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Yesterday started off being a very good day.  I woke up looked in the mirror and thought, “Hmmm, my face looks a little thinner.  Nah, must be the light.”  So I stepped on the scales, and I have lost some weight!  I lost 5 pounds!  I was so tickled.

Then I had much to do, a friend was coming over to make us dinner so I wanted to clean up the kitchen a little and run to the grocery store for a few things.  Yes, I planned to drive to the store myself.

I did actually DRIVE to the store, but Stuart did go with me.  He wanted to get out of the house too.  I came home, cleaned the kitchen, and even did a little out in the yard.  Our friend came over and made us dinner.  It was very nice.

I kept noticing that I really couldn’t hear our friend very well, but I often have trouble hearing him so I wasn’t worried.  He and Stuart were talking and I decided to just concentrate on something else because I couldn’t keep up with 2 people talking, it was very hard, but I wasn’t upset or anything.  I was glad they were having a nice discussion.

We decided we’d watch a movie.  We picked one that had subtitles and I was fine with reading the movie.  I was getting tired, but not overly so.  I was using my amplifier in my right ear (the ear I can’t hear anything really out of without the amplifier).  After the movie I took off the amplifier and realized my hearing in my left ear had dropped significantly.

We went to bed, I thought perhaps after a good nights sleep things would be back to normal.  Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, my hearing is still down.  I don’t feel bad.  I’m not dizzy.  I do have a slight headache…still, but I often have headaches this time of year because of the weather changes.

I won’t lie, I’m scared.

I looked back at my posts after the last spinal fluid patches and the first symptoms to come back were, headaches and hearing loss.  Within 3 days after my hearing dropped last time I had a vertigo attack.

We’ll just wait and see….and call Dr. Gray on Monday and see if I can get in to get my pressure checked.  I think it would be better to know what we are dealing with on that front.


3 thoughts on “What?

  1. Susanna

    Sorry about your hearing, but most of all about you being scared. I really hate the feeling of “waiting for the disaster”. It really eats all your energy. Maybe this time your hearing will be worse – but NOT the vertigo. This has happened to me a few times when the hearing changes from day to day, up and down. When I´ve discussed with my friends with Menières many of us have experienced that the anxiety in waiting for an attack to come (and really believing that it will) really can make it start. But in this state it´s easier said than done to stay calm and relaxed…
    I envy you being closer to springtime! Here we woke up (well I was still sleeping and my husband went for the walk with our dog) to – 20 C. That is very cold for february where I live! So no signs of springflowers here.


  2. As always, big hugs to you.

    Waiting really is the worst part sometimes, isn’t it? Like Susanna said, it does eat at your energy. I hope you guys are able to do something today to keep yourselves distracted, especially after such a nice day yesterday.

    I’ll be thinking of you and I hope you get in to see Dr. Gray tomorrow.



  3. deb

    Hi Wendy,
    I will pray that this is just a little bump in the road. I often have hearing fluctuations and I used to stress, then get the attack. Now my hearing fluctuates, as does the tinnitus but it doesn’t put me into vertigo. I usually take a few extra meds (prevention is better than treatment!)
    Good luck at the doctor tomorrow! Don’t be afraid, be strong and courageous and know that you are never given anything that you can’t handle,


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