4 days on a Merry-Go-Round and counting

The title sounds like I’m going for a world record or something huh?  How many days can you stay on a Merry-Go-Round.   Hopefully, I’ll be getting off soon!

Funny, I used to love riding a carousel! I'm on the left, my friend Jenn is on the right.

Today is day 4 of slosh head and vertigo attacks.  I was awakened again this morning with the sensation that I was moving.  I took my mediation, and headed to the bathroom, hoping I could at least pee before the spinning started.  As I was leaving the bathroom I called out to Stuart, he woke up and I said in a sing-song voice, “It’s Back!”   He jumped out of bed, boy that man can move fast when he needs to.  I’d made my way to the bed with my walker, when I let go of the walker and started to sit on the bed it felt like someone pushed me down!  If I’m going to have a drop attack I’m glad I was already falling toward the bed!

I was in full spin at this point.  Phenergan suppository time.  I noticed the day before that staring at a fixed spot on the wall was not working, it just started moving and my eyes followed.  This morning I started staring at something on my night stand, about 1 foot away, and closed one eye…this really helped.  But I was so sick, the heat was engulfing me.  The diarrhea started first.  Then the vomiting.  Luckily neither lasted long, but I feel like crap.  My head hurts, I do not feel steady enough to walk unassisted.  I’m so very tired, but can’t seem to sleep more than one hour at a time.

I weighed myself our of curiosity.  I’ve lost over 5 pounds in the past few days.  I promise I am staying hydrated and I am eating.

I emailed Dr. Kaylie just to let him know how different things are since I saw him just one week ago.  Just a FYI, so he is aware.  He wrote back, thanked me for the update and so sorry I am feeling bad.  I know he wishes he could do more.

Stuart has a theory…and I’m wondering if he’s right.  He thinks perhaps my pressure has built up again, and I just had a “blow out”.  That would definitely cause these symptoms.   But right now I don’t know what they could do about it.

Stuart talked to the ASL teacher and he said she sounded very apologetic and concerned.  She understands my frustration but doesn’t know how to fix the situation.  She said later the class does go to non-speaking, but I think by that time I’d be so far behind I would be lost.  She admitted this class is set up more like a foreign language class and not a class for the deaf.  We are going to look into a refund tomorrow.

Someone sent me links to a few on-line tutors who she worked with, and we think we will check them out.  (thank you Antonia)

So that’s if for today.

Not a great way to celebrate Stuart’s Birthday!  Him taking care of me….once again wiping my ass, holding my head as I throw up, cleaning every thing up, helping me to and from the bathroom, feeding me…..and he’s been working today and did some laundry.  This Superman deserved a nice birthday.  Luckily I gave him his gifts early.  One I had to because he was about to buy it!  The other, he got a massage at home yesterday…it was supposed to be a surprise, but he decided he was going to give that to himself…after I’d already had it set up for over a month!  Going out to dinner is on hold.  No cake.  I wish I could have doted on him or a change.  I’ll make it up to him. *wink*


7 thoughts on “4 days on a Merry-Go-Round and counting

  1. So sorry you are feeling so awful. I hope it passes soon. Thrilled to hear that you guys are going to go for a refund. There will be other better ways to learn for you and your honey.

    Happy Birthday to Stuart! I’m sure he will enjoy whatever you have planned for payback. 😉 😉

    Best to you. Hang in there. 🙂


  2. Ugh! I hope you wake up to find the attacks have stopped. Do you know if your blood pressure goes up when you have a “blow out”? Or just a coincidence that the bp was up the other day and you’ve had a few days of attacks?

    I don’t know specifically what these pads are called, but my mom had them when she was in the hospital. They are approximately 2′ x 2′ pads that she slept on in case a nurse couldn’t get her to the bathroom in time. Do you have anything like that or use something like Depends or have you considered it? On days like you’re having this week, it could be used as one less thing to worry about. And with Valentine’s day around the corner, you could grab a red marker and put some hearts, roses or something sexy on them. Just an idea.

    Hugs to you.

    Happy Birthday Stuart!


    1. I don’t think my blood pressure has anything to do with the CSF pressure but I could be wrong. and I don’t know if that’s what’s happening, they want to wait until I’ve had a full recovery before working on that again…so I may never know. I think it was just a coincidence. One because they kept taking my BP over and over and the first reading was obviously wrong…but if it had been right..well that scared me. I think all that stress is why my BP was high in the end….but I also think it may be a bit higher since I’ve gained weight and haven’t been able to exercise.

      Red Hearts on Depends Ha! We do have some pads I can lay on, and do use them for emergencies. Like when everything comes out as I’m throwing up. We have a dog that uses puppy pads when she is inside and can’t wait for us to get home to let her out or in the middle of the night. We use those…they are pretty much the same thing as what you described, but not blue. : ) We actually have heavy duty washable ones…you know how we hate to throw things away! they are much bigger and more comfortable on me…I don’t even notice they are there! The idea of having an accident in a Depends…with it all squishing around on me..ewwww. Normally during an attack I get so hot I strip off my clothes, so the pads are perfect. (probably more than you wanted to know.)

      Unfortunately, Stuart will be out of town on Valentine’s day. We’ll celebrate when he gets home. (I’m having chocolate dipped strawberries delivered to his hotel…he loves them…he knows to look out for some delivery…but has no idea with it is!) I also bought a Groupon for a local movie theater, $10 for 2 movies with drinks and popcorn…so I’m taking him out on a date when he gets back! We haven’t been to the movies in a long time…I hope I can hear it.

      thanks for the suggestions. as always you are so understanding and helpful. love to you. wendy


  3. Fizzy

    Ahh, soo late but I couldnt comment before, but happy belated birthday to Stuart ! I know ho you feel about wanting to spoil him for a change, just think, one days you will surprise him and be able to ! And he has what he needs most, and thats you with him !
    Gosh, I didnt even like the picture of the carousel LOL Funny hown scary things become ! I wanted to grab you out of the picture and tell you to get off it hehe. I get so nervous when other people do things that could make them dizzy or get vertigo, i cant even watch people on Tv on a rollercoater haha!

    The massage was a great idea !
    happy birthday Mr !


    1. Fiona,

      I loved the carousel at the time…and just think, I think that was just 4 years ago. Time changes a lot.

      I love that you want to protect me though! Don’t worry I wouldn’t do it now…oh who am I kidding, if the right child wanted me to get on with her or him, and I was very steady on that day, I would. But only on that situation!

      I’ll pass on the birthday wishes to S. he’s a real trooper! I do love him so. w


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