Hubby is Home!

Doctors just don't know.

I’m very happy to say that my hubby is home, and seems to be well.  Very tired, and is sleeping right now, but much more like himself.

The cardiac MRI came back great.  The brain MRI came back showing no signs of a stroke.

They really have no idea what caused this episode.  As we all know, that is hard.  Since we don’t know what caused it we don’t know how to avoid it.

One of the doctors he saw said he had the same symptoms about 10 years ago.  He said they never found out what was wrong, and it has never happened again. *shrug*

When we got to the ER yesterday Stuart’s blood pressure was very low.  They said he simply wasn’t getting enough blood flow to the brain, they have no idea why.

He is worried because his judgement was so impaired while this was happening.  He knows he should have come home when he first got double vision, and he feels normally he would have, but it didn’t even occur to him that something was really wrong.  He doesn’t remember most of the episode.  What he does remember I’m not sure if he really remembers it, or if he just remembers what I’ve told him.  He doesn’t remember being in the store at all.  He doesn’t remember getting to the hospital, being in triage, or the first few hours in the ER.  His memory starts with the second CT scan last night.  (Except he does remember when he threw up…I think that is very traumatic for him…unlike me, he’s not used to it.)

Oh, I did find the rest of the groceries.  It appears he took my car to the store!  Something he just doesn’t normally do.  I went to drive my car this morning to go the hospital and there in the front floor board were the sodas and milk.  (luckily we were buying this milk to spray on our squash plants to get rid of the powdery mildew on the leaves, not for consumption.)  It was also very strange that he put the groceries in the front of the car, he always puts them in the trunk.

My hearing is still down, and I got a bit dizzy today, but I took Valium and never started getting into a full spin.  I hope it stays that way.  I just don’t need that right now.  Not that I ever need it, but I really need to be able to be there for my husband.

Thank you all for all the best wishes and thinking of us.

It makes me feel so much better knowing I have you to talk to and call upon when I need some uplifting.

Thank you all for being my friends.


7 thoughts on “Hubby is Home!

  1. I don’t know if I should say “Whew!” (Well, of course I should!) or “What the heck?”

    Yes, we all know how frustrating it is to not know what “it” is or if/when it will happen again.

    The fact that testing turned up nothing is certainly a good sign. Probably just some weird moon alignment or something. ))Shrug((

    Hope you both get a good night’s sleep all returns to normal for you. Thanks for the up-date, been thinking about you guys.


  2. FructyLisa

    What a relief you husband is home! It was very scary to read your account of what happened to your husband and his not having any recollection of the events. My heart goes out to you both! I am keeping you both in my prayers! Please keep us posted. Hopefully this will be a one-time episode. Best wishes!


  3. I’m so glad to hear you’re both home. It makes it so much easier to rest and take care of yourselves. Hopefully this was a one-time occurrence since they ruled so many things out. Doesn’t make it any less scary, though.

    Hugs and sweet dreams to you both.



  4. Susanna

    I haven´t had the time to read your blog for a couple of days so all this about Stuart being at the hospital are big news to me. I´m so sorry for you and send you all my best wishes and a lot of hugs. It´s not easy at all having the one you depend on being ill. I think it´s much more scary when something is wrong with my husband, I´m not half as scared when I´m ill myself. Maybe “the always being the healthy person” gets more sick when it finally happens. And maybe a big reaction might come now when you are so much better. I´m not a doctor and I don´t know about this in a medical way, but I know from experience that after a stressfull situation (a relative is ill, work is no fun, lots of stress at work…) when you finally get the rest you are so waiting for or things are getting better it´s so easy to get sick.

    About your hearing problems. My hearing fluctuates now and then without any big vertigo attacks. This is a part of Menières we just have to cope with. And something that makes wearing hearing aids difficult sometimes. When my hearing goes down I often get more tinnitus and feel a bit more dizzy and lightheaded. But thats it ! (Writing this is a bit scary – who knows what will happpen tomorrow :))

    A lot of hugs to you and Stuart!


  5. Glad to hear that hubby is home and doing better. Also hope he doesn’t get another episode like this.
    His reactions remind me of a trip I took to the ER when after a multiday migraine I became dehyderated and shakey/out of if because I couldn’t keep down my meds. I was extremely spacy, and hubby had to answer most of the questions.
    They pumped me full of saline, gave me something for the migraine, and I did feel better. I do remember the whole process.
    I will keep you both in my thoughts, wishing you good health and remissions!


  6. deb

    Wow! I have been out of the loop for a bit so reading about this crazy adventure had me worried. I am glad that you are all home now and doing well. Will pray that Stuart has no more episodes. You did great Wendy! Well done. See, you still have it in you! You are stronger than you think. Maybe this was for you. To show you that you can handle these things. That you are fine!


    1. Thanks Deb,
      I really didn’t feel like I was doing that well when it happened. I kept thinking to myself, I always handle emergencies with a calm cool head. But this time, I tried to stay calm, but I had a very hard time keeping it together. I felt like I was letting Stuart see that I was upset way too much. (i sure didn’t want him worried about me, or getting scared because of me.) But no worries there now, he doesn’t remember a thing. I think that’s probably a good thing.


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