I Went Outside Today…

Woo Hoo!  Today I went to the grocery store with the hubby.

I had some iffy moments, but I made it without any major incidents.  At one point, when I got out of the car I dropped something, I picked it up and when I started to stand back up I almost fell flat on my butt!  Thank goodness the car was there for me to grab.  It was an icky feeling, a bit like those “drop” episodes, I just felt like someone pushed me.  (OK, Mr. Meniere’s you cause enough trouble, don’t you be pushing me around!)

Bought more groceries than we have in a long time.  So glad there is food in the house, and I’m hoping I can cook some this week.

I love my husband dearly, and appreciate EVERY thing he does for me, but I must say, he has very limited menu ideas.

I’m very proud of him for learning how to cook a rotisserie style chicken in the slow cooker!  It’s quick, easy, and it’s real food.

I don’t blame him for having limited menu ideas, it’s hard to cook for me.  None of this, very little of that, here add some of this so I can digest it better…..what a pain in the butt.  Even I have problems, and I love to cook.

Still having some pretty icky days.  Meniere’s attacks are coming much more often.  Luckily, all of them have been mild except for that one day.  Headaches are now worse when I stand up.  If my pressure is low again, I just don’t know what I’ll do.  It’s obvious just patching me up is not doing it!  Still hoping I’ll level out and will start to feel “normal” again.  But if I must have more treatments, we’ll be discussing doing something different.

I hope they are learning a lot from my case, and can help others with less of this going back and forth.

Was just looking at my other blog Create To Heal.  I started it on August 13th, with a plan to create something every day.  I just counted up all the creations I’ve posted – 63!!  I think that’s a bit more than once a day, hehehe.  (so I’m not feeling so very bad for that one day I missed.)

Thought you might enjoy this one:

This is my favorite “doodle” so far.  (using many Zentangle patterns.  I drew a circle first, but broke out of it!



6 thoughts on “I Went Outside Today…

  1. Wendy, Love those Zentangles! You reminded me that I want to order a kit. I’m not as talentedas you are, so I don’t think I culd do it on my own…I need heir instructions.

    I’m glad you got to go shopping today and didn’t have any big problems. Make sure and take it easy now so Mr. Menieres doesn’t sneak up and kick you in th ass tomorrow!


    1. Thanks Mo! After looking around at the different books and such, I think I’m going to order the book “Totally Tangled”. It has a lot of patterns, instructions…and just looks like it’d be a lot of fun! anything to keep the pen on the paper for me. It’s very therapeutic for me to just get lost in drawing. And I feel like I have something to get up for.

      Taking it easy today, so far, but I do feel better today. With very little sleep. *shrug* It could turn around any second though. I hate that. One moment I’m fine, the next moment I’m on the floor. Ugh!

      be well wendy


  2. Seriously, Mr. Meniere’s needs to find something else to do with his time. He sounds like some recently retired guy who doesn’t know what to do with himself, but has picked the wrong thing to keep himself busy. Time to move on, sir.


  3. I’m so glad you were able to get out! And I’m sending prayers that you’ll level out soon and won’t have to look at yet another direction.

    I think that’s wonderful that your attitude toward the situation is that you hope the doctors are learning from your case. It’s difficult to keep that kind of positivity.

    And I love that “doodle”! So pretty!


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