Puncture Tomorrow – Cold Today

A Zen Moment. (a commissioned painting by Wendy Holcombe)

Tomorrow I go in to see Dr. Gray again for another lumbar puncture and possibly having some spinal fluid leaks patched.  They called today and moved my appointment up one hour so my lumbar puncture is at 11am tomorrow instead of at noon.  I need to be there at 10:30am.  Yay, that means I will be able to eat sooner!

Today, I woke up with a cold.  It’s not bad yet, a slight sore throat, nose is running, don’t want to stay awake, head hurts, all brain foggy, achy all over…you know.  I’m a little worried about tomorrow though.  You have to be very still on the table when you get a lumbar puncture (after all, they are inserting a needle between 2 of your lumbar vertebra), what if I sneeze?  Don’t know why I’m worried about that, I’ve only sneezed twice today.

I’m glad I have the appointment tomorrow.  I’m really ready to see if we can’t get this figured out, but I am a bit nervous about having a cold.  Even if I don’t sneeze or have the need to move, I am not going to be comfortable on that table, after all the table is hard and I already ache all over.  However, I do want you all to know that a lumbar puncture is not like it used to be, they do not hurt.  The only pain I really feel is the pain killer they inject first and it’s just a little sting.  Then I feel a little pressure.  But it’s not scary, and it doesn’t hurt.  So no worries.  I’m just a little apprehensive because I don’t feel good.

I will have to find a “Zen Moment” to keep myself calm and still.  (actually, I just didn’t have a perfect picture for this post, so I thought I would shamelessly post one of my own paintings.  *smile*)

I may be a tiny bit worried about having a cold during the procedure, but really, I’m mostly excited to get this over with.  (I really hope they are planning on doing patches tomorrow and not just doing a lumbar puncture.  Truthfully, I just don’t know.)


6 thoughts on “Puncture Tomorrow – Cold Today

  1. Wendy-Girl! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow! I know you’ll be happy when you can eat! I mean I hate that restriction. You’d think by now they could figure something out. *winks* I hope, hope, hope, it’s low pressure and they can patch you up! You’ll be alright with a cold, I’m sure of it! Just think how much nicer it’ll be recovering if you don’t feel like your spinning, etc!


  2. I hope it all went well for you today. I type this as I sit in the waiting room of my ob/gyn. I really don’t like these appts! I get so nervous but I am guessing your situation was much more difficult. So, I will suck it up and get through this. This is my month check up for the iud I had inserted in hopes of having hormones help with the dizziness!
    Again, I hope you are well!


    1. Thank you Susanna,
      I added a link on my blog where you can just click on it and go to a little website I’ve been working on that has some of my artwork. It’s called 1 Artsy Chick.
      I hope you enjoy. I will try to add more of my own artwork to my blog posts in the future. (hopefully, I’ll be feeling better soon and will be able to start making more!)


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