Suicide because of Tinnitus

A friend sent me this story, he has Meniere’s too, it’s very sad, but shows just how severe Tinnitus can be.

Rock Fan Kills Himself After Concert Left Him With Tinnitus

Published November 18, 2011

A British rock music fan stabbed himself to death after a night out watching U.S. band Them Crooked Vultures left him with severe tinnitus, a coroner’s investigation reported.

Robert McIndoe, 52, was unable to sleep for three months after seeing the band – made up of former band members from Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age – at the Brixton Academy, south London.

His psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Stinson, said, “He accepted death as a side-effect of stopping the noise,” the Daily Mirror reported Friday.

The inquest heard he tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose at his home in south London in the same month that he fatally stabbed himself.

McIndoe’s wife Shirley said, “He just wanted not to be suffering.”

Tinnitus is characterized by a constant ringing in the ears, with the noise coming from inside the body rather than an outside source.

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I know I’ve had tinnitus so severe that it would have driven me crazy if it had lasted for long periods of time.  Luckily, it usually only last for a day, perhaps two.

I feel so bad for this man.  It must have been so traumatic to have this hit him to this degree all of a sudden.  My tinnitus is usually a low roar, and has only recently raised to the point that I just can’t stand it for short periods of time.

I know so many people who went (or go) to very loud concerts, or shot guns, ect…. with no ear protection.  After the first concert I went to I would always wear ear plugs.  I could still hear the music fine, but I didn’t have the ringing in my ears for days, ect.  Yes, I have tinnitus, because of Meniere’s, not because I didn’t take precautions when I was around loud noises.  People, especially young people, need to understand how they can permanently damage their hearing by loud music…ect.

Be sure that your friends and children know how easy it is to damage their hearing.

May none of us ever have tinnitus so bad we would consider something like this.


8 thoughts on “Suicide because of Tinnitus

  1. Oh, how sad. My tinnitus is a high pitched ringing in both ears. It is constant. And somehow I’ve managed with this for years. Gunshots don’t make my ears ring – they were already ringing! I always thought it was normal until I learned about tinnitus and realized it wasn’t the way things were supposed to be. How sad to have been hit so suddenly that it drove him to this point. 😦 prayers for the family.


    1. I just had someone else say something similar to me. She had ear surgery, and has a roar in her ears, she ever knew what it was called, or that it wasn’t supposed to be there. (she was deaf in that ear before the surgery.)

      my tinnitus, varies, A LOT. it buzzes most of the time, but it can sound like an airplane engine, or a train, or a high pitches whistle….I just never know. It used to tell me I was going to have a major attack when it got worse…not now…it just does it’s thing.

      Not good on the migraines.

      Hope you are doing better. love to you wendy


  2. So sad. One of the first guys I ever worked for (pet shop when I was 17) developed tinnitus and eventually committed suicide. That was the first time I had ever heard of it. Now I’ve had it for years. Mine tends to be the high pitched constant noise I have right now. Remember how the old fluorescent lights used to buzz? Kind of like that, but higher tone…a bit irregular, whiney, and whistley. I try to just ignore it. Easier to do if I have something else to listen to–like TV or music. I use a sound machine to go to sleep at night. Mine developed right along with my fibro. You’re so right. It doesn’t help when you have a headache! So sad.


  3. Wow…. timing!! I had my first ever bout of BAAAAAD tinnitus yesterday – Cole and I had just had some lunch at a great new restaurant, when my right ear (the bad one) started ringing louder than I ever had imagined possible. I had wanted to buy a book after lunch, but I realized I could barely think through the noise while trying to choose one. I have always felt lucky that I do not have bad tinnitus as a usual symptom of Menieres, and I feel even more lucky after this.

    The loud, loud ringing lasted about 3 hours, at which point it calmed down to a quieter ringing. This morning it seems to have subsided completely, knock on wood. I can certainly understand how if that loud loud noise as constant, it could easily lead to depression, and even suicide. I would never wish it only anyone – what a horrible thing!


  4. deb

    What a sad story. I have lied awake at night sometimes wondering how I was going to cope with the high pitched “tone” in my ear, very similar to a test pattern on tv, but thankfully I have always found a way to deal with it. During the day there is usually enough background noise to block it out, but at night… can be a real problem. It can vary as well though. There was a time last year when it sounded like a stars wars laser gun going off repeatedly in my head! Crazy.


  5. keren Jenings

    I can understand the Catastrophe tinnitus puts into an individual! Even though many times it has resulted in broken relationships, but i’m very shocked because it’s the first time i heard someone committed suicide because of tinnitus 😦


    1. Keren, I was very hurt by this too. I hope this doesn’t happen very often and we just don’t hear about it.
      I know tinnitus can be much worse than what I live with. If it was at my worst all the time I’m sure it would drive me insane. I can’t say what it might lead me too.
      People think it’s just a slight buzzing or ringing in the ears but it can be overwhelming with no chance of sleep and constantly feeling like you have to scream wondering how the people around you cannot hear it.
      I’m thankful I only have that intensity from time to time.

      I assume you or someone you love has it.
      My best to you.


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