Endolymphatic Sac Surgery – Recovery Day 2 – 3

Yesterday I woke with much more swelling and pain.  Still no vertigo. But started getting pretty dizzy, after taking pain meds.  There is such a fine line between taking enough so I can tolerate the pain, and taking too much to cause vertigo.  Often the  vertigo will come before the pain is under control.  I really hate having to take pain medication.  They make me feel drunk, and getting drunk when you have vertigo issues is not a good idea.

Had a great visit with a couple of friends last night.  It was so good to see them, I haven’t seen them in a long time, but we keep up regularly through instant messaging and email.  When they first got here, I was feeling pretty rough, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to really enjoy the visit.  But I knew these friends would understand.

When they first arrived I had a little bite to eat and took a pain pill, my first in about 9 hours.  (I was really very hesitant after the way I was feeling that morning.  I do not like the drunk feeling.)  Luckily, the pain got better, and the visit was very nice!  Plus, my friend brought me a bunch of clothes to try.  (as I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gained a ton of weight this year, and I just don’t have anything to wear.)  I haven’t been able to go through them yet, but I’m just thrilled I will have something to wear that doesn’t feel way too tight.

I had a rough time going to sleep,  but seemed to sleep better once I finally drifted off.

Then I woke up this morning…what a difference.  I started to lift my head to get up to go to the bathroom, and the world started moving.  I put my head back down, things calmed, and I tried again…same results.  I decided to wake up Stuart to have him help me to the bathroom.  Again, I tried to get up, with his help this time, but the world went crazy!!!  I laid back down, and things still were spinning out of control!  Thankfully, it didn’t last long, but every time I tried to lift my head the same thing would happen.  I don’t know how we managed it but we finally got me to the bathroom…ahh…relief.  Getting back to the bed was rough, but once I was lying down again, things were much more stable.

The swelling around my ear was worse, but no fever,  no redness, and it’s not hot to the touch.  Thank goodness.

I decided to lay with my left ear down, to see if having the fluid drain some would help.  I could hear it gurgle, and feel it, but very little came out.  I slept for a while.  Then I had to go to the bathroom again.  Ugh.  I tried and tried, and finally I decided it could wait.  I feel asleep again.  Stuart decided to call the ENT on call at Duke, just to make sure this swelling issue wasn’t something to be concerned about.  She said, she thinks it’s just post-op swelling, she suggested ice at first, but we found out fast last time, ice on an open hole to the vestibular system is not a good idea. (Instant Vertigo!)  She also suggested elevating my head.  We slowly did this, first we got a thicker pillow, then added a pillow under my back (so my neck wouldn’t be at a severe angle), then added another pillow…now I’m at a slight incline, and the swelling has gone down quite a bit.  I’m still having bouts of spinning, and sharp pains shooting through my head.  Today has not been a great day.

This is so different from the first surgery.  I didn’t have this severe swelling.  (It has been swollen all around my ear, down my neck, sticking out about an inch.)  My ear drained well the first time.  I had a tube in my right ear, and it drained a lot.  I also have a tube in the left ear, and I know it’s open because I sneezed yesterday and felt the rush of air blow through it, but very minimal drainage.  I keep feeling fluid moving around in my ear, but only a very tiny amount is coming out.  I did have some very red blood come out this morning, not a lot, but it’s not that clear gooey discharge I had the first time.  I keep thinking, if my ear would just drain out, then I’d feel better.

The pain from the first surgery was much more intense after the feeling in my ear came back.  The damage to the cartilage was intense.   Question now is, if I’m this bad off now, what’s it going to be like when the feeling in the ear comes back?

I’ve started writing this post about mid-day yesterday, now it’s late Sunday night, and I’m just wrapping it up.

To sum things up, I feel horrible.  Today has been very uncomfortable.  I feel like I’m burning up with fever, but if you take my temperature I’m not.  If I move my head, the world moves….sometimes much, much worse than other times.

(Please forgive me, but I did not reread this post for errors.  I simply don’t feel well enough.  No picture either?  I really must not be feeling like myself.)

Tomorrow I should be posting for the next PFAM blog carnival hosted by Sharon over at Bed, Body and Beyond, submissions are due tomorrow by midnight, in whatever time zone you happen to be in!  (Luckily, I wrote most of my entry before the surgery, so I just have to touch it up a bit.)

