The First Signs of Spring

I went to the library today and there were daffodils blooming in front of the building.  Oh, I love the first signs of spring.  On Monday it was so nice I sat outside for a while and just soaked up the sun.  It was so beautiful.  I know we will still have some cold days, but the warm days are peaking through, and that is making me happy.  Time to start planning our garden!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  My stupid headache lasted for days.  I literally slept for nearly 2 straight days trying to get rid of it.  I’d wake up and would still be in so much pain, I’d just take more meds and go back to sleep.  It has been much better, but I still feel like I have a nagging headache, just not one that will knock me on my butt!

On Monday, I had a good day.  I actually cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed the kitchen/breakfast nook and living room.  It looks so much better.  Our new vacuum is so powerful, it needs a different attachment on it for the carpet, it is so powerful the suction makes it hard to get it to move along the carpet.  But, boy you really should have seen how much dirt it picked up.  I never would have guessed there was that much in there.  (Or maybe you shouldn’t see it…now should I be ashamed?  Or delighted that I was actually able to finally get it up?  I think I’ll be delighted!)  And today I’m working on the laundry.  I really hate doing laundry, but I’m so happy I am just able to do it.

I even made candy on Monday!  I was going to take a picture, but I put it in the refrigerator, and it turned a funny color, so I didn’t think it was photo worthy.  However, my husband was thrilled.  I made mint chocolate Lego Blocks for him…he is a huge Lego fan, and loves mint chocolate…no silly hearts for him on Valentine’s Day.  : )

We even made it out to dinner.  I had planned to cook, but we hadn’t made it to the grocery store, so out to dinner it was.  We got there early, so no waiting.  Then we spent the evening grocery shopping.  How romantic, right?  We did come home and have a nice quiet evening together and it was very nice.

So, how am I doing physically?

Better.  But the headaches aren’t good.  However, I think they are mostly hormonal.  I’ve been having a very light period, but it’s the first one I’ve had in months.  Also, I’m trying to go off of birth control pills.  (no I’m not trying to get pregnant, I just want my hormones to be my hormones and see where I’m at with all of that.)

I still start feeling worse in the evenings.  Dr. Gray is talking about testing my pressure to see where I’m at, I think that’s probably a good idea.

I did see my regular MD this past week.  (did I mention that before?  I should probably re-read my last post, I was in so much pain when I wrote it I really don’t remember much about it.)  Well, if I haven’t mentioned it we found out that I have a B-12 deficiency again.  I was getting shots last year, then I went to oral supplements.  It looks like I don’t absorb the oral supplements or B-12 in my diet very well.   A lot of people with celiac disease don’t.  So some of my icky feeling symptoms could very easily be caused by that.  My thyroid was also a bit low, so there we go with more of the same symptoms.  Fatigue, dizziness, GI symptoms…  It’s hard to know what is causing what.

My nutritionist started me on a diet to help regulate my blood sugar.  It is mainly just meat and veggies with very little fruit.  I am to make sure I have protein and fat every 2-3 hours.  I’m also to drink lots of broth.  I’ve been drinking the broth for a few weeks now, and it really seems to be helping my digestion.  I’ve actually had come normal bathroom habits.  I still have some diarrhea, but it is less that it was, anything that isn’t diarrhea is less that it was.  (I know icky subject.)  If I could just start losing some of this weight I would be a very happy girl.

The last couple of nights I’ve had a hard time sleeping.  I’ve read 3 books this week.  One was pretty short, but still, that is just insane considering I don’t read in the day time.  You can really tell when I have insomnia, I go through books like crazy!  I read Counterfeit Magic by Kelly Armstong, Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris and Ghost Town by Rachel Caine.  All of these books are parts of series.  Sometimes it drives me crazy that I get all caught up in a series, other times I can’t wait for the next one to come out.  I was disappointed in the first book.  The second book is a mystery, this poor girl one of those people who always seem to have people murdered around her, but it was cute.  The last book, was really good.  I was impressed that this author was able to come up with such a unique story on book 9 of this series, I felt like it was getting a bit same old same old with the last book, but this one really switched it up.

Well, that’s all for today.  I hope you are all getting your first days of spring and are enjoying them as much as I am!


2 thoughts on “The First Signs of Spring

  1. I’m jealous!

    The first signs of spring! Depending on how the winds blow up here, we’re still looking at another month of winter. Of course, it’s also that fun time of winter when the temperature will go from (in Celsius) -9 to +9 back to -10 like it will over the next couple of days. But, that does mean I’ll get to have the window and maybe the balcony door wide open to let in the fresh air.

    And you say you’re still doing better which is awesome! Even with the merry-go-round of different symptoms. I hope you’re able to narrow it down to what is doing what to you, although it’s never easy when symptoms from different diseases overlap.

    Well, I’m going to use you as an inspiration and start moving. I have dishes to clean and clutter to get rid of.

    Enjoy that spring weather (still a bit jealous though, lol).



    1. Maureen, It was in the 60’s F here on Monday but it’s been in the 40″s most of the week. (around 15C – 4C for you) I looked it up. : ) Today it’s 65F! (18.3C) I’m so thrilled, but have been very lazy today. I put something in the crock pot for dinner, and I’ve been lazy on the couch most of the day. I need to get up and get outside for a while!! I have another dang headache, and just don’t feel like doing anything….oh but I really should, I might feel better.

      Oh for the magic wand. That’s when I wish I really was Wendy the Good Little Witch (don’t know if you know about her, she was a cartoon character, with Casper the Friendly Ghost.)



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