ABC’s of Disability – “C”

The letter for this week is C.  I could think of a lot of words that I could use that begin with C that are important to people with disablities, but my husband said last week after we did the B’s that the letter C should be Creativity.  At first I dismissed it.  I thought he was just being funny because I’m an artist, or at least I try to be.  I seem to have lost a bit of my drive over the past year or so, but I’m trying hard to get it back!

Then I realized Creativity is the perfect word for the day.

When someone find them self disabled the most important thing they can do is get creative.

Depending on your disability we have to get creative about different things. but we all have to get creative.  Here are a few things I’ve gotten creative about since I found myself disabled with Meniere’s Disease:

  • I’ve tried to get creative about how to cook dinner.  Often I feel better in the mornings, so I’ve begun to cook many more meals in the slow cooker.  All I have to do is throw some things in the pot in the morning, and that evening, we have dinner.
  • Some days I’m too dizzy to walk around the house without help, so instead of calling my husband every time I need to move, I got a walker.  You may not call that creative.  But I think it is.  It has allowed me to become much more independent in my house.
  • I have sudden attacks of vertigo so I need to have my medication at a moments notice.  I found these little water proof vials we can keep on our key chains that keep plenty of pills in there for me.  Now we just keep our keys with us all the time.
  • I have an increased chance of falling, so we creatively covered the corners to the tables that I often walk by with towels.  (No they aren’t on our dining room table, I don’t walk that close to it.)  But the side tables in the living room, and my bedside table have a towel draped across the front.  You know it really doesn’t look that weird.
  • I get dizzy when I try to wash my hair.  Closing my eyes while I put my hair back under the water in the shower gets me dizzy.  So my husband valiantly offered to help.  We have a shower head that you can take off and move, so I don’t have to lean my head back much or close my eyes, he just moves the shower head around and wets and rinses my hair for me.
  • I love to take a bath.  But I also have a bad hip, so it’s very hard for me to just get up and out of the tub.  I used to call my husband for help and he would try to lift me and I would slip and it was just a mess.  Now, I found that I can simply roll over on my hands and knees and then lift myself up so much easier.  I usually have my husband in there to watch out for me just in case, but it’s so much easier, and I can do it myself!
  • My husband is very creative, or maybe just very organized, when I have a vertigo attack.  He has an assembly line of trash cans for me to throw up in so I won’t smell it, he has a number of wet wash cloths, he washes out the cans with mouth wash (again so I won’t smell it.) It may sound simple now, but he had to be creative to come up with this system.
  • Just like the system we have for when I start to feel bad.  What meds to I need, how fast, am I cold, am I hot….but it’s all a smooth system now because we were creative.  No one told us how to do all of this.
  • Every time I go to the doctor they ask for a list of my medications.  I have a spread sheet, every time it changes I print out a new one, and I keep it in my wallet.  I just take it out and give it to them.  My creation.  (I also have a medical ID bracelet and on the back it states that the list of my meds is in my wallet.)  This is important to know.  I created the design of my bracelet.
  • I also have a wheat allergy/Celiac disease.  I have to be creative with the foods that I eat.
  • I often can’t bend down to pick things up because I get dizzy, so I’ll pick things up with my toes.  (I know I really need to get one of those picker upper things that you can get, but so far, toes work).
  • I can’t bend down to scrub the floor of the shower, so I put the cleaner on a cloth and scrub with my foot.
  • Sex can be a challenge, not just with the dizziness but with the hip problems too.  (actually, that’s a big issue)  But we try to get creative.  As long as we keep trying in this area, I think that is the most important thing.  We have to make sure our relationship doesn’t deteriorate because it had to change so much.

Ok, that’s where I’ll leave you with the letter C.

Funny, it seems like I keep ending these talking about sex….hummm…an idea for a future post?  How do you keep the romance in your relationship now that you have a disability?

In what ways do you find yourself getting creative to help with your disability?


5 thoughts on “ABC’s of Disability – “C”

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Your husband is a gem. And, he’ll even go in the shower with you. lol! That makes him absolutely priceless.

    I think you hit it on the head when you said you also have to be organized as well as creative.
    * I’ve done the same thing with my medication list.
    * I put things such as my pills, eye glasses and keys in the same place when I’m done with them. I can be having a brain fog day but I still know where these things are.
    * I do batch cooking and stock my freezer with meat and meals like chili and pasta. I have 3 or 4 different frozen veggies as I’m bad for putting something in the fridge and it goes rotten if I don’t eat it right away. The frozen veggies also help keep sodium count down. The only canned vegetable that I can think of that I eat is creamed corn.
    * I have a laundromat a block away but, since heat also bothers me, I do a lot of washing at home. I have a couple of different shaped buckets and one of my neighbours even gave me an old scrubbing board when she heard I did hand wash.
    * I don’t have a kindle but I downloaded the app to both the pc and laptop. I can lie in bed and switch between reading a book and going on the net.
    * I have a foot-shaped rubber thing that has suction cups on the bottom and you use it in the shower to clean the bottom of your feet. The top has two sections. A softer area that you put the soap on and wash your foot and a smaller area that is firmer and acts as a scrub/massage. The best part, no having to balance on one foot, both hands are on the shower walls keeping me steady and the only body part you move is your foot. No head motion.



    1. Maureen,
      Yeah, I know my husband makes such a sacrifice to take a shower with me. *wink*

      I am so bad at batch cooking and freezing. I will try to freeze things, then when I take them out of the freezer I look at it and go…eh…now what?…and is it supposed to look like that? I need to learn!

      Sounds like you need one of these mini washers : )

      I love your food scrubby thing. That sounds like a dream. Sometimes, I get my hubby to do that too. ;P
      Don’t worry when I am feeling well, I spoil him too. But I must admit, he really does spoil me. Don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I sure am glad I got him. (and just think, he says I make him a better person.)


      1. That is too funny. I’ve had the Wonder Wash bookmarked for a while now. I keep thinking, yes…no…I don’t have the room…what would I get rid of to make space for it. It’s on my list of things that I may get at some point because I do like hanging the clothes outside to dry when it starts getting warm enough outside.


  2. love your “creativity” list! those are some great ideas and your husband really is a gem. the two of you make a great team. i have a medical i.d. bracelet but i really need to print off a medication list so i don’t have to go through it every time i’m at the doc’s office. fortunately, my neuro and oto are at the same university so the info is tied together through the computer system so i don’t have to go through it with them. but it would be nice to have it here locally.

    hope you are having a great day!


    1. Hi Nicki, I hope your migraines are doing better! You know every time we go to Duke they print out a list of my meds and have me go over it, and every time it’s wrong. I don’t know why they can not keep this list updated. They even had the meds that Dr. Kaylie prescribed (and he’s at Duke) wrong. My meds don’t change that often. They also have everything by the generic term, and some of them I only know by the brand name because that’s all I can buy it in. I don’t get it. (so my printed list has – the brand name, the generic name, the dose, what it’s for, and who prescribed it.) They can’t ask me anything! hahaha. I do want to design another bracelet though. I have a wooden one now, and it’s cool, but I want a metal one, I have to take this one off when I get in water. That doesn’t work. But I want it pretty, or funky. So I think I’ll have to make it. I think I can! I just have to get the stuff.

      Hope you are feeling better! w


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