Working Girl

First, I’d like to thank all of my friends for checking on us after the storms hit North Carolina.  We were very fortunate, all we had at our house was a lot of rain.  The tornadoes came through the next town over.  Raleigh was hit pretty hard, but Durham wasn’t hurt.  It means a lot to me that so many people cared enough to check to make sure we were alright.

This week I’m working for my husband’s company.  His boss and wife are on vacation, and they needed someone to answer the phones and asked if I would be interested.  I was thrilled that I could say yes.  Just think a short time ago I couldn’t commit to anything like this.  Also, I couldn’t hear well enough to talk on the phone.  Thanks to my new iCom link for my hearing aids I can hear the phone right in my hearing aids, it’s great.  It’s like having a blue tooth in both ears at the same time.


This little box connects my hearing aids to my phone, TV, iPod, and/or computer.  If I’m watching TV and the phone rings it will shut the volume for the TV off so I can answer the phone.  How cool is that?  I just love this little box.

I’m still so amazed at how much my life has changed.

However, last night I had something unsettling happen.  I was putting my hair up in a pony tail, I turned from the mirror and the world did a little dip.  Just for a second, and it didn’t come back.  But before I would have thought that was the beginning of a vertigo attack.  My stomach did a flip-flop, but that was all.  Hopefully, it’s nothing, but when you’ve had my past experiences you know it could mean something.


7 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Relieved that the tornado passed you by! And so happy that the hearing aids are working so well! Have fun answering the phone. Just getting out of the house can be good for the soul!


    1. Thanks Mo, I’m not really out of the house. I had the calls forwarded to my cell phone, and I’m just chilling at the house waiting for calls. Not busy at all this week. A lot of their customers are academic, I think many are on Spring Break, and many others are just out because of Easter. But it has been nice feeling productive! wendy


  2. WOW! I haven’t been paying attention to the news the last few days. I’m glad you guys are ok.

    I’m happy the hearing aids and iCom are working so well for you. Have fun at work! Hopefully last night was the kind of blip that is experienced by everyone at some point and really is nothing.



    1. Maureen, I think the blip was just one of those things. I may have an ear infection. I went to the audiologist today, and told her my ear has been hurting and had her take a look. It’s red, so she thinks I could be getting an infection. I’m having a physical on Tuesday, so if it’s not better by then I’ll get my doctor to check it out.



  3. Glad you were okay after the storms. That icom is the coolest thing! I have never heard of that before! And happy dance that your are able to do some work. That must be so thrilling.



    1. Thanks Kelly, I have to say, it does feel good. But all of a sudden I feel like I have so much more to do. (like getting the house ready for a child). I hope you are feeling well after your surgery. I’ve been thinking about you!! hugs to you wendy


  4. deb

    I am so happy for you that you are able to work! The feeling of going to work is so liberating when you have been confined and dependent for so long. Its hard to describe unless you have been there so please know from the bottom of my heart that I am soooooo happy for you!


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