Artist’s Date Week 3 – let’s play with Photoshop!

I’m not sure how much The Artist’s Way workshop is helping my creativity.  I find that most of the time in my “morning pages”, I write about being chronically ill.  Perhaps that is what is causing my creative block, what is standing in my way?

However, I do like the fact that I have to take at least 1 hour each week as an artist’s date.  I haven’t been able to do some of the things I wanted to do for these dates, like go to the museum, to on a gallery walk…things like that.  I’ve had to improvise, and that’s a good thing.  It’s teaching me that I can create, something, even when I’m flat on my back.

One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days, is to learn Photoshop.  So today, I created something using Photoshop on my artist’s date.



The flowers in this are photos I took of flowers in my garden.  Now I’ve learned to cut out subjects from photos and paste it in another image, and I played around with the filters, and text.  I’m learning!  And I had fun!I’m feeling much better about things.  Don’t know why…just kicked myself in the butt, and said enough!

Still having the disabling headaches, and I had no idea that tinnitus could be this loud!!  I think I will go insane if I have to hear this all the time.   Oh, wait!  What’s that you say?  Too late.  Yeah, I know.   Did I mention that the sounds in my head are not voices?  Well, not lately anyway.  Ha!

Yes, I’m in a strange mood.  You have industrial machinery running inside your head for days and see if you don’t get a bit punchy!  Today for about 2-3 hours I had the machines in my left ear, and a high-pitched squeal in my right…What the???  (I’m trying to stop swearing.  Probably not the right time for that, but I’m giving it the old college try.)  What does that mean anyway?  “The old college try”?  Hum.

Well, I sat up for about 30-45 minutes to eat dinner, and now I’m getting a headache.  Sounds like I still have low pressure.  ??? Maybe???  Oh, who the….oh wait, I’m not swearing….um….who in the world knows?  (better?)

happy thoughts!



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