Oh My Aching Head!

Oh My Aching Head!

I got my first headache since the patches yesterday.  It was a pretty bad one, but when I took some meds and a short nap, it went away.

Last night when I was trying to go to sleep I was all stuffy.  I think I’m having allergies.  I woke up this morning around 8am with a horrible headache, I went back to sleep for a little while (read 2 hours on and off here) and when I decided I would just get up I swear my head hurt even worse.

Today it’s on the left side of my head.  I feel like there has been a rod inserted in my left eye and it’s coming out the lower part of the back of my skull, and it’s rotating.  At first I didn’t take anything, I thought I’d eat something and drink a bunch of water first to see if that would help. Nope.  Then I took a Topamax, to see if I have high pressure.  Nothing.  Then I took a Maxalt (migraine reliever). Nada.  Finally, I took a Hydrocodone. I can’t really open my left eye now, and I’m sick to my stomach.  I just took a Phenergan to see if it will help with the nausea.

So what is causing this horrible headache?  Allergies?  Hormones? (I’m on my period.) or is my pressure going too high?

I just really wish it would go away!  I really need to do some house work, I can’t tell you the last time my house was vacuumed….maybe Christmas?  No wonder my allergies are bad.  : )  I got a new vacuum for Christmas, anyone want to come try it out?


3 thoughts on “Oh My Aching Head!

  1. Hi,

    I hope you’re feeling better today and the headaches are gone. Do you get headaches when the weather changes? I get sinus pressure and I want to stay in bed for a lot of the day. It can make for a nauseating and woozy time, especially if I’m already dealing with other headache inducers. LOVE those hormones, though. Where would we be without them?



  2. Hi Wendy
    hope you are feeling well. I too have had a bad week. Here it is Saturday and I should be trying to dust or vacuum or do a load of laundry and I am in bed instead. The wind is howling outside so I am guessing that I feel dizzy and nauseous because of weather system changes. I am hoping to feel better by tomorrow so I can travel out of town to my daughters cheer competitiion. Will see what happens. My husband makes a great cheer Dad!


  3. Susanna

    Sorry about your head aching! Hope you´re better now! I really enjoy reading yor blog and getting to know you. I would really love chatting with you over a cup of coffee when we both have a good day! I´ll come and visit you when I win the lottery-million 🙂
    I´ve just made a minor surgery. After having taken away a birthmark on my nose a few months ago they found out they had to take away a bigger part of the surrounding skin. The cells were not cancer – yet – but in a preliminary stage. Taking it away means I´m as healthy as anyone else. The ironic about this is that I went to the doctor to show him a mark on my leg and told him -By the way, can you take a look at this mark as well… Thank God I did! (and the mark on my leg was not interesting at all.)
    Earlier I thought that having Menières must be enough and that having it must mean that I don´t need to have other illnesses. But reading your blog and others and talking to others has taught me that sometimes this is not enough. This brings me to think about what is fair and what is not…. (And this is a discussion I could keep on talking about, so I stop here.)


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