The topic?  Why do we write?  Please think about sending in your own submission.  Sharon is great, and if you can’t make it by midnight tomorrow, drop her a line, she can probably give you a little more time.  The carnival will go up on her blog on the 7th.  So check out her call for submissions here: http://sharonwachsler.blogspot.com/2011/10/call-for-subs-pfam-blog-carnival.html


11 thoughts on “Endolymphatic Sac Surgery – Recovery Day 2 – 3

  1. Hi Wendy,

    I know you’re feeling terrible, but I am so glad you were able to post an up-date. Thinking about you as you recover. Hopefully things will get a little better with each day and there are no complications. Sending healing thoughts your way!


  2. I hope you’re feeling better today. Post surgery is usually pretty crummy no matter what kind. Hang in there. If things remain horrible and spinning, I’d call again to be sure. Hopefully the swelling will go down and take the pressure off. Fill us in when you can. You’re in my prayers!
    *gentle hugs*


    1. Have call into the doctor. swelling is better today. but the vertigo is worse. even if he said to come in. I don’t think I could. I can’t walk. can’t even make it to the bathroom. thank goodness for my husband, and the fact he isn’t squeamish. thank you wendy


  3. heri Hughes


    Wanted you to know that I am following your blog and that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I am just so sad that you have to deal with this.

    Sheri Hughes


    1. thank you Sheri.
      It’s a rough time to be reading my blog. This recovery from the surgery is a rough one.
      But thank you so much for your support and compassion.
      I’m dealing with it. One day at a time. changing life’s plans as things change.
      and luckily I have a wonderful husband to help see me through this.

      thank you again,


  4. hugs to you wendy. I was extremely swollen for a long while. I have pictures documenting it. My right ear stuck out quite noticeably. My heart goes out to you and your pain. Reading your updates are bringing back bad memories and so my empathy is huge. hugs.


    1. Oh my dear Kelly, I don’t want you to relive what you went through. I know it was an rough ordeal. But I must ask, did you have constant vertigo? If so how long did it last? My swelling isn’t as bad as it was, but it makes it look like one ear is much higher than the other…I joked that he put it back on wrong. I should have gotten pictures, but Stuart didn’t think that the swelling would show up well in the photos, since I have a bit of a round face… : ) I think he just didn’t want to take the time…and I don’t blame him with everything else he’s doing! He’s such a trooper.

      I know you went into the surgery expecting it not to work, did it work at all? I’m so hoping it works as well as it did on the right ear. But I must say, I’m hesitant to have much hope in that.

      The ear is draining now. I guess all the swelling was blocking the tube. But it’s mostly blood, before it was a clearish discharge. we’ll see how it goes from here.

      hugs to you! wendy


      1. Did I have constant vertigo? I had constant vertigo that was disabling BEFORE the surgery. I had constant vertigo for about 3-4 weeks AFTER the surgery, but then it stopped.. Two months after my surgery, I had a couple episodes of severe vertigo. But aside from that, I have only had mild episodes with the exception of when we went on the plane to FL in September and going on rides. I often forget that I have Meniere’s because I so rarely have attacks at all now a days.

        My ear also looked higher than the other and it stuck out really badly. But it looks normal now. And YES! It did work! I did not expect it at all! It took 7 months for my ear not to be bothered by my glasses anymore, but my dr. said that is unique to me and my sensitivities.

        You sound like you are progressing well. I know it is a long recovery, but if you have the success I have had, it is SO worth it! You’re doing fantastic!


        1. thanks Kelly,

          I had vertigo every day for months before this, but I could at least lift my head enough to go to the bathroom! this is bizarre! If I’m very very still (every time I think that, I hear Elmer Fudd’s voice…Be vwery, vwery, quite…Ok, so I’m a little crazy right now) I’ve never felt that I simply cannot lift my head, or today even move it slightly from side to side, without going into full rotational spin that will throw me to the ground! When I have an attack, it doesn’t matter what position my head is in, I’m going to spin until it’s done. this is different.

          Oh, my doctor said the same thing about it being rare for glasses to bother someone for so long! We told him he really should warn people that they can’t wear their glasses after the surgery…he said, Really, that’s unusual. This is normally not a surgery that causes much pain, and glasses aren’t a problem after a few days. Uh…months!! Luckily I have an old pair we removed a bar from and put a little weight on it so they would stay straight. I cannot understand how anyone could wear their glasses with no pain!!

          Today has been even worse. But I’m just looking to the future…it will be better…I know it will!

          Thank you for putting up with my questions. our roles have reversed on this huh? You asked me questions before your surgery, now I’m asking you questions about yours….every surgery is different, but it’s nice to compare notes.

          so glad you are having so much improvement. love to you. wendy


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