A MUCH better day!

Lucky Lucy

After feeling so sorry for myself, and having such a down week…today I felt…as close to normal as I remember!

My hearing is still off. (Down, Distorted) However, no headaches, no spins…I’ve had a great day!!

Went to Weaver Street, my favorite grocery store (Co-Op) that’s about a 30 min. drive from my house.  Stuart and I had a fun afternoon, I even cooked steaks on the grill for dinner.  And scrubbed the bathroom shower door!  No more water and soap scum stains.  (I know the whole bathroom needs it, but one little bit at a time.)

One bad thing, every night I’ve been running a slight fever (actually it’s pretty high for me because my normal temp is way below normal.  Around 97.4F, tonight it was 98.8F)  And I’m achy all over.  Took some Tylenol, it’s better, but not gone.  Dr. Gray said that the fibrin glue they used for the patches can sometimes cause an inflammatory reaction, and cause this, but it should go away soon.

I heard from my Psych.  He was very upset that he upset me in our last session.  He said he would be happy to be my provider as long as I wanted and felt he was helping.  Plus, we are going to try another drug, Effexor, hopefully, I won’t have the side-effects.  It’s also supposed to help with vertigo!  Woo Hoo!  If I can tolerate it.  Some drugs I have all the side effects, especially the obscure ones, and other drugs I have no side effects at all.  Hope this falls in the later.

I was in a whimsical mood today, so I drew Lucky Lucy.  Nothing like what I’ve been doing lately, but she was fun!

Here’s hoping all of you have as normal a day as possible.




7 thoughts on “A MUCH better day!

  1. I LOVE lucky lucy and I need her badly. She makes me happy just to take a look at her so I will be referring to her OFTEN. I have an idea but it is controversial to some. This is what I DO: I get a new script (got one two days ago) I give the package and insert to hubby and I don’t read the side effects. in the past, when I would read all of them and google the drug, if it said dizziness, I was sure I was dizzy. Now? no problem, I relax and see how I feel. IF i do feel something, I go to hubby and ask him to check. I don’t know other people that do this but for me? It works. If I don’t know what the side effects can be on paper, I judge by my body. Let me know what you think. Oh, I hope the new drug helps you!!!!! Laurie


    1. Laurie, I’m glad you like Lucky Lucy, she was fun to create. I was reading this kid’s book called The Little Endless, (it’s based on the Sandman Graphic novels, by Neil Gaiman…wish it was a real book instead of a graphic novel because it’s wonderful and a lot of people aren’t going to read a bunch of comic books!) anyway, the characters in the book are like little cupie dolls. So I created one that could be a sister to them…but she probably wouldn’t fit in.. perhaps a steps sister…all the endless start with a D. Dream, Despair, Delirium, Death, Desire, Destruction, and Destiny. Delirium comes the closest to her, but she gets a bit confused a lot….and causes people to become delirious. Lucy, is just plain Lucky.

      Today is not as great of a day. It’s cold and rainy…so I feel icky…but I didn’t over do it yesterday, I don’t feel sore or anything, I’m sure it’s the weather.

      Lucy is happy she is loved. wendy


  2. deb

    I hope you are still feeling relatively well Wendy, despite the weather! I’m happy that you were able to get out and about and enjoy a “normal” day 🙂 Good luck with your new meds. I really like Laurie’s idea of not knowing what to expect. I will try that next time!


  3. Hallelujah for a much-deserved good day! It finally came – woo hoo! I wish they’d just stay that way for you now. But a little relief is still a wonderful thing. I don’t know if you feel like me when it’s over, but I feel so deflated when it’s gone. I gradually got better at coping with them. But a good day sure feels great and it sounds like you made the most of it without going too far.

    Here’s to more good days in the future!


    1. thanks Angelea, I haven’t been feeling the best the past couple of days, but don’t know if it’s the usual (the weather has been going crazy) or if it’s side effects from the new drug. I’ll try it for a couple more days, if I still feel like this. (I’m nauseous a lot) I’ll call my doc.

      I’m so glad no one said for me to take it easy, don’t over do…. I’m going to live every good day I have to the fullest!! (and the shower door part, I did the night before. so really, I didn’t over do…but it felt great to just do anything!)

      and YES it is a let down when it ends. The longer I feel better the bigger the let down. but I’m working on that.

      May you have many good days!!!


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