Suicide Prevention Week – What do you do when you are in crisis?

Kelly, over at Fly With Hope is doing an amazing series this week about migraine and suicide.  (She also talks about how those with chronic illness, and  chronic pain are in crisis.)

In her words:

“My goal is to decrease the stigma of the discussion of suicide so that we might be more supportive in the chronic Migraine/chronic pain community on this issue.”

“Please check in every day as there will be posts with (anonymous) contribution from the chronic Migraine and chronic pain community on topics related to chronic Migraine/chronic pain and suicide including how to cope when you are close to the end of your rope, personal stories from those who have been there, on suicide and faith, a post especially for loved ones (family, friends, caregivers) and links to other blogs/articles on Migraine and suicide.”

One of the contributors to this series is me.  I don’t mind anyone knowing, and some of you may recognize that it’s me when you read it.

Please know, if you are ever in that state, if you ever feel like you just can’t cope….or even before you get there….Please feel free to get in touch with me.  Email me!  I will gladly give you my phone number and we can chat….or if I’m not hearing well, we can IM or text.  Just know you are not alone.

I’m a firm believer that everyone with a chronic illness should have counseling.  We need to be better equipped to deal with our situation.  My husband and I see a therapist together.  It has made this intolerable situation, much more …well…tolerable.

But if you need a friend to talk to…I’ll always be here.  Many of you have touched my life in such a way I couldn’t begin to put words to it.  After such warmth, love, and compassion from so many of you…I have promised to always be there for those who need me.

Again, please check out Kelly’s blog this week, this should be a very moving series.  Kelly has chronic migraines, and Meniere’s.


5 thoughts on “Suicide Prevention Week – What do you do when you are in crisis?

  1. Hi Wendy,

    I haven’t commented in a while, but have been reading all of your posts (as usual!! 🙂 ). Thank you for posting this… very valuble. I feel so lucky that my Menieres isn’t worse, yet at least. I am still young, but I try not to think about it getting worse in the future, continuing to loose hearing etc. One day at a time is really the only way to deal with it sometimes! Thanks for the support Wendy 🙂


    1. Hi Katie! I’ve missed your posts…hoping that meant you were doing well and too busy to think about posting! I’m glad you have been lurking around my blog. Love it!! I do think it’s important for people to understand just how drastic this illness can hit people. (and other chronic illnesses). My doctor once told me this disease can be the worst thing you can get that doesn’t kill you…though sometimes you wish it would. I knew then that this was a doctor who really understood. But I have to say, having a severe migraine on top of a Meniere’s attack is the worse hell I think I’ve ever been through. Good to hear from you! wendy


  2. What an awesome post! I’ve been there a few times, especially with now backtracking due to the claim by the neuro that I’ve been misdiagnosed. I definitely agree with counseling – or at least some form of support system that you know you can go to when you’re having a bad day.


    1. Lin, Thank you, but I must give all the credit to Kelly. (I think my story will be posted on Thursday, if you want to check it out.) I know you have been going through a heck of a time…plus moving..and Marv man going back on duty. What stress! I admire that you can handle it all, and 2 little ones too. If you ever need….my shoulder is here. And Virginia isn’t too far away if you really need someone! (I’m just in NC) I know when you move you lose a lot of your support and change is hard on us.

      My husband follows your blog too, and just before your last post he asked if I’d heard from you recently. I thought it touching that he was concerned, especially with the move.

      XO wendy


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