Surgery Scheduled

Just a very quick post.

I’m having the endolymphatic enhancement surgery on my left ear on December 1st.

Hopefully, this will either stop the vertigo, or slow it way down.

I know I’m up for a rough recovery.  It’s not a fun surgery, but it seemed to help the right ear a lot.

will post more soon…

Migraines have been bad today. Better after much medication but now I’m tired.

Just wanted to let you know.




21 thoughts on “Surgery Scheduled

  1. I was wondering how your appointment went. Thanks for the update. I do hope that this will provide you with some relief. Do you at least feel comfortable with the rationale for doing the surgery and feel comfortable with your decision?


    1. Allison, Oh yes, I am very comfortable with the decision, and the rationale. The right ear tolerated it well, and most…if not all…of my attacks since then seem to be from my left ear. (hearing droped, tinnitus more, aural fullness….) I’ve had very little a drop in my hearing in the right ear since the surgery…April 2010.

      I won’t gloss it though. It’s a rough surgery. it took forever for me to recover the first time. about 3 months before the pain went completely away. it’s not bad at first…pain from the incision ect…then about a week later the feeling starts to come back in your ear…the ear is shattered during this operation. They literally peel it off so the cartilage gets all torn up. That was difficult…and it drains for a long time. But if it helps!!

      thank you for caring. wendy


  2. Going out of town, so will connect with you when I return. I am very hopeful for you that this surgery will help your left ear as you seemed to tolerate the surgery much better than I did!
    Will be thinking of you. hugs!


  3. That sounds like good news to me! Especially since it helped a lot with your other ear. Maybe it will be a really nice Christmas this year!!

    Prayers and hugs! Will be thinking of you on the first!! :):)


    1. Well, we’re hoping this will be helpful. The recovery from the first one was very painful, but I didn’t have vertigo, we think it may be because I had tubes in my ears…still one in the left…so it drained well, and I didn’t have a lot of fluid build up. again, I do remember it being painful…and a long recovery…but it did help the right ear…so fingers crossed!


  4. deb

    I’m so happy that you are able to do this so quickly!
    Wow, Dec 1st! That’s next week! 🙂
    Good luck friend.Keep us posted on your recovery.
    Deb 🙂


    1. Nope it can’t hurt!

      Tell Max for me that I’m sure I’ll really want to scratch my ear, but I better put that off for a while….perhaps I’ll scratch the other one just for fun! Thank you Max, for the licks…I hear it speeds up healing!

      love to you both. wendy


      1. Dear My Best Friend Wendy,
        It doesn’t matter which ear you scratch — it will help.
        These licks will help prepare you for surgery. It’s the tongue-body connection.


  5. Hi friend,
    Was just reminded of the December 1st date and just want you to know fingers and toes will be crossed. After that, we can discuss snorkeling with Judith to see her fantasy fish!!! Please let me know how it goes and know that I will be thinking of you. Warm wishes and hugs, Laurie F. (


    1. Thank you Laurie! You are a dear to think of me. It is coming up fast isn’t it?

      I’m a bit nervous, and half the time I think I will cancel it, then I think, no, it may help, and I can still do other treatments if it doesn’t. this isn’t one of those treatments that say…if you do this, you can’t do anything else…so I think..OK we’ll go for it. Usual apprehension before surgery.

      thanks again looking forward to snorkeling! maybe I can lose a little weight by then…ah…who cares! your friend!! wendy


  6. my thoughts are definitely with you! i hope this does the trick. wish i could be there to help you out afterwards but i know you are in good hands with stuart. 🙂

    lots of well wishes and good healing vibes being sent your way!!!!



    1. Oh Nicki, how very sweet. But you have your hands full! How are things? I’ve been thinking of you…often.

      The only thing I wish someone could do for us, is cook some. Stuart’s been doing most of the cooking for a while now and he hates it! Poor thing. But he’s trying to get it all planned out before the surgery, and will have many meals ready for the crock pot. : )

      Thank you so much though!! If it’s like last time, I’ll sleep a lot afterward. It’s pretty painful for weeks, so a lot of pain meds. : )

      hope your head is better. hugs wendy


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