Recovery Day 4

This has been the worst day yet.

Wendy with Headache and Vertigo - photo and manipulation by W. Holcombe

I knew it could be this bad, I’ve talked to many who had a very rough time with recovery from this surgery.  But I had it before, so I thought my recovery would be about the same as the first time.  Much pain, but not so much vertigo.  Boy was I wrong!

If I move my head at all the world spins, very violently.  This vertigo isn’t like most attacks, it will be calm, if I keep my head still.  I can’t lift my head, I can’t turn my head, I can’t sit up, I can’t get out of bed to the bathroom…that’s right I said I can’t walk the 10 steps it would take for me to get to the toilet.  I’m very lucky that my husband is so very supportive, and is not squeamish.

(caution for those of you who get grossed out…do not read this if you do.)

To be very blunt, you spouse should not have to empty your bed pan, or clean you up afterward, especially when your tummy has not been happy. To add insult to injury, I started my period yesterday.  You cannot imagine how hard it has been on me to need my husband to help me with female sanitary issues.

The pain is better at times, and much worse at times.  I keep getting very sharp pains through my ear.  And I’m pretty sure the feeling is coming back in the ear itself, so the cartilage pain is beginning.  The headaches, have been many, and harsh.  Other times, I feel very little pain at all.

The swelling is MUCH better.

I have a call into Dr. Kaylie, unfortunately he wasn’t in the clinic today.  Stuart has talked to another doctor, and they feel certain this is just one of those things that can happen.  I’m not running a fever, the site is not red or hot.  So we are not worried about infection.  I keep thinking, if Dr. Kaylie said he wants to see me, how would I get there?  There is no way I could get up, get dressed, go down the stairs, and terror of terrors ride in a car!

I had a tiny bit of drainage today.  I still feel, if the ear would drain, things would get better.  It appears my tube is either clogged or fell out.  But even if it fell out, I would think the hole would still be open a bit.  I know it was open the day of surgery, I closed my nose and blew air out the hole just to check.  I admit, I was a bit scared of going through this without a drainage hole in my ear.  Every person I’ve spoken to who had a rough time of this, did not have a tube.  I was convinced that was the reason I didn’t have vertigo before.  The fluid did not build up.

Here’s to a better tomorrow, and many days vertigo free.

I told you that you may get tired of these posts, I want to make sure to keep up with all the details of my recovery.  As confused as I get right now, I want to make sure if a doctor asks me anything about this, I have a reference.

(sorry about 2 posts coming out today, I had the post for the PFAM carnival written before the surgery.  Just had to proof read it.  Not sure I did the best job of that, considering.  However, it’s due today, so I thought I should post it too.)

Now, I will get off of here before I over do it!


15 thoughts on “Recovery Day 4

  1. Oh Wendy this sounds horrid! You poor thing, having the indignity of getting your period is just one of those times I think the universe is having a giggle at your expense. I will be thinking of you and hoping things start to improve. Good luck!


  2. Makes sense to keep track of symptoms and pain levels and such. That way if the doctor asks and you are foggy brained you can just look it up here! Actually smart. And if anyone else is going through the same surgery they will know what could happen and be prepared.

    Hang in there. I hope the tube is still in and the ear drains. When you are able–give that hubby a big hug from me!!! 😉


    1. Ear has started draining! Not a lot, but more than it was! I think it may have just been too swollen. But I sneezed and felt air rush through my ear, and it started to drain…as I said just a little. Nothing like it was from the first surgery. Hoping the vertigo will calm down soon! I made it to the bathroom tonight! Well, once. I was determined. I looked very drunk getting there, but with the help of my rock of a husband, I got there. Whew! Thank goodness. A very stressed out stomach, not something I want to do in a bed pan….or have my hubby help with. Ewwww.

      I swear, we both need a support group. One for me about this disease, and one for Stuart for being a caregiver.

      I keep thinking how can he ever look at me the same after this? Will I ever seem sexy again? I’ll save that for another post.

      thank you!!! wendy


  3. my poor friend, I feel so bad for you. I had a stapedectomy in my left ear to help with a hearing loss (it did nothing) but I remember how I felt afterwards….AWFUL. I couldn’t move my head half an inch, vertigo was so bad. It took a long time, I always felt like I was on a roller coaster (and I hate roller coaster) i used to gasp out loud each terrifying time. here’s to hoping it will get much better soon!!!! Laurie


  4. Oh, that’s just awful, Wendy. All of it down to the period. God, I hope this passes soon and there isn’t any kind of complications requiring you to go anywhere. This is why we still need doctors who make house calls.


    1. Angelia, I kept thinking all day today…wouldn’t a house call be great?

      My massage therapist will do it for me, why not my doctor. (I have to say, I do believe I have a couple of doctors who would,like my therapist, but when they are part of Duke, I bet they aren’t allowed. so many policies they have to be careful to follow.)

