Feeling Better and Worse

The Dance, by Wendy Holcombe

Great News, the Meniere’s is still staying calm!  Virtually no symptoms!  Yes, I feel like Dancing!!  Since I’ve been feeling better I’ve been doing much more.  On Saturday we went to the new outlet mall that recently opened not too far from us.  Actually, it was farther than I thought, but we made it.  After that long ride, we walked around for a long time.  Then we left there, got some lunch, and went to the grocery store.  Next, we stopped at the library to pick up a few books I had on hold.  Finally, we headed home.  I went upstairs to get in more comfy clothes, and saw a print out for an exercise routine that I got off of Faith, Hope, and Fighting Spirit’s Blog. I decided, to try it out.  Whew! for someone who hasn’t been exercising, it was intense.  Really, it wasn’t so bad, but it calls for many push-ups and I’m really not good at doing push-ups.  I am very proud that I got through the whole Total Core Pyramid, and I only skipped a few push-ups.  I rested for a while, then made dinner and a friend came over and we watched movies.

What a busy day!

After all of that my hip was hurting so much!  It popped and everyone heard it!  Ouch!  I guess I haven’t been having hip troubles, simply because I haven’t been doing much.  When I went to bed my shoulder was hurting so bad after all those push-ups I couldn’t get comfortable.  I finally decided to take a pain pill, and it helped.  (I took a total of 3 hydrocodone yesterday.  The first because I had a headache, the second because of my hip, and the third because of my shoulder.)  I don’t think it’s a good thing that I have to take pain pills to get through an active day.

I don’t want to have surgery on my hip again, so I’m going to try to build it up with light exercise, working out in the pool, and having massages.  I’m hoping to be able to start going to the pool next week.

My husband is starting a new job on March 16th.  He will be working as a contract employee for the first 3 months, then he will be full-time.  It’s an exciting and nervous time.  This is a much more stable company, and it has better insurance.  Of course he won’t have this insurance for the 3 months he is a contract employee, and for the first 30 days after he is full-time, but we will still be on his old company’s insurance, we just have to pay for it.  He will still be able to work at home, with great flex time.   I just hope he will end up loving what he’s doing!  It’s very hard to have a job that you hate, no matter how good the benefits.

To Sum Up:

  • Meniere’s is doing great.
  • I’m being much more active.
  • Hip is not doing so great.
  • Hubby has a new job.

Oh, by the way, I’m looking forward to my appointment with Dr. Kaylie on the 14th.  I’ll  be getting a hearing test and we’ll find out just how much better I really am.


8 thoughts on “Feeling Better and Worse

  1. deb

    I am so glad that you are feeling better as far as the Menieres go and so sorry for the shoulder! I feel responsible!! (wink) You were doing modified push ups, right ?(with knees bent and resting on the floor). It’s fine of course to not do the whole thing. Be sure to rest a day between workouts or do 1/2 one day and then come down the pyramid the next day. I have a tough time with the cat pushups. My shoulder literally crunches as I do them so I often skip them! I find a bath with Epsom salts does wonders for my aching muscles!
    Enjoy! Keep up the good work and continue celebrating your good health! I am so thrilled for you!
    Deb 🙂


    1. Thank you Deb! I was doing modified push ups. I the cat push ups are a big challenge. I think I will change them to regular modifies for a while. I have a bum shoulder and that arm is shorter than the other so anything I have to do on my hands and knees are a little askew. I’m just so thrilled that I’m able to exercise again. I’m not really sore today, but last night was rough. Probably did too much yesterday. My husband told me that I was to rest today. So I’m following his orders. (even though I told him he was being a mother when he said it.) I’m glad you posted about this exercise routine. It’s challenging, but not so much that I want to give up.



  2. Rachel

    I, too, have a combination of different things wrong. It’s so lame when one thing starts to feel better but then something else acts up! And by the way, the picture of the art in this post is gorgeous.


    1. Thank you Rachel, I’m glad you liked the painting. It’s one of my favorites, the original is 6 feet tall!
      I tried to check out your blog, but it says that it is no longer available? (I sent you a little email, in case you don’t see this.)
      I hope you are doing well.


  3. Susanna

    I love your painting, too. Must be even better in real size.
    Good to hear about your Menière being better and that you have been able to do so many ordinary things. And I hope your exercises will help you with your hip and shoulder. You wrote earlier about guilty pleasures – but I think massage and those pleasures that makes you take care of your body are more investments than anything else. An investment in yourself making you get even better! You´re worth it. (It´s funny how we can spend money on service for our cars and houses without any hesitation – but not like spending money on ourselves.)


    1. Susanna, I think the reason those are guilty pleasures for me is because I don’t bring any money into the house. I couldn’t even get disability. Since I didn’t try to get it for so many years they say I don’t need it. It’s hard for me to get a massage when I feel like Stuart needs to be pampered more than I do. After all he pampers me all the time. However, I do think I need a massage right now, my shoulder is still bothering me from the exercise. I’ll have to try a new routine, or change this one a bit. I’m just happy I can work out at all!! Hope you are doing well! BTW, I just checked out “The Shadow of the Wind” from the library. I need to finish the book I’m reading, then I’ll dive into that one. Looking forward to reading a new author. wendy


  4. Wendy,
    I *love* your painting. Dance is my thing and I think that is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us! I am thrilled your Meniere’s is staying calm. I look forward to hearing an update on how your hearing is. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts as he goes through his job transition.
    All the best,


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