it up.   (it was Buspar for anxiety and panic attacks – these started in January, I haven’t felt more anxious the past couple of days, just wonky!)
  3. The weather?  We have had some big weather changes almost every day.  We’ll have beautiful clear skies, with a lot of heat…and then we’ll have a lot of rain all of a sudden!  But this has been happening for weeks, so why bother me now?  (it has been increasing my headaches, but I haven’t noticed the disequilibrium before.)
  4. It’s just that time?  We all know Meniere’s is NOT predictable.  So maybe this is just the monster saying hello.

I’m still so grateful that I haven’t felt like this in a while, actually I’m not sure the last time.  Not much since the surgery in December.  I have to say, I’m thrilled with the results of that surgery.  I have only had one mini vertigo attack caused by Meniere’s since my recovery.  Yay!  The Endolymphatic Sac Surgery was a big success for me.

(I’m still waiting on our insurance company to send the right type of letter to Duke, so I can get my Cochlear Implant surgery scheduled.  They have been so evasive about this, how hard is it to say that this is covered under our plan as of this date with an in-network doctor.  As long as our plan doesn’t change everything should be the same.  NO, they send a letter saying they can’t give a predetermination, because the plan may be canceled or changed, the doctor may not be in-network…ect.   They never even say if it’s covered by our plan at the present time!  What a pain!  So I won’t be getting my CI activated before my birthday….I’m so disappointed.)

I promise to write a post about this whole journey, and show which processors I chose, as soon as I feel a bit less wonky.



11 thoughts on “Wonky, Sloshy Head

  1. Fizzy

    yucky sloshy head 😦 thats is a great result from your surgery though ! ! i hadnt heard of buspar before, has it worked well ?


    1. Fizzy, Yes, the Buspar (generic is buspirone) has worked well. I just looked it up again, and noticed it also helps dizziness…so I’m thinking that may be part of the problem with the Wonky head! It’s a bit better today…actually a lot better, but I still wake up very unsteady, but that’s been going on for a long time. I’m so tired of waking up and I can’t focus, and I’m often spinning but just a little (enough that is scares me that it might turn into more), and often a migraine. So, I’m happier just sleeping. : )

      good to hear from you, I miss your blog, I’ll be so happy when things get worked out and you can come back. Email me, I’m not sure I have the right email address for you. xoxo w


  2. I’m sorry your insurance hasn’t approved your CI yet. I continue to look forward to your CI and the fascinating changes in your life following your surgery. Too bad insurance takes forever to approve. I bet if it’s one of them needing it, approval would come quickly. I like the pic depicting Meniere’s … it’s fitting! Hope you are feeling a bit better. Sometimes you just can’t figure out cause and effect especially since you’ve done well over several months but I think the medication change, hormones or weather can all play an intricate role. I just hope whatever it is, you awaken tomorrow feeling much better. Take care … I’m trying to catch up on reading (haven’t been on line as much). Sorry if I missed any posts because I want to catch up. Edie


    1. Edie, you haven’t missed much here. I wasn’t posting for a while. I’ve been trying to keep up with my reading of others, but haven’t been commenting as much. I just haven’t been able to concentrate as much, or be on the computer as much because of the migraines…and the depression I was fighting…still am a little bit, but not like it was. The grief over the loss of Sandy was much more profound that I could have imagined. It really was like a family member had passed, even though she was old, and we knew she wouldn’t live forever, it was still so hard…still is…but I’m handling it better now. I’m rambling. I meant to just say, you haven’t missed much here. stay safe w


  3. Health insurance companies can be such a pain! Good luck — I hope it gets sorted out, and you get your new “ear” sooner rather than later!
    And, hope the sloshy head goes away — it doesn’t sound like fun! And, that perhaps you (or your readers) can figure out what may have caused it this time around.
    Take good care!


    1. Health Insurance companies….UGH! If we had Blue Cross of North Carolina it wouldn’t be this drawn out thing, Duke has had no trouble with them. But we have Blue Cross of Alabama…since that is where Stuart’s job is based, and they just seem ignorant…or perhaps they don’t like to deal with out of state claims. We had a lot of the same problems when we had Blue Cross of California. It will get worked out, I have faith…one way or another I will get my bionic ear! : ) w


  4. I’m voting for weather being part of it. It was bothering my ears last week, too. Summer, and the summer humidity, is upon us. It’s the reason I can’t wait for fall.

    I think it is part of the insurance company’s secret way of doing things so that a simple letter can’t be sent. Their version of a power trip. They may say they that they’re making sure everything is in order but, seriously. It’s not like they have to do these things because there is a lack of work on their end. Hope they stop tripping over their egos and just do the letter for you. We have our problems in Canada but the stupidity and horror stories I read just makes me shake my head in wonder. Though, I fear with the baby boomers becoming seniors now and resources being stretched that much more, we’ll have more of our own horror stories in the coming years.


  5. Hello, dear! I’m so sorry to hear about the wonky, sloshy head – but oh, I know how you feel. I’ve missed you. I’ve been reading and lurking when I can, but commenting has been slow, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Lots of hugs and prayers for the insurance company to straighten themselves out.


    1. I’ve missed you too. I hope your lace of posting hasn’t meant that things are wrong….but i see you posted so I must go and read it. hoping things are going well with you. wendy


  6. deb

    My slosh head always hits at that time of the month when when the hormones go crazy combined with a 2nd trigger. That could be stress or allergies or weather or food…..you know our regular endless list of triggers!
    Welcome back….I’ve missed your posts but I too have been taking a break. I’m glad to be up and running again!
    Deb 🙂


    1. Deb! Hello! I’ve missed you…and your posts. I hope life has been treating you well and you’ve just been busy, not busy and fighting everything else.

      I’m almost positive my severe slosh, wonky head was caused by missing that med for a few days. I found out it’s supposed to help with dizziness, and it’s one you ramp up on, so since I stopped for 2 days with no ramping down, I’m pretty sure it shocked my body. And of course, my monthly hormones haven’t helped….they really affect my migraines a lot!

      Good to hear from you! Wendy


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