My Afternoon….

This whole brain thing is interesting.  One moment I’m doing pretty good, then, like today, I started feeling a bit woozy, not unusual.  I ask Stuart to help me move upstairs.  He got my computer and stuff said he’d be back to help me.  I thought, I’m not that bad yet, I can go upstairs.  So I start.  I get to the top of the stairs, and my head pounds…this seems to happen a lot, my pressure must raise when I climb stairs.  Then I walk a few steps and start to lose control over my legs.  I just kind of flop like a rag doll.  My head flops, my arms flop, my legs don’t want to listen to me….My body just doesn’t want to listen.  I think I almost killed Stuart, he did not expect to hold all of my weight all of a sudden, he expected to just guide me because I was staggering.  We got me to the bed, I decided I have to pee now.  Of course, I am headstrong, and I have more control over my head now, and little more control over the rest, and I knew if I laid down, I wouldn’t be getting back up.  So I’m determined with minimal help, I’m going to pee.  He holds me, “No. I DO IT!”  He lets go…I slide down…he grabs me, I grab for the sink….”I DO it!  OK….I inch my way there….and grab the wall and can’t pull my pants down.  Uhhhhh….*little bitty voice now*  can you help?  He does, and I pee.  Yay!!!   I kick my jeans off (we’d had an appointment earlier), we get me back to bed.  A little easier, my control is coming back, and get me into a t-shirt.  I lie down, and he says, I’m taking blahbla *yeah not hearing well* down stairs I’ll be back *at least that’s what I got*  OK.   So a little latter, I call out.  “You upstairs?”
He comes in.  I say in a very calm voice.  “I’m having vertigo, I thought you should know, just in case.”

So that was my afternoon.


6 thoughts on “My Afternoon….

    1. I’m doing much better with this, as I think….this is interesting, so what point in my brain is it pressing on now to make this happen? It’s a bit frightening. And frankly, I think it would have been better if Stuart would have just lowered me to the ground and given me a pillow and blanket until I was over the little spell, instead of trying to be super man. It’s a wonder he didn’t hurt his back really bad.

      Luckily, it didn’t last for days. the only thing that does that is the headaches.

      I had been having a pretty decent day before that. w


    1. Had a much better afternoon yesterday. Am at headache paincenter. Hope today is even better.

      yes, wrote this on the 29th, just saw it in my draft file…I did it on my phone…guess I did something wrong…oops. It has been better. : )


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