Movie Date

I’m so excited.  My husband tool me to see a movie today, and I started crying while we were sitting there, I was over whelmed with the fact that I was watching a movie in a theater without closed captioning!  I could hear every word.  In fact, I thought it was a bit too loud.

It’s been so long since I dared go to a movie.  I realized the other day that I didn’t need to “read” the TV show I was watching and was so tickled.  So today when my husband asked if I wanted to go see Gnomeo and Juliet, I said, sure.  But I was nervous.  I hated the thought that we might get in the theater and then I wouldn’t be able to hear the film, what a waste of money.  No worries though, I heard every word.  Yay!  My left ear is doing great!  I still can’t hear much in my right ear, but I can handle that.  Heck, I just wanted the vertigo to stop, so I’m super excited!

One thought though.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie that the person behind me didn’t keep kicking my seat.  What’s up with that?

By the way.  The movie was very cute.  I have always been a fan of Shakespeare, and there are little things that allude to him and his plays.  They even have a Shakespeare statue that talks.  (voice by Patrick Stewart, how cool is that?)   I also enjoyed the music, mostly old Elton John songs with the words slightly changed to fit the movie.

Seen any good movies lately?


7 thoughts on “Movie Date

  1. Susanna

    How nice for you – I really love seeing a good movie at the cinema. But it was a long time since I saw one. I cannot see a movie unless it has texting (subtitle?). I believe there´s something wrong about swedish moviemakers. They cannot manage getting the films “hearable”. I cannot hear what they say but the problem is that even hearing people often finds that difficult. Maybe swedish is a mumbling language 🙂 .
    The next film I want to watch is “The King´s speach”. I´ve heard so much good about it and I really like the actors (but I don´t remember their names right now). Watching TV is also difficult but most programs ar texted and I have a special hearing equipment so I can listen to the sound from the TV via my hearing aids I´m always wearing.
    Do you find yourself less concentrated and not remembering names? I think this has become a bigger problem today and it worries me…and I´m not that old… yet…


  2. Patrick Stewart, or at least his voice, is in the movie? I’m in heaven. I could listen to him read the phone book and probably still swoon.

    I rented Megamind and really enjoyed it. It’s what I call a funny-cute movie that adults can enjoy.

    It’s wonderful news that you’re able to go out and enjoy yourself. What are you planning next?



  3. hey wendy,
    i’ve been going back and catching up on your blog. i am so thrilled for you! you sound like you have been doing so well! car shopping! talking on the phone! going to the movies! this is all so wonderful! i love it!!! you deserve every little bit of it. it’s so great to read about someone having a victory and going out and enjoying it. long may it last!!!



  4. Good for you! I’m so glad you were able to have this great experience, to have a night out! Yay!

    I recently saw the King’s Speech at the Rialto, it was good, and the Rialto was great fun (I hadn’t been yet). And there weren’t any seat-kickers in sight!


  5. So excited for you, Wendy! It makes me so happy to hear you were able to get out with your husband and do a “normal” thing and YAY that you could hear the words! I can’t wait to see The Kings Speech as I’m a speech language pathologist, but there is no way I can get to a theater right now, so I’ll wait for it to come out on RedBox. Last movie I went to was in November: Harry Potter. It was a bit overwhelming for me… with my Migraine sensitivities.


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