Silly Saturday

I’m having a problem with Anger Issues lately.

I realize that it stems from the situation I’m in right now.  But, that doesn’t help much.

I hate feeling angry.

So I decided to be very silly!

Purple nails with bright green polka dots!

One good thing about not being able to do anything for…has it been over a month now?  Dang!  Oh, back to the good thing,  my finger nails look great!  I mentioned this to a friend of mine, and he suggested purple polish….a few days later, I added Polka Dots!

Now, you know it makes you smile to think that a 48 year old woman has Purple Finger Nails, with Bright Green Polka Dots!

**Note – my husband said that it didn’t surprise him at all.  Just as the orange hair didn’t surprise him.  “It’s just you!”  He also warned that if we ever are able to foster, that our child will think he or she has a really strange mom.  I disagree, I think they will think I’m a really cool mom!  (yeah, right…how many kids really think their parents are cool?)


3 thoughts on “Silly Saturday

  1. David

    Hi Wendy. Sorry you’re not doing the best.

    FWIW, I find that I am at my worst when I dwell on things that upset me. I stew over them and get myself worked up. Then the Meniere’s comes calling. The terrible thing is that it is really hard to stop myself focussing on what I’m upset about, even though I can see where it’s leading me. Does this sound like your anger problem?

    I can break out of it by letting my wife know, and she distracts me (no, not that way), and breaks the train of thought. Sometimes it isn’t soon enough to stop the Meniere’s, but other times it is.

    I’m not someone who is that affected by salt intake and other classical Meniere’s triggers, I don’t think. But boy I know how to gee myself up enough to bring on an attack.

    I’m wondering if what I call dwelling on things and you call anger issues are the same things? And if so, whether your wonderfully supportive husband could be like my wonderfully supportive wife and distract you- by regaling you with the latest problem at work, where to go for the next vacation, what show will we go and see next, asking you to remember something memorable that happened years back, trivia quizes, what’s your favourite movie and why- anything to stop the cycle. Comedy / jokes are great, even though you don’t feel like it first up when you’re upset and getting sick by it.

    Until I can break the cycle myself, my wife helps me out.

    I know we’re all different, but maybe it might work for you? Until the medical geniuses get this wretched condition sorted out, we have to help each other. That’s the best I can offer you.

    It’s another reason to embrace art- it’s a pleasant thing to do, and you can get completely immersed in it- keeping stress and distress at bay. Hopefully it’s at least worth a thought.

    Good luck, and I hope you can find some relief soon.

    David from Australia


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