I think I got Glutened.

It’s so hard to know for sure, with all the GI trouble I’ve been having, but this is different.

Last night after dinner.  Which was very good, by the way, my stomach started hurting so bad.  I ate a brand of “Gluten Free” pasta that I don’t normally eat.  I have eaten it before, but only once or twice.

I read on the internet today and it said that they make their gluten-free pasta in the same facility that they make their regular pasta.  It does not say that on the package.  It doesn’t even say that on their website.  I found it on a Celiac site.  I tried to contact the company and the Contact Us link wasn’t working.  I really thought this was a reputable company.  Today, I’m questioning that, because I feel really bad.

All night, I kept waking up with my stomach hurting and with horrible gas pains.  I told Stuart that I felt like I had piranha in my stomach trying to eat their way out.  Pepto was my very good friend last night.  I must say, I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

Today, I still don’t feel good, and I can’t stay out of the bathroom.  This time, it’s very painful.  My stomach really hurts, like it used to before I stopped eating gluten.  My head hurts, and I ache all over.  Yes, it sounds like I have the flu, but I’m not that sick.  I just feel like crap.

I’m also very afraid to eat, but if I don’t eat, my stomach hurts.

I hate getting glutened.

Tomorrow I should feel much better.  That’s always the up side of this, it does go away.


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