      I still feel so feverish, I’m running a low grade fever on and off. They say that’s common after surgery, as the body is healing. If it goes 2 degrees above your normal, you need to be seen! Mine has only been about 1 degree above my normal.

      but my ear is draining some…so hopefully the vertigo will calm down. I think it was just swollen too much.

      thank you wendy


  5. Hugs to you and hugs to hubby. I hope this rough ride is over for you very soon. We have a service in the city (and might be in the larger cities of the province) where doctors will do house calls. You have to call earlier in the day to get an appointment as they work from 2 – 10 pm. But, that’s only if a doctor signed up for that day. I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s such a stress relief knowing that someone is coming to see you.

    Is the ER an option for you or something you want to do if you need to see a doctor? I know you’d still be moving in the ambulance but, hopefully it would be a bit more of a stabler ride for you than the car.

    And about periods right after surgery. I was in the hospital years ago and the woman in the bed next to me was being prepped for surgery. One of the things the nurse told her was to not be surprised if her period started a couple of days after surgery. For whatever reason, the miracle that is our body sometimes does that to us.

    Sending you guys positive thoughts.



    1. Maureen, That’s so cool about house calls. I can’t see that happening here. And if they did, they’d probably charge more than an ER visit! And that’s crazy.

      I would consider an ER visit, but from what I understand from Dr. Kaylie and others this can happen. I could be having vertigo for a few weeks….Well, Damn! More vertigo to try to get rid of vertigo!!

      I have heard that before from docs and nurses about the period right after surgery. But I was due. So, oh well…however, I think it’s gone!! yay! The first two days were very heavy, then it just dropped off. so relieved.

      thank you as always. w


  6. Darlin’ Keep taking things one day at a time and don’t worry about what you can or can’t do. This surgery is different from the one you had before because it is on your other ear-so circumstances are different/anatomy different ect. Try not to worry too much. I’m sure it is hard not to compare. And please text me/email me if you need to. I couldn’t get out of bed on my own for almost three weeks. Though I was forced to the night of my surgery to go back to the hospital’s ER because I needed stronger pain medication and then the next day so the doctor could in person prescribe me medication. The drive was absolutely tormented. I had difficulty getting to the bathroom too.

    I am so sad that your recovery isn’t as easy as it was the first time. I ALSO had vertigo and dizziness for a several weeks which my Doc said was common. Eventually when everything calmed down a bit, the vertigo stopped.

    To speak to Maureen’s comment above, DO NOT get in an ambulance with vertigo. It is MUCH worse than a car. Been there done that. Do not do it.

    I think of you daily as I know how long and difficult the recovery days can be. Keep on keepin’ on. You are fighting a fantastic fight!


    1. Well, that sucks that an ambulance doesn’t work. I’m sorry that it’s worse. I was thinking (and hoping) that they would take the vertigo into account and use the same type of head brace that they use for people in accidents who can’t be moving their heads.


    2. thanks Kelly, I don’t think I’ll need to go anywhere. thank goodness.

      I have been in an ambulance with vertigo before, I don’t remember much of it, I do remember the ambulance attendant was so nice and understanding. He was like a grandfather, his wife had a vestibular disorder, so he was very on top of things. I think I threw up most of the way, but luckily the ER is only about 10 mins from my house. that was a horrible attack though. Hallucinations…ect. I don’t feel like the ER did anything for me.

      Weeks…of this…well, dang it all. It makes no sense to have more intense vertigo to get rid of vertigo. ugh!

      I don’t think I’d compare the two surgeries so much, if Dr. Kaylie hadn’t said, that I’d probably react the same. Think I should have heard the word “probably” more than the rest!

      So he said, more valium. I’m taking much less pain meds during the day, I can deal with it as long as I can concentrate on other things, mostly it’s quick sharp pains, but they end fast. head only really hurts if I try to get up.

      thank you again my friend wendy


  7. oh 😦 I am so sorry to hear about the vertigo, there really is nothing worse. I understand what you mean about your spouse having do look after you, i was in the same position a while back, it was so embarrassing at the time, but now we laugh about it.
    I really hope it starts to settle down for you soon.
    Lots of love and big hugs xxx


    1. Fiona, You are such a dear. I haven’t been able to read other’s blogs, so I’m missing your updates! I’m so thrilled at all your successes! And the engagement! so many milestones to celebrate!!!

      thank you for thinking of me. it’s rougher on me to have hubby taking care of my personal needs. But we are getting through it. I know I’d do the same for him, and it’s not my fault that this is happening. I should really write a post about all of this.

      hoping things are continuing to improve with you! I’m hanging in there. wendy


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