Words on Wednesday Night

I'm a Pet Bed.

I’ve found out that my pet’s believe I’m their very own pet bed.

As soon as I get comfortable, if I’m on the couch, or in the bed, it doesn’t matter.  If I curl up, Max (the huge cat with many toes), and Sandy (the lovable old dog) will soon be climbing on top of me to find a comfy bed of their own.  It’s really very sweet.  Until, I need to go to the bathroom in a hurry and I’m weighed down by about 40 pounds of animals!  : )

Something very odd happened yesterday.

I was in my husband’s office upstairs, I was standing beside his desk talking to him and had my hand on his desk to keep my balance.  I started to turn and my body decided it was just going to keep going backwards.  Stuart quickly reached out and grabbed me before I hit the floor, and I ended up in his lap.  (where I had intended to go in the first place.)  But for some reason I just busted out laughing. I thought this was just so funny.  The sensation of me falling backwards for no real reason, other than my screwy balance, just made me laugh and laugh.

Either I’m going crazy, or I’m taking things much lighter than I used to.   Of course, if I had hit the floor I probably wouldn’t have thought it was nearly as funny.


5 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday Night

  1. Susanna

    What a nice picture! It´s nice with a dog in your bed. My dog likes to sleep in my bed for about 5-10 minutes then he jumps down to the floor or to his own bed. But if I´m alone at home lying in my bed at daytime he can stay. Maybe he´s watching me.
    How lucky you fell in Stuarts lap when falling. Was it maybe a drop-attack? I´ve had some and fell quite bad once hitting my shoulder in the ground. I´ve told my family not to grab me if falling again – I believe they will get more hurt by trying to get hold of this big body of mine. And I don´t think you´ve gone crazy – laughing is the best medicine (and sometimes laughing and crying is very close). And hopefully your taking things lighter. It´s easier to live if you can. I have had so many bad days not enjoying life at all, not wanting to keep on living and asking Why Me?. I think this is why I today try to be as positive as possible and to find siomething positive about loosing friends, not being able to sing anymore, not being able to work. That´s my way of copeing. We all have to find our own ways of how to manage. And trying to laugh as much as possible makes me feel better.


    1. Susanna, I’m trying to take your lead and be as positive as possible, but I won’t say that all the questioning, and feeling bad about all of this is over. I think it’s like grief, it comes in waves. But I’m trying hard to keep the positive in the forefront. (with a little help from people like you.)

      sometimes I wish my dog would sleep somewhere else. Lately, I think she gets cold and just wants to get as close to me or Stuart as possible and then we can’t move. We wake up, move her, and pretty soon she’s right back where she was. That’s a bad night. Now the cat, he usually leaves. He starts out with me while I’m reading, then he leaves, and comes back after Stuart gets up in the morning. He’s funny. But he loves to lie right on me and he weighs about 18 pounds! Yes, he’s a big cat.

      I am happy that I’m laughing more, and not crying as much! Thank you for your continued support.